There are so many inspiring bands out there that never get no radio play.  It is time that we recognize them and show our love.  It is time to Live the music and Love the Music.



Dubskin a Ft. Collins, Colorado Reggae band is as hot as the cherry on a spliff, it'll make ya choke and that ain't no joke.  They are coming hard with the message in every track, bringing the pure vibes, and especially on this Love for Music track.  Find out more about them at their website, and Visit them on and turn it up- that bass will drive your soul to another level.

Speaking of that, check out this tune.  It is prophetic and memetic.  One world bank is what they make! jah lifts me up! 


So what does this all mean? Jah lifts me up?  Just a little check -in to the spirit field awareness will bring you to the understanding that the music is the vehicle.   It is known from the vedas to the halls of Radio City, that the spirit is accessed through resonance, vibration and ultimately har-moony.  It actually carries us through to the next micro-flicker, and when you focus and harness that, better days are coming!


So proud of this band out of the fort in Coolerado.  Make sure you check em out on youtube, this video they bringin', 'Herb Healer' is the real.