Saudi Arabia is committing War Crimes in Yemen against a group of the population known as the Houthis.  The intense Civil War between the Houthis and the Government of Yemen is being supported by Saudi Arabia and by extension the US.  As a matter of fact, the former Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton helped to authorize an increase in the amount of weapons that were sold to Saudi Arabia during her tenure.  Weapons that are now being unleashed on women and children and farms for starving out the regular people of Yemen.


Most of the world outrage has dispelled since the horrific bombing of the school bus in Yemen, and the US made bomb fragments that were found at the scene.  The fact that the world is drowning in US weapons and that so many covert operations have smuggled weapons to support different totalitarian governments is no real coincidence.   As Frank Zappa said best, Politicians are just the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex." 


No truer words have been spoken about the state of the world as it exists today.  The current situation only benefits those at the top, whom use violence and well funded covert operators and mercenaries to get their way.  These operations, like 9/11, are usually false flags actually allowed to happen or sometimes even orchestrated by the powers that be in order to consolidae control.  Even though the American People voted for a President that said he would stop the foreign wars and spending that has yet to happen and in fact, the US politicans are aiding and abetting War Crimes, not that the UN or any other Organization can do anything about it.


A ten thousand person death toll and massive humanitarian crisis is being fueled by Iran and their Houthi Rebels, and the former Yemeni Government, led by Saudi Arabia and the US and 9 other countries.  The Houthis are sunni, and got weapons from Iran and they startedwhat they call a "Fight to be treated fairly. "  In the region , most see it as a shadow war between Saudi Arabia and Iran for control of the larger region.   In March of 2015 the fighting began in earnest, targeting civilian centers from Saudi Arabian forces that have ranged from markets to hospitals and school and even funeral procession under the guise of fighting the rebel forces.  The latest move in August of 2018 the Saudis targeted a maain port that took in aid shipments to increase the starvation effects in this stark country.  

The main benefactor of this war is the US.  The amount of weapons we sell to them would effect our bottomline.  In a country facing stiff economic headwinds, this is no time to stop selling the Saudis weapons, according to the POTUS as announced in October 2018.  

Trump defended his royal partner, saying Saudi Arabia was "spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs, and other benefits for this country."