The mission: to alter the future.  Those born after 1970 are faced with a threatening circumstance that must be challenged and faced if there is to be a positive future for those that come to this earth after us.  There is a massive amount of people to feed, and the logistics for growing and feeding so many has kept people in poor health, in need of food for their families and sometimes even sik with health problems from pesticides and fertilizers.  For the world to change into something more beneficent, we need to change it, and Create The Future ourselves.  Consider this sustainable development goal interface from the United Nations.  How can this be applied more fully in our own nations and communities?

UN Sustainable Development Goals
UN Sustainable Development Goals

How to do this seemingly monumental but also very day-to-day boots on the ground type task?  It is notable that the factors can all be balanced by a return to nature, in a sense.

The recent move toward Urban Agriculture has the potential to positively alter all of the factors noted by the U. N. in their assessment of Sustainable Development Goals.  Prosperous People in Partnership for a Peaceful Planet. The 5 p's can all be accomplished by getting our people into the garden and our gardens into our empty spaces.  


The move toward container gardening in empty lots and lawns across the city, town or country where you live is gaining steam.  Bringing food production back to the garden also changes the mono-crop mentality that needs more pesticides and fertilizers and benefits only major producers and corporations.  The video has a garden in Ft. Lauderdale with a fresh garden next to a grocery store.  The garden enriches the community and it's residents and it is not even in the ground!  The container pots are filled and stacked together with compost and coconut core and bursting with greens and sunflowers among other things.


To understand why it is necessary to take on this type of project in your own community and town, let's listen to Xi Jinping when he spoke to leaders at a summit of the BRICS development nations where they announced new infrastructure projects, that will strengthen those economies. 

"The key to overcoming difficulties, is to accelerate development; turmoil in the Middle East stems from the lack of development.  And the ultimate solution will depend on development; which bears on everyone's well-being and dignity.  It is a race against time, and a struggle between hope and disillusion.  Only when young people are able to live a fulfilled life with dignity through development, can hope prevail in their heart. "

Urban Agriculture is a game changer in the city where people need food, jobs, and there are lawns and lots to fill.  Lives are impacted by eating fresh food and when a person learns to grow, and harvest their own delicious herbs and vegetables, it brings a joy to life that can reconnect us to source.

We live in a Macro/Micro world.  What is happening on a macro level is influenced and mirrors what is happening on the local level.  We look at nations individually as able to develop whether it's skills, economies, assets, and wealth, and trade and influence- all these apply to you as a person as well.  You are an individual sovereign, just like a nation, which is why they set up merchant marine type laws that we live by today.  We must look at great leaders of nations as pushing us to do our best.  When a President of premier is talking to the country, they are talking to YOU.

When a President like Obama says there's no money for creative endeavors to broaden the frontier horizons, it makes you want to go drink.   That's why we have to take it on ourselves to broaden the horizons, whether it be of the mind, or of the universe, or what's possible in politics.

Everyday, more tools for creativity and development are coming online, we will see a new creative class emerge worldwide, to communicate the message of love and creation, the perennial philosophy