What is Conscious Music?

You are probably wondering what the term Conscious Music means or Conscious Media actually means.  It is an awareness that is best felt, but could be explained and related to by every culture.  Consider this from Nahko of Medicine for the People:

or, if you prefer to get technical....



In other words, NOT CORPORATE MEDIA.  But, why oh WHY do the good people of the world increasingly look beyond what the corporate puppet masters are trying to tell them in the blind quest for Armageddon?

Because it is lacking any awareness or scope of reason, and since the dawn of computers logic has begun to rule the planet.  There has been upset after upset in the markets as the market dinosaurs of the old way fell to the new digital innovation.  Efficiency, scale-ability, and decentralization are the cornerstones of the new market and this will inevitably make it's way into the mainstream as they must adapt to stay competitive.  

Websites like Gaia.com, and Freespeech.org as well as the classic, longest standing Democracy focused media broadcast Democracy Now! have been bringing you the real sauce for awhile now and the others will catch up soon. Another great site is Collective Evolution, they are bringing the rest of us, kicking and screaming, right along with them into the new awareness. Platform after platform has been developed to upend the corporate masters, and only time will tell if they will topple.

For now, we are blessed with all ranges of music and types of people and cultures as we blend into a a spiritually communistic worldview as the dominant lens of culture in the world.  Music and sound, in general have perennially led the way toward change and the unfolding of the human species from time immemorial.  The reason that music is such a powerful force for transformation is the unique connection to source that is cultivated by the musician during performance and play.  Ancient yogis used sound for deep states of trance and transcendence of the physical world, returning with mystical awareness that shows we are connected to a deeper field that surrounds and pervades our limited physical perceptions.  

The rebellious years of the 1960's was virtually led by the 'Pied Pipers' of what was being termed a 'new dawn', or age in humanity. Millions were drawn to the musical styling of the time, exalted in the twin revelries of communion and non-conformity, dancing off the dark of the insane decades of death before them.   Protest songs were a very popular way to show disdain for 'the man' and create a sense of community and common purpose, as is so necessary in human culture.

It is our common perception and physical form that makes sound, and music in particular, what it is to humanity, and special as a form of communication.  Soothing sounds, first in the womb, then from mother, and others in our awareness can connect us to the whole spectrum of feeling and focus.

Deaf Baby Hears His Mum For The First Time

Music has been known to elicit all range of emotion from tears of joy, or held back sadness, to deep waves of feelings and tingles, a shiver up the spine, if you will, from what has been discovered to be a hemispheric sync that we experience during those intense, although, brief moments.

According to Slate Magazine:

  The experience is called a

 frisson (pronounced free-sawn), a French term meaning “aesthetic chills,” and it feels like waves of pleasure running all over your skin. Some researchers have even dubbed it a “skin orgasm.”


 In fact, there is a Reddit page dedicated to the phenomena, users post their favorite frisson-producing media or entertainment.   Approximately 2/3 of the population are able to experience this reaction to a meaningful piece of media.   

This brings us to the point of the discussion, What is Consicous Music?  I propose that it is music that is created and played to ellicit a desired response.  In many ways, all music is 'Conscious' because it is music, and it illicits reactions from people.  More to the point in my mind is the question, What is the desired response?  When the intention of the music is to heighten connection, ellicit compassion, or tug heart strings of emotion, it is indeed, Conscious Music.

Due to it's intended response becoming emergent, the music has become a vehicle for a message of non-verbal communication.  This is one reason why music traverses the physical geographic boundaries of the world, the cultural conformities of society and the confines of temporal space into a timeless classic of what becomes knowledge.  This no more or less than true magic.   The sustained ordering of notes, is affecting the neuronal firing patterns creating new connections, reinforcing old patterns and creating synergy in the whole organism, which in turn elicits the response, sometimes weeping most times, dancing.  The ability to conjure up such a response from the masses is something many so called 'elite' have only dreamed of, let alone begun to master.  In fact, what is termed music today is a hyped up offshoot of a Nazi Propaganda Minister's idea for world musical precision.  Not many know that the International Musical Standard Tuning of 440 hz was promoted by none other than Joseph Goebbels.  This intentional raising of the standard tuning has created unnatural aggression in man and contributes to the 'Kali-Yuga' or age of quarrel, at it's deepest core levels of resonance and vibration.

It does this through the sympathic powers of physics.  The principle of resonance shows that what is moving or vibrating creates pattern of vibration that attunes to what is around it, for example when two clocks are swinging pendulums in the same room, they will over time begin to move in unison with each other, becoming 'in sync' due to the forces of inertia and motion connecting and canceling each other to become one wave.  This is happening on a grand scale all around us and is something the Ancients knew well.

Today we call this knowledge and study, Cymatics, and it is the underlying knowledge of religion and mystics.  Conscious Music began, in the modern age, in the churches and temples, toned from the soul of monks and the bowels of monasteries.  The ancient 'Solfeggio Tones' are the sounds of the Gregorian Monks, ancient esoteric knowledge of tone and it's influence on the mind of man.  This was most certainly passed down generation through generation by the mystics and Gnostics, the knowledge brought from Persia, through the Silk Road of old, and it's interdependent blossoming, of cultures, and trancendent traditions which recognized the one mind of god, and through him, man.

The eternal underlying unity and message is the true aspect of music that cannot be sublimated.  Our instinctual reaction to dance, shiver, laugh, or hate, any type of music is something that is found the whole world over, regardless of the origin of people.  This innate human response and the ability to work with this intangible communication form, to help process and free up the emotional baggage of the listener ina a therapeutic way, is the heart and soul of what it means to have Conscious Music playing, or as a desire to focus on.  To unite people and bring them together to celebrate is something we respect all musical styles for, but to lead them astray is to use intention maladaptively.  This is inherently undermining the musicians unique connection to divine order and the cosmos, which never lasts.  That could be why we see so many artists fall by the way side as the pressure to maintain cult cultural status and materialistic fads becomes to much for anyone to consciously intend for too long.  The constant barrage of sex, violence, thuggery and one upmanship that is modern music on some stations, is vitally lacking the real truth of life that we are interdependent and love based societies, or we wouldn't be here.  This alone is something to celebrate, something to cherish and something to sing about, until all people understand that using art as a way to intend a new world, is the only way the world has ever been positively changed.


 in the mean time..... we dance!