Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi you are our only hope
Jedi mind trick - or hypnotic suggestion? - Credit Disney/LucasFilms

Jedi Mind Tricks are just the stuff of movies and legend right? Actually, the power to suggest and influence others is very real and at the heart of most of the media marketing deception we find ourselves consuming today.  While Star Wars, The Force Awakens smashes box office records, let's examine and discover more about the common themes of our heroes, the Jedi, and what makes them special.

The science of marketing, the ultimate Jedi Mind trick through the power of suggestion, is proven by movies like Star Wars and the massive consumerism it now represents.  The merchandising and promotion, perfectly timed with the media roll-out on every channel, in commercials, and restaurants, creates the type of suggestion that is represented in the movie by the Jedi mind trick itself.  If Edward Bernays was around, he would be so completely proud of how his insights have changed the consumption habits of a nation, that he would toast Madison Avenue and it's Wall Street financiers for their job well done.

Heck, even George Lucas had to admit that he completely sold out his franchise to the 'white slavers' - but what did he actually mean by that?  Could it be the Dark Lord Sith finally overpowered this fabulous creator's mind? The world may never know...