Fascism Definition - thanks Wikipedia
the Definition of Fascism isn't that far off from today's real politik


Fascism has, for a very long time, been the foe of man in the quest to live a peaceful, civilized life here on the planet Earth.  While many would think that it has been 'progress' to push civilization to the brink of a total annihilation, others are not so sure.  The second world war was fought over just such an idea, that of totalitarian control, top-down market structure, dictatorial leadership selected by the money interests.  In fact, it has occured to a certain Congressman Steve King R-Ia, that this way of crony capitalism has been the best thing for 'civilization' since (white) sliced bread.

Not so, say I and many millions of other inhabitants of the planet.  

Although the money interests, destroying the planet as they buy up what can't be bought and sold, are seemingly about to 'seal the deal', with either a third world war or more likely, the continued expansion, consolidation and corruption of all the markets until it is one market, they will fail.  This long winded adventure will fail for the same reason this idea always fails.  When the commonwealth is threatened on such a global, monumental scale, the market, supported only by the regular person's everyday ability to consume and consume, goes belly up and hence, always fails.  

The vaccuum like sucking of the MIC and Banksters creates its own demise, because economically, centralization of market forces is inherently unstable.  

Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Scholarship have created some big - time career criminals
Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Scholarship have created some big - time career criminals Image Source Wikipedia

The process of innovation that drove said economy to great heights becomes stagnant and no longer fuels the self sustaining growth that is necessary for a continued thriving economy.  The leviathon collapses under it's own weight and suffers a putrid squalor of demise unless revived by productivity.

IT starts when the 'defenders' start to siphon off the funds to build bombs and not build what's good for a thriving economy.  Soon, after making bombs for long enough, you can ship them around the world to people that would want to defend themselves from you and your bombs. Now you sell more bombs to whoever needs them and make better ones for yourself, repeating the cycle - ad nauseum.  Anybody stands in your way? Take care of it.

Bombs siphon off the nation's potential
crushing potential, the gruch of giants is real


Consolidation is the 'Key' to the Engine of Fascism

The key to continuing the Fascist Control of the world, - Remember! it's the consolidation of State and Corporate Power, is to control the information that populations consume.  Often times, the free press is absolutely submissive to the bottom line - advertisers.  This is an easy way to create tension in the newsrooms of any publication.

6 Corporations own all the media we normally consume
6 Corps to rule them all! - They own all our channels


Add to that the ever tightening debasement of the fiat currency through inflation, and you have the perfect recipe for rising tension and corrosive competition - not productive competition - there is a difference!

Back in the day when this Madison Avenue-Military-Medical-Industrial-Complex was first firing it's ignition switch, we had an old two banger jalopy, not much punch but it got us where we needed to go.  The globalists would own the newspaper, they would own the company store, they owned everything.  It was common for a workaday man to be paid in company script, to take to the General Store to be exchanged for products and materials.  This was inherently monopolistic and was fought quite brazenly by many brave men and women through the early 20th century in the US and abroad, especially in Spain, although it may still be common practice in the developing world where mining still holds sway over many day to day workers.

Decentralization has already begun.

 A common sign of the times during situations like this is a populist cry for de-centralization where the masses stammer for autonomy in a collapsing world of fear and doubt.  Brexit is the best, most immediate example of how these types of things begin, and sometimes how they can end.  Not everyone is aware of the coming bank collapse unless the EU changes it's own laws against to Big to Fail Bank Bail - out policies.  

The de-centalization will come from the inside, or from the outside, but either way, it must happen.   Some futurists and historians are calling for the world's largest bank, DuestchBank to be loaned an emergency stash of cash, against EU policy and the general publics' sense of morality.  Due to the dire nature of the situation, many others have called for the bank to crash, unknowingly witting their own demise in the house of cards that is sure to follow up such a large failure.

The global change that we are seeking can happen through inter-dependence and mutual benefit co-operation that characterizes Humankind's unique place in the world.  Our similarities out weigh our differences and there are many ways that we can become global partners and participants rather than creating more finite resource wars.

The Time is now to ACTIVATE!

What does ACTIVATE mean?

Activate, in this case, means 'to summon all your resources to create the type of change that you want to see within the world and make a SUSTAINED EFFORT TO SEE IT THROUGH.'

Some would say Mobilize, others - Agitate.  Whatever you call it, the feeling of sitting there doing nothing has got to end.  There is no hope for the hopeless so get over and face the challenge head on.  Deep down there is probably nothing you like more than a challenge anyway, or it wouldn't be like this and you wouldn't be trying to figure this all out, and you wouldn't CARE SO MUCH.

Often we can become complacent or saddened by the latest tragedy and terror, or economic difficulty and the stresses of day to day living in a mechanistic society of emotional creatures.  That is what the controllers would want, that is the reaction they crave to continue the slide into the abyss they are so willingly pushing us toward.  That is why the MSM is so 'uniformly uninformed' of the major thread running through the narrative.   The Corporate bottom line must be achieved at all costs, and they usually are because the losses can be externalized to 'some other sucker.' 

At least, that's how it was, anymore in our global village of inter-dependent communities, we need to treat our common assets with respect for our collective future generations.  If you are truly inspired by this movement for global unity in the face of ecological and economic collapse, then you must begin to alter the world with the only way humans have ever done it, ACTION.

The important part of the deal is to remember that you are a creative being in a dynamic world that thrives on changes and that world can be influenced long term by your actions taken today, and with more awareness, compassion and understanding compounded by your actions, this engineered demise will cease to consume our lives.

One way to start is to branch out and find groups of like minded people in your immediate area and propose community building events like Art-Ins, Crosswalk paintings, Cook-outs, Neighborhood Garden Walks, anything that engages the beauty and wonder of nature and the senses is a great start to change your immediate environment.

Educate yourself on the issues and PICK ONE to share with your friends and family whether by social media or by pamphlet or otherwise.  There are so many issues and things that need urgent attention, to immediately right the ship of state, which either furthers or flounders our fulfillment of purpose as individuals, here on Planet Earth.  Choosing one to gently nudge forward is a chance to know that you are trying and to not take on too much of the burden of progress for your fellow humans.

Breaking the mechanistic trance that has a grip over our modern minds is going to take more than just a Facebook post or a pamphlet though, it will take a great deal of care and compassion for us to change the current paradigm of terror-creation cum defense that our foreign policy morons have been advocating to the demise of almost everyone they've gone to help.  

Break the chains of love, allow the division to dissolve and get active for positive change. In other words, Get engaged, or more simply:



Woody Guthrie had Something for them ol dirty's
Woody Guthrie has something for 'em - Photo by Lester Balog