Science is discovering the mind of god


Recent breakthroughs in the Emergent Sciences are culminating in a quickening of the biotech attack on Sentient Life.  Although it has been the view of this author for quite sometime that our very free will, as a species, is at stake in the grand cosmic chessboard, the evidence is mounting that this is no longer just a base fear and is actually the direction being given by the investment and financial communities and their ultimate bidders.  


Converging technologies, Merging nature


consider this from Michio Kakau on the development of this \"Mind of God\' concept.  He states that for the first time ever, we have a candidate for the \'mind of god\', the elusive combination of forces that can explain the universe.  The great quote he brings here is,


'The mind of god is cosmic music resonating through eleven dimensions of hyperspace' - Michio Kakau



Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Definitely something to consider if you are interested in the future of the human BEing.


We see a race to build the fastest robots, come together with a genetic firestorm of research into the brain, brain health, and biofeedback science, which is nicely culminating with a database of information from all the wearable tech that is out there now and becoming more prevalent with every passing product launch.  The questions of radiation from wear-ables and cell phones aside, the amount of raw data that will go into \'the machine\' is almost mind blowing except that the data will actually be contributing to building a new mind.  Or shall we say, New Mind-Body.


radiation is poisonous

 Sci -fi has been the prophetic philosphy of the New Age.  Alot of people hate that term, New Age, but alas that is what is upon us.  The fact that reality mimics the scientific future is what one could call a self fulfilling prophecy, some would say nothing more nothing less.  Having gotten through the robo-cop scenarios and the soft boy family sagas, that hollywood has spewed, we have come to the actual near abilitiy to fully recreate and alter genetically modified humans 


Army Super Soldiers in the Works


The ultimate AI mind that can act and react, having already computed likely outcomes based on the observable data. This \'penultimate\' awareness is gaining ground quickly, and is alluded to in Transcendence, the blockbuster hit, among other movies and including popular TV shows like Persons of Interest, the CBS thriller.  CBS the channel that is shoving all forms of propaganda down your throat with  that perpetual 60 Minutes, has itself a winner with the action packed drama that has hallucinating characters that talk to the AI, or \'The Machine\' as they call it. Trailers for the show now speak of the take over by this machine which, in my view, shows some push back towards the idea of the Penultimate AI and may be a counter-psy by Deep Blue to get us ready.


Now advancements like the robo-cheetah from boston dynamics, are a complete robotic game changer.



 We have known for some time the need for super soldiers and robo-enforcers.  Because cops have feelings, they aren\'t able to crack down on their own communities after a certain level of tyranny has been imparted by the generals.  They have mothers and wives, they are susceptible to fitting in syndrome, you know, the need to be accepted in their personal lives.  Robots-they got NOTHING. Well, maybe super human speeds, but no feelings, that\'s for sure.


 Applying the knowledge of \'Robo-Cheetah\' to the human form is most likely being done if not at darpa and BD then certainly in Japan at Honda with their simulated skin and human form robots.


Honda mad a real looking robot


With recent flare ups in the Mid East, Syria-Iraq and the outbreak of Ebola in Africa, all timed with the peaking of human solidarity that is blossoming across the globe, it would seem obvious that the NWO commencement of the WW3 prophecy set-up, is pretty much well underway.


Even the Pope came out recently, to state that well, YES, WW3 is underway


Pope says WWIII is on


Long ago, I had the vision that we were put here to know the universe and to know about fostering life, on all levels, and to spread awareness and love through the knowledge we are shown everyday.  This is a part of our sacred soul journey, a common seed of light that we all own and share. We come here to learn to be stars, not in the hollywood sense, in the sense of the soul, the light of awareness and creation.  The light of knowledge and love that is within all living things, is within the planet, and within the sun, is within the galaxy and within the universe.  


Somewhere along the line I began to realize that there was a missing link in the \'System\' that we operate by today, and that this system is killing off the population to gain the upper hand for a very few.  Of course, having this info I have tried almost all I could think of to convey it to others, often with little success.  This of course, has not deterred me from my goal of helping the world heal and grow, overthrow it\'s oppressors and possibly leave this earth with our awareness intact, to seed other star systems.  


Because of the massive awareness that exists right now about the Establishment and it\'s quest for global domination, there has been a special quickening to fend off this potential mutiny.  The fact that these conflicts, famines, and floods are coming from on high is not lost on those in the know, or anyone paying attention.  When prediction and warning after warning and prediction keep on happening, and coming true, it is too uncanny to deny. 


