Director James Carmen won an award for his excellent disclosure movie "The Hidden Hand, Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up".  


Listen to Mr. Carmen discuss his motivations, and the making of his incredibly breakthrough movie.

The director goes through his eye opening period where he was turned onto the paranormal and UFO phenomena, and how much importance it has in today's paradigm.  Despite much criticism from peers, Mr. Carmen pressed on to help create some of the openness that exists today regarding the UFO and secret government subjects.  

"I was always aware that there was a deep corruption under the patina of our democratic society," states Mr. Carmen.  He goes on to discuss how this corruption cuts to the core of our understanding of the nature of reality.   The systems of control are designed to obscure more of these facts than ever before.

In this movie, The Hidden Hand, Alien Contact and the Government Coverup, you will begin to tear back this veneer of falsity, to discover your place in the universe.