Mainstream media has been slacking for far too long now.  Most of us are starting to wake up to the fact that it is all just a giant scam by the Military Industrial Complex to keep shoving consumerism down our throats in the quest to keep us dumbed down in order to control the world.  With that in mind we review the Top 5 stories you didn't hear on the Mainstream Media channels from 2015 according to

Top Censored Stories of 2015 according to
Top Censored Stories of 2015 according to

5. Hedge Funds soak up water rights - Goldman Sachs and others have bought up all sorts of water rights all over the planet

4. Drone Strikes - The intercept reported on the weekly 'Terror Tuesdays' that they conduct over at the white house to decide who lives or dies.

3. Cispa was passed - The Us Senate went ahead and stripped all our 4th Amendment rights, as they continue the assault on the people of their own country, whom will become the enemy in due time.

2. Witnesses state that US funds ISIS in Syria - well documented proof that the War on Terror, is not what it seems.

1. Safest year yet globally - Murder, Violent crime, firearm homicides, all the majors factors of death are going down. 


Energy Flux Density is the measure of increasing energy needs per stage of mankind's evolution
Energy Flux Density is the measure of increasing energy needs per stage of mankind's evolution

Energy Flux Density is a term coined by Lyndon LaRouche, notable economist, that describes the amount of energy needed to support the platform for sustainable life and to maintain human progress.  These 'requirements' are constantly evolving, which makes them in need of an increase over time, which in turn affects the output of the process itself.

When viewed from a platform that doesn't acknowledge increasing levels of order in the universe, the world's energy crisis seems daunting.  When viewed as a challenge that can be met by bright minds of the future with solutions already on the table, there is no stopping the pollution reduction and democratization of energy.  

The current model of energy infrastructure is in place due to the habit of looking at energy processes from bottom up rather than top down, and not acknowledging the bigger picture of energy in the cosmos. Humans are able to adapt and change their environment and are capable of willful self development, the potential for change is there.

Releasing the 'limits of growth' mentality is key to the new paradigm where we are energy producers and consumers, simultaneously.


The reality of power of natural forces is evident all around us in myriad ways.  Although for centuries the Economic power structure has created and benefited from a capitalist system that suppresses the renewable aspects of power generation, the time has come for the masses to have their own sources of energy and power generation.   The Free energy devices we see in the world are to one day come to the masses in new and exciting ways.  Promoted by the Free Energy Party, among others, the new awareness that energy is everywhere will change our way of life. is Future Focused News that you won't find anywhere else! With the New Awareness that we are a world body, resonating in a quantum field of global sub conscious awareness, global power structures are beginning to crumble into a decentralized form of truly democratic design.  

While the mainstream media would like to keep us in the material presence for consumeristic gain there are many turning to new avenues, a feeling awareness that something is dis-ingenuine, and an inner knowing that there is a way out of the madness.  Having an Eyes Wide Open view toward what is happening in the news is key to maintaining a sense of the relative, and to stay grounded.  We are bridging the spiritual divide to give you an insight like you have never imagined into the underlying unified field and how the secret government does not want you to know what power you can tap into with your will!

Collectively we face a daunting future that is most certainly designed to keep the masses trembling in fear of their projected 'enemies', keep mindlessly consuming the media, mayham and money with nary a look up from the trough, but the rumble has become a stammer.  The people of the world are demanding real change and justice as never before.  The drive to peace, and to end suffering of all people's, environments, and living systems will only become stronger as we move into a new time of inner listening and striving for truth, beauty, and justice for every person on the planet.

Join me, Electra Weaver, as I report from the overground, on the transitions and changes that are shaping the future of life on this planet and in the cosmos, as we transition into a new age of spiritual harmony.