The PTB have begun a great race to Mars, launching probe after probe from leading countries, sending private mission after free enterprise pie in the sky.  There is a chance for the great space renewal to invigorate our planet, but it seems to be heading another more insidious direction.  Many powerful wallets are being aligned for a trans-human paradise on the red planet while this one withers in the dust.   Not just dust, a dumb-downed version of the dust bowl blues.


Autism is skyrocketing


The genetic pollution that we are witnessing first hand today in the form of skyrocketing autism, cancer, and birth deformities is one anedotal piece of information the general public is piecing together albeit very slowly.  This combined with the climate, pollution, radiation, toxic waste and nuclear super weapons pointed at every corner, it is no wonder that the billionaires want to head on out.


They r gonna make fake people now

 Now with Synthetic Biology and Organ tissue Bio printing, the race is on to regulate resources for life subscriptions and thought broadcasts. The Brain control interface has taken on a new level of organization that is created on the nano-scale.  Psy-ence, through it's devious agents, wants to seperate this awareness from the body, to recreate the automaton of old. The original genetic slaves from the times of the ancients.  They had no free will, no knowledge of the fruit if good and evil, they were led along by the younger more benevolent sibling and have come so far, almost reaching the collective awareness that was taken out from them when the tower last fell.

 So there you have it, de-population agendas among the rich, convergence in the Bio tech and Robotic realms to create synthetic biology, and meanwhile everywhere around us we see genetic pollution, faulty medicine and industrial waste are leaving the next generations without the mental capabilities to solve the world\'s most pressing needs.

 If the billionaires were more responsible here on this planet, I would say, they could move on to another, but that hasn't been the case now has it?

  Although the day to day clamor of the MSM and PTB has kept us on our toes, we, the free thinking, spirit inspired co-creators that we are, are all beginning to see the forest for the trees.  No longer are we allowing the materialism, the fear mongering or the lies to persist, and as a world body we are growing to find our voice and through this our Global Collective Power!  

 An Emergent Global Awareness is happening as we speak, and that is why the PTB has turned up the heat, to use a catchy reference to hell, on the masses, to maintain the order that feeds them.  That soul sucking order the keep, that they live off of, but we will overcome them, and we will THRIVE.  

 We here at ElectraWeaver plan to keep uncovering the truths you know are there but don;t) always see in order to bring light to the clouded mind and inspire our world to create our Truth, continue the freedom of real knowledge, and uncover the suppression and what I believe is the quest to snuff out free will in the Cosmos by a dark force. I will be sharing, documenting, and sourcing the great material I find along the way to give you the undeniable facts as we grow, learn, and change into an Enlightened Age of Society.



 Electra Weaver


The resurgence of what could be termed 'mental breakthrough molecules' from legitimate and respected sources shows how 2016 is shaping up to be 'The Year of the Psychedelic Revival'.

In the dark years, over which many have suffered persecution for their psychotropic ways, chemicals such as LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, peyote, and ayahuasca have been vilified and demonized for their psychoactive effects and how they would cause the ingestee to have visions, supra-mental analytical thinking and auditory hallucinations of a divine nature, now researchers and technologists alike are praising these traits and their harbingers.

From MDMA to Psilosybin, researchers are once again exploring psychedelics for solutions to some up until now elusive cures to many ailments including anxiety, addiction, depression and PTSD.  Although stigmatized for the last four decades due to the War on Drugs and a misunderstanding of this special class of medicine, they are now making a resurgence in  Industrialized nations. As our fixation with the mechanical, orderly way of viewing the world caused these chemicals to be demonized and labeled as dangerous drugs, the tribal people of the world have been using them for centuries to understand more about their environment and it's available resources, often through a deep sense of reverence and communion with their surroundings that is brought on by the ingestion of these molecules.

Use of psychedelics goes back thousands years and is evidenced by the fact our brain cells can accept the chemicals in the cell membrane. This suggest to some that we somehow evolved from the use of these chemicals and there are even those that propose such a thing as the 'stoned ape theory'; that humans evolved from apes using psychedelics, such as the animita muscaria mushroom, among other things. Nowadays, researchers are focusing on ways to help cure the modern ills. PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other things common to industrial societies are beginning to be treated with psychedelic mind altering chemicals by reputable psychiatrists.

 MAPS(Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research Studies), is based out of Boulder, CO. and helps veterans with the symptoms from war, and trauma in general by administering MDMA and psilocybin in limited trial studies.  You can read a fascinating interview with the founder of MAPS here.  If you are unfamiliar with this man whom has been a pioneer in changing the perception of these molecules and their uses for the human mind,you must ingest more from Rick Doblin who also did an AMA which you can read here.

