CEO's from weapons companies are responsible for the bottom line
CEO's from weapons companies are responsible for the bottom line

America's pirate class members - CEO's of nation's largest Defense Contractors


Here are just a few of the people whom have organized chaos for personal gain.  Since the Dawning of the age of Aquarius, rock n' rollers and anti establishment types have been railing against the man and his War Machine.  The great thinker Buckminster Fuller created a name for it called GRUNCH, in his book, "The Grunch of Giants" Fuller talked about how these fools should really turn the swords into plowshares, but alas the world is really at war with the "Pirate Class".


The current form of the rule of law is Maritime law.  An extension of Admiralty law that deals with cargo and contracts, and levels everything down into commodities and externalities.  This is the mentality of the 'Privateers', the new kings of industry. 



There is information out there about these War Profiteers, has a great tool for searching out the government contracts.


The behavior of these Corporations and the networks of people that operate them was the exact thing we were being warned against by President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, and other leading thinkers, and is well known as the Military-Medical Industrial Complex, and it has invaded and overtaken our lives in secret ways.

This is all out war.  This is an incentive-ized war for money and the call to arms in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc, is just a call to sell more weapons for these guys.  

The race to space is where they will throw the money, these guys want to be the big guns in the sky -remember that.


The top five aerospace contractors would have a vested interest in getting to space because the minerals and objects could be possibly mined and would be property of the corporation and therefore all resources can be gained in the name of the company.  The current  contractors for much of Aerospace and Defense conveniently overlap and include: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, and United Technologies.


These CEO's and Boards are at the top of their game when it comes to ensure the weapons are supplied and onstrike and the systems are go ready for lift off.  When there's a secretive 56 Billion dollar budget involved it\'s hard not to lose some sleep thinking, 'What's going on' .  


While the world languishes in an economy driven by this war machine philosophy are there darker forces at play?

Flouride in the water, Triclosan in the toothpaste and Chemical producing GMO food are just a few of the well known and excepted routes of chemical abuse we suffer at the hands of industrialists.  This is not even mentioning the Chemtrails and oil in the water, or the radiation and PCB poisons that are still among us.  No, this is ignoring the massive carbon offgassing entirely.  

ElectraWeaver WaveFunction --Thanks to these companies and at the top, Electra's main nemesis 'The Company', Syndustries Inc. , The truth of the Dark matter is upon us and this will give us the ultimate lesson of existence, unless balance can be restored through sound technology.

These people aren't the 1%, they are the .001% the ultra wealthy.  Business is War and Business is BOOMING!. The mercenary armies are ready and waiting. Thanks to the lobbying of these fine folks and their ilk the country is drowning in debt to the tune of approximately $21Trillion dollars and growing!


Is it any coincidence that a particular group of elitists have the skull and crossbones as their symbol and that these men have been presidents and Secretaries of State.  The banks these criminals hold their money sure in the Caribbean or Luxemburg I'm sure, but these Pirates want way more than that.  They want to rule the seven seas, entirely.

Look to my forthcoming book for more information about the five biggest defense contractors, their secret budgets, and the quest to engineer life on the way to Mars. Coming soon!!!