Modern science and experiments have established that all things exist in a particle wave duality state that is defined by their frequency.  This frequency is at the atomic level, the building blocks of all matter as we know it.  These units can fall into patterns based on many different factors including weight, shape, and texture.  All individuated items that exist show examples of resonance which groups us and sets us apart again, for various patterns and rhythms of life.  Time lapse film has shown us the waves of people moving in and out in patterns dictated by the traffic light and time of day.  Missing the train by just a few seconds, can effect the outcome of a plan or sometimes an individual's day.


Missing the train, bus, or traffic light is a relatively minor outcome that seems mostly benign when considering one\'s health or wellness.  The electrical grid, noise pollution, and violent images of broadcast media can alter the course of a day by changing moods and thoughts.  The power of positive thoughts, placebo, and hypnosis are well known and highly regarded by healing artists everywhere.  Less well known is the static from outlets, street lamps and power lines, which despite claims otherwise, do change growth patterns and effect the etheric body. These are known as electronic field emissions and the may be link to malformations in DNA. Bodies being fields of energy, they are affected by energy fields like magnets effect each other, showing static discharges and other electric phenomena like knowing when you are being stared at, or when someone is lying.

The etheric body,which is the field around you that helps you heal and grow, also retains memory and learning faculties.  Factors like high energy electric and magnetic fields can change the way this etheric aspect of your body operates.  Kirlian photography shows what most people call an aura, the extension of the bodies electrical field into the surrounding matrix.  This aura, though still disputed seems to reflect alterations in peoples health, and sometimes, their honesty.  It is a part of their overall energetic body that is responsible for thinking, feeling, growing, breathing, awareness of threat, hunger, thirst, thought, and life as we know it.


Having an attitude of curiosity, wonder, delight in simplicity and the beauty of nature, can all be affected by immersing ourselves in the man made world.  The artificial life that is being pushed over the natural healthy ways of living is designed to demise, or undo the processes of life including critical thinking.  It is a choice we make everyday in how we use our resources and a recognition that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world and we must come to terms with our own self imposed limitations in order to survive as a world body.


This can be accomplished by coming together in technology and understanding, as a nation of peoples, across the globe, united for ecology which sustains us.  This doesn't mean that we give up on tech, but that we use it in ways that will increase our efficiency, complete the waste chain and ensure that people are allowed to live fruitful environmentally sound lives free from industrial pollutants and nuclear waste, smog from coal plants and decimated waters.

This is our future or it is our demise.  We can innovate and overcome amazing populations if we used our collective knowledge in ways that benefit the many, not the few. Now is the time of choice, that choice is clear.