2016 is going to see a resurgence of this reality and realization that psychedelics can give us deep insight into the nature of our thought processes. How we think is important to making the right choices for ourselves and our environment.  Many would think, 'how does ingesting a mind altering substance actually help think about the problem situations?' The answer relates to synergy and the process of integration that happens when someone looks at the world through a deeper sense of connection and focus that happen on these 'drugs'. This can help us breakdown the barriers and make us more accepting of others in a way that helps to heal the past and forge a new future. Even the idea of taking small doses of LSD to promote problem solving has caught attention of serious players in finance and tech as evidenced by this article in Forbes. Hopefully groups like MAPS and others will help Psychedelic Therapy to become a common thing that helps to change this artificial way of thinking into one that helps people heal and grow.

Although this has been demonized in the past, due to both the strong and subtle effects of these substances, this class of pharmaceuticals is one that should be explored and not ignored.  With all of the different organizations that are beginning to acknowledge cannabis, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, ayahuasca, DMT, and other chemicals that alter our consciousness, we can be assured that we have safe and knowledgeable experiences.  Consider this piece from CNN on so-called 'Magic Mushrooms'.

The year 2015's love fest of the Grateful Dead reunion, was a coming of age for the culture that embraced psychedelics and the magic awareness that comes with these chemicals. The just 'do for yourself and others' awareness changed American culture in ways that could not be fully appreciated it until the long arc of history makes its way. The road has been long to get to this point and there have been many drug warriors who have needlessly suffering along the way.    Among them is William Lenard Pickard who was arrested and jailed for allegedly sythesizing LSD inside a missile silo in Kansas over 10 years ago. you can find out more about his case and support him at

As with all things there is a special set of publications dedicated to psychedelics research and information regarding your favorite chemicals among them is psychedelic times for all your favorite psy-fi information, where you can find great three interviews and research with all the leading thinkers on psychedelics and the human potential movement.

LSD and pschedelics in general have such a fascinating history and have been the secret ingredient in pop culture that has sparked revolution in the world.  Read more about the history and the players in an article in The Atlantic titled 'Reclaiming LSD for Psychotherapy'.  

“The brain kind of enters these patterns, pathological patterns, and the patterns can become entrenched. The brain easily gravitates into these patterns and gets stuck in them. They are like whirlpools, and the mind gets sucked into these whirlpools and gets stuck.” Robin Carhart-Harris, a psychedelics researcher at Imperial College London. 

 In this view, the brain goes through a de-fragmentation process when undergoing the effects of these chemicals, and the disassociation of the parts of the brain happens quite easily and naturally reassembles in a holistic way.  This is being supported by brain scan research and evidence from clinical trials involving LSD, Psiolosybin, MDMA, DMT, and other controversial chemicals.  All together 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the Psychedelic Revival.


The Tenth Amendment calls for nullification of unjust law
The Tenth Amendment calls for nullification of unjust law


The tenth Amendment was set up to maintain a healthy balance between the Federal Government and those of the Individual States.  Recent years have seen an encroachment of that principle as defined in the constitution prompting the rise of a call to limit what's seen as an overreach by the feds. 

According to the Tenth Amendment Center:

But in order to actually turn things around, a few sacred cows need to be dealt with. Here are TEN STEPS you should take right now to set the stage for a dramatic Constitutional recovery.

