Watch and listen and learn while Deepak sticks it to the so called 'Scientists' as they try to 'debunk' his explanations of reality.  You may be familiar with this award winning author and philosopher, but the next level has arrived and he is sticking the same gusto, chutzpah and finger in the eye, that they have given toward him and his ilk for years, the result? Deepak Chopra's Million Dollar Challenge!



Although Mr. Chopra has taken some flak in the west, he is no slouch when it comes to transforming awareness and consciousness around a particular subject. There are few better to explain the nature of awareness and this, a 'gotcha' turnaround is just classic.  Kudos Deepak Chopra!

Author David Wilcox has put together a groundbreaking collection of information regarding human evolution and spirituality.  In his  recently released book 'The Source Field Investigations' Mr. Wilcox documents evidence of the common field supporting and enveloping life, and how we interact with it.  

Follow this revealing talk through the ages of many topics that will show you hidden aspects of knowledge and symbolism that will excite your desire to thrive in the information age and create your own reality through controlling your connections to this precious environment.

This fascinating talk by Russell Targ will give you an insight into the powers of the human awareness.  Our consciousness is beyond our physical bodies and the proof is absolutely beyond a doubt, more so than the cure of aspirin for heart attacks. 

Science has Confirmed Psychic Ability.
Science has Confirmed Psychic Ability.

 The research that SRI did with the help of the CIA for over 25 years is very revealing.  It turns out that in some ways, the hollywood movie 'Men Who Stare at Goats', has some validity to it.  This discussion from the Science and Non-Duality(SAND) conference, uncovers the covert origins of the astral travel program, why and how it was used and what it means for us today as Co-creators of the future timeline.

Don't miss the part where Mr. Targ discusses meeting Werner Von Braun the famous Nazi rocket scientist, , and how Mr. Von Braun helped them to get funding from the CIA.

David Icke interviewed by Luke Radkowski
David Icke interviewed by Luke Radkowski

While many people would not consider David Icke a source for much pertinent information, most of those people have not had the wool torn from their eyes just yet.  Although he has a controversial history, many have come before him along the same line and come to the same conclusion, the energies of the galaxy are affecting our awareness and we can also use those attunements to change the course of the time-wave.  Listen in:

"Frequencies attract frequencies I call it vibrational magnetism." David Icke

Our energetic sea is constantly polluted by the outpouring of radiation and malevolent thought that permeates the quantum field.  The reality that magic is possible and real has been a thing for people for some time.  Explaining how the ritual aspect of black magic may have an influence here is beyond most people's ability to confront in their psyche, being so ego based as they are.  The ability to understand spiritual aspects of nature is beyond the ego specifically, giving those who seek it out an 'other understanding'.  

'Everything's inverted...Society has been manipulated and continues to be so' - David Icke


"I started to realize that the explanation for reality i found credible were not found in schools and were dismissed as nonsense"

"We have to be kept in ignorance because without that the games up" David Icke

 What can you gain from these videos? "Open your mind and let the information be your guide" David compels us because "condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance as Einstein said so eloquently." 

"Always be the truest version of yourself"- Luke Rudkowski