For quite some time there has been a growing demand to declassify a 28 page report that reveals the full scope of the who financed the tragedy of 9/11.  The relatives of the family members of the victims of 9/11 have begun to get a fundamental level of support to uncover the truth behind what happened that fateful day.

A group of Senators led by Sen Paul from Kentucky, recently held a press conference with the families of the victims of 9/11 to announce a bi -partisan effort to de-classify the 28 page report that outlines who actually financed the 9/11 operation and the complex web of deceit that allowed neo-con warmongers to stage the biggest show of conniving on earth.

Senators call for immediate release of 28 pages

The Eisenhower labeled Military Industrial Complex, or MIC has completely taken over the US government through buying up politicians and deceiving voters with major media campaigns and PR spin doctors. To their credit US Senators Linsdey Graham, Ron Paul, and Stephen Lynch among others, have begun the process of unraveling the tightly wound lies and half truths that brought the US into Iraq and Afghanistan at enormous costs, and even brought the beacon of freedom to \'torture some folks\'.

President Eisenhower warned against his frankenstein MIC

The US claims global leadership but actually exports more weapons than anybody in the name of \'Peace\'.  This of course, is unsustainable which is why people like me  call it out for what it is. Not because i hate the US or its way of life, residents or people, because I care that much, that I want them to be better off in the future and the world to be a better place in general with a competent moral global leader.  The fact that there are state secrets is fine, no one wants to jeopardize our people, troops or homeland, it's that the government makes secret deals that destroy its own ability to complete its established mission: to fight terror and protect people's right to pursue happiness.   The creation of ISIS is a prime example of that mission becoming more and more vague, brought out by more and more secret deals.  The politicians will do anything for more control, hence the covert funding of ISIS which it was recently revealed is a creation of the US NatSec interests.  Who better to sell more weapons to than a group of ragtag fighters that could overthrow your other adversary and in the meantime create a global scare? It's just a tragedy that people try to engineer destruction for profit, but how else will they fund the greatest secret project of all time?

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