  1. Recognize that massive change will only come through a revolution in thought. John Adams forcefully asserted that the American Revolution was not, in fact, the war for independence. The “real American Revolution,” Adams wrote, was a “radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people.”
  1. Take an honest and fearless inventory of the current situation. It’s not just Obamacare that violates the Constitution. It’s almost everything these people do, from telling you what size toilet you can have, to what kind of light bulb you can buy or what kind of plant you can grow and consume in your own backyard. It’s their federal reserve, their wars, their executive orders, their regulations, their “national security,” and everything in between. Entire agencies – ATF, DEA, TSA, and many others – shouldn’t even exist, much less do what they do. Even programs you like, or feel entitled to because they’ve forced you to pay for them for years, are constitutional violations.
  1. Understand that the federal courts are part of the federal government. If a company was suing you, would you hire one of that company’s lawyers to represent you? If you and I had a dispute, would you want my girlfriend Sarah to decide who’s right and who’s wrong? No, federal judges absolutely cannot be impartial when it comes to federal power. Think “rubber stamp.”
  1. Accept that our problems started well before the president took office. Massive violations of the Constitution have been happening under every president in modern times. Replacing one president with another has happened every 4-8 years for a long enough time to know that the next president is going to be really bad too. Guaranteed. And if that guarantee fails, the one after will be awful. Putting your constitutional eggs into one person’s basket only ensures that the Constitution will end up totally smashed.
  1. View both major political parties as an enemy of liberty. No one in their right mind would see Lucky Luciano as a savior to the evils of Al Capone, or vice versa. Maybe you could convince one of your friends to do all the dirty work needed to rise up the ladder of the organization, so one day they would be in a place to reduce the harm it does to you personally. Maybe, but very unlikely. And even if you could, at the end of the day, a mob boss would still run the organization and would have you killed if needed.
  1. Humbly admit that you’ve never cast a vote for federal office that has reduced the power of the federal government. When you “vote the bums out,” you just get new bums. No further explanation necessary.
  1. Admit that the feds will never stop the feds. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both recognized that if the federal government ever became the sole and exclusive arbiter of the extent of its own power, that power would always grow, regardless of protests, lawsuits, or elections. They were right.
  1. Be ready for the long haul. Liberty is not a spectator sport. It takes action, sustained and persistent. It’s time we all get out of our comfort zone, even if that means we risk something. It’s for the future, and it’s worth it. We all need to be ready to do far more than what we are doing today. That includes committing to doing so incessantly until the job is done.
  1. One step at a time. Without being fully on board with these first nine steps, the tenth will almost certainly end in failure. You might find yourself distracted by the same old tricks they’ve played on all of us for decades (think Bush vs Clinton).
  2. Be entirely ready to take a new approach to stopping the federal government. You are facing a federal government that lies to you, spies on you, and claims the power to lock you up “indefinitely” (that means forever) without any due process. They rip you off at every turn and give your money to the politically connected. They make up the rules as they go, and change them on a whim. They have absolutely no respect for the constitution or your liberty.


Watching the mass overreach happening in every facet of our lives, we have to wonder whether or not this can ever end.    Can you continue to arm the world at your own expense from blowback and limit the reach of firearms and your own country while statistics show that gun homicides are down in steady decline since 1993? This is just another example of hypocrisy that were are seeing as we lose our rights to maintain dollar reserves status on the world stage.

Can we end the madness? Yes. Why? Because nullification works.


Miguel Aragón-Calvo, a visiting assistant researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.develop an automated method to identify and track the cosmic web across time in computer simulations. This is usually done by identifying structures at different times and then somehow linking structures in adjacent times,” he said.  “Current techniques using this approach are far from optimal.”

“These problems in cosmology are very difficult to visualize, even using computer graphics,” said Miguel Aragón-Calvo, a visiting assistant researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  “By 3D-printing them I am able to interact directly with the models and ‘see’ the problem at once.  In some cases this results in ‘eureka’ moments.”

3-D print universal Structures for visualization - Credit Youtube
3-D print universal Structures for visualization - Credit Youtube

“Tri-dimensional cosmic structures can be easily identified and tracked as four-dimensional objects where time is taken as another spatial variable,” he said.  “Even though I had visualized the cosmic web many times before in the computer screen, the solution only became obvious once I held the model in my hand.”

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi you are our only hope
Jedi mind trick - or hypnotic suggestion? - Credit Disney/LucasFilms

Jedi Mind Tricks are just the stuff of movies and legend right? Actually, the power to suggest and influence others is very real and at the heart of most of the media marketing deception we find ourselves consuming today.  While Star Wars, The Force Awakens smashes box office records, let's examine and discover more about the common themes of our heroes, the Jedi, and what makes them special.

The science of marketing, the ultimate Jedi Mind trick through the power of suggestion, is proven by movies like Star Wars and the massive consumerism it now represents.  The merchandising and promotion, perfectly timed with the media roll-out on every channel, in commercials, and restaurants, creates the type of suggestion that is represented in the movie by the Jedi mind trick itself.  If Edward Bernays was around, he would be so completely proud of how his insights have changed the consumption habits of a nation, that he would toast Madison Avenue and it's Wall Street financiers for their job well done.

Heck, even George Lucas had to admit that he completely sold out his franchise to the 'white slavers' - but what did he actually mean by that?  Could it be the Dark Lord Sith finally overpowered this fabulous creator's mind? The world may never know...


Science fiction often becomes science fact.  Many people are belittled along the way or derided as complete nut jobs for talking as if the leading military technologies are not being deployed as we speak in a global manner to alter the future.  It is only a matter of time before the knowledge of the source energy is well known proliferated and [possibly simulated} used for humanistic edeavors.  Find out more about unknown science beyond the ordinary.  Meta physics is 'the physics that causes physics to happen.'