The state of things is crazy right now and to escape from it all, sometimes all you wanna do is 'blow that grass'.  When you do be sure to watch this video and hopefully get a laugh out of it.  The world has become much to serious for me, people are confused and it's times like these that you just need to bust a move and forget it for a minute.  

If you don't find that at least slightly entertaining, there's not alot of hope left for you.  Of course this one ain't perfect, like alot of things, but I did what i could do on my free time in a non studio with the tools that i had - I'm sure you could tell.  

I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me!

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This little diddy recalls a simpler time, when a man went on down to the mine and got himself some work.  The Cumberland Mine was a Coal mine in Tennessee where many a man made a living, and 'ol Joe got Lucky.

What happens when it all goes down? Electra Weaver and AtlazTD are at it again with this track discussing the state of the world after the Trump Fiasco and the Portland, Oregon riots of 2016.  Enjoy this little diddy with Electra Weaver playing guitar and AtlazTd on the Drums.  Yes the Rhthymist is in the house for this one so don't miss it!


Cyber-shamanism - creating and initiating change in the outside world through the focused creation of art to alter perceptions and emotions regarding the outside reality and it's psychic implications.

Through the years Shamanism has seen a resurgence of interest and practice, almost tip-toeing the hipster mainstream ethos, that is beginning to define western youth culture.  It's often misunderstood practice was certainly taboo and ridiculed for many centuries as a result of the scientific dogma of the industrial age, and it's subsequent usurping of all things natural.  The Shaman was, man or woman, a healer and wisdom carrier.  All cultures from all ethnic backgrounds and geographic locales had healers, shaman and medicine people in their tribes and communities.  In Europe, there was a deep purge of the Sacred Arts, then known as witchcraft, that completely decimated the natural healing and sacred heritage wisdom communities of the time, creating centuries of malaise among the subsequent generations.  Having been removed from their sense of knowing and natural abundance, the European settlers to the new world had no problem spreading this mindlessness wherever they went.

The native people of the Americas had their own rich medicine and magical customs.  Ages upon ages of people living in harmony with the land and mostly, each other.  The Shaman of the group would pass on the sacred stories, the tales of healing and knowledge of how to connect with the spirit of the plants to attain wisdom and balance for your family and by extension your whole being.

The Shaman would use many tools we see used by modern healers today to uncover the layers of the psyche and find the seed of unease, of dis-ease in the participant of the ceremony.  Using trance, vibration, spirit wisdom, sacred medicine and psychology, along with metaphor, the Shaman could produce a change toward catharsis and balance, a move to healing for the greater good. 

Doctors and psychiatrists of the modern world are quick to scoff at the Witch Doctor mentality, or it's efficacy for changing the participants point of view, regarding healing or mental release, or for actually producing healing on any level.  In contrast, using science we can evaluate the level of efficacy and value that any healing modality has.  For example, many people know that sage is used for 'cleansing the air' but not many know that its smoke has anti-microbial properties, that actually kill harmful bacteria in the household atmosphere, very interesting.

The shamans of old have been carrying very powerful knowledge of healing and wellness and sadly, most have fallen away.  The New Age will see many seekers and artists take on this role of Cyber Shaman, to alter the way that things are done, and be validated by the scientific evaluation of their techniques.

This idea is one born from, ironically enough, science.  The push for knowledge and wisdom that brought us the Information Age that we are living in and just begun, brought us to the very edge of our awareness as a species.  There, in the very precipice of thought, quantum physics has uncovered that whatever is being observed, is being affected by the observer.  The two objects are necessarily entangled in the experience, each of the things being in resonance of any infinite number of qualia, but mainly in a kind of quantum coherence.   This property of matter was uncovered through experimental physics, and is known as The Observer Effect. 

Using awareness, or simply, observing an action, can alter its outcome, however imperceptibly.  This is true on a quantum level.  I will add the maxim, as above, so below, to this truth and apply it in action, as a theory.  

The world has begun to see the change that is necessary for us to thrive and flourish individually, in turn creating more cohesive networks and communities.  Recognizing this and moving forward with one heart toward stewardship of community resources will only grow stronger in the future we face collectively.  Our will is strengthened and continued by these acts of conscious creation.

Art with intention.  Acts of love for the collective, pouring your heart on what ever canvas needs sprucing and brightening, then moving on to the next great art-complishment.  Using your art as a tool for self reflection, and outer referral, is the way to continue building your truest self in the face of Robo-Corporatism and Fascist sensibilities.  You are the Shaman, art and the internet are your medium, use your awareness to alleviate the suffering and dismantle the false belief systems, to change the world into the mirror of beauty you would hope to be born into.

Do it for yourself, Do it for your Community, do it for your country, but most of all , for YOUR seventh generation.