A century ago, the PTB on earth decided that they could continue the plunder they had started and more rapidly organize a corporate body of government throughout the whole of Europe and eventually the world.  The charters of countries are essentially a contract for an incorporated body, a legal term that describes its ability to enter into contracts.


The legalese surrounding this is murky, what was once granted only by the king became a legal premise.  Sure, you can be your own country, no problem, just sign here and here and we will grant you those 'rights' you speak so highly of.  The problem is, once a country has become sovereign, it needs to finance itself and here’s where the modern kings- the kings of industry, come in.



Modern programs like the IMF and World Bank are just the wolves in sheep’s clothing that we have all heard of.  Setting unattainable goals for growth, or imposing austerity from half a world away, the loan sharks and vultures have had roaring success over the last one hundred years or so.


Basically along the way all value has become lost in the creation of a worthless monetary system.  The lesser countries in the order of the world see a chance to break free and they are going for it with a huge sum of cash.

Yes, the BRICS have been thrown through the window and there’s no turning back.


Brazil Russia India and China have invited the World to Create a new Platform


Brazil, Russia, India and China have begun an organized effort to destroy the petrodollar.  They have pledged over 100 billion to begin their own international settlement bank (IBS).  This of course is unacceptable to the masters of the universe and they will obfuscate and fight to the death any effort to oppose them.  What this means for humanity on earth is a bit daunting for sure.


The LArouchePAC is really informative




Look, the planet is a multi-dimensional existence, so it's a very powerful time. With the year 2014 having two major lunar eclipses, and also two supermoons, occurring within a month, the escalation of conflict has begun because the timing is ripe for these developments, if they are begun prudently.  The grand schemes of ruling dynasties have never had it so good.


 It is well known that ‘all wars are bankers wars’, and the media is owned by just a few very influential corporate ‘persons’.  Therefore it is no surprise that we will be pushed into a major conflict of epic proportions in order to consolidate control.

 ALL WARS are Bankers Wars!

 It is a simple divide and conquer strategy that has existed since the second brother.  “Sew distrust and reap record rewards!” is the battle cry of the boardroom.


The fact that these corporate ‘persons’ have a limited liability or ability to pay restitution is not often mentioned, nor is the ever growing list of corporate crimes and cover-ups.  This lends credence to the idea that we will not be heard in our attempts to bring some light to the situation, but that will not be a deterrence to speak up and show the errors of the past so that we may correct the future.