Suggests you are a Universe in the Cosmic Order


A musician named Pablo Carlos Budassi had an imagery epiphany while being active with his child and exploring playful creativity one day.  His insight came while folding and unfolding paper tabs they had cut to make what is known as a hexaflexagon, a multi- dimensional hexagon that helps visualize dimensions.  He created this image by placing the sun in the center and layering the structures in cosmic order as they radiate outward from our solar system.  Included in the perimeter is the cosmic background radiation and remnants from the big bang.  What ls Beyond?  In the Book of Enoch, they would say the hounds of hell...

Do you notice how it resembles an eye?  The outer layers become much like the iris, and although pupils are black, there is always a glint of light at the center of a person's pupil. Whether this is reflection on the cornea or something more subtle, say, an inner light-is an esoteric question.  Does the light come from inside? or is it reflected on the outside of this person's eyeball?  The fun is in trying to find out.

Sitting quietly and staring into someone's eyes can be a tantalizing experience.  The ability to make and maintain eye contact is a large indicator into the emotional realm of a person and can change the outcome of interactions, in the flicker of a second.  Our eyes are said to be the window to the soul.

Have you looked anyone in the soul lately?

The cosmos being layers of infinite beauty, it follows the logic of creative structure that our very instruments to perceive light, are intricate and delicate and mirrored in their beauty by this picture of the universe, in one single image.  The old saying, As above, So below, comes to mind when thinking of the order of the structures of the universe.  In this case, the Macro and Micro are staring you in the face.