Our bodies are multi-dimensional.  We are literally light beings, tied to a cross, like INRI of fire.  It is not an easy understanding to approach, but is there none the less, when you begin to see.  Our world-ly media promotes a culture that would cloud this ability to see our spiritual nature.  It would have us be blind to our third eye and all the knowledge that can come with it.  This underlying psychic-sphere is closer to source than we would be led to believe and many are brainwashed enough to think it would be occult or magic and not a part of their very selves.  To begin to awaken to this awareness, you must activate your third eye.

All misunderstanding aside, it is a war for this awareness that is slowly killing the planet.  You can mistake the spelling but the message is clear, the underlying spiritual reality cannot be artificially created, we are mini-quantum agents, capable of bending space time, and this is what alters the outcome of every move of suppression. 

Your multi-dimensional body is magnetic
Your multi-dimensional body is magnetic

If you are down to learn more about your abilities and your inner awareness watch this video, check out the playlists, and explore the ideas more online. Astral Travel, your 3rd eye, The Tree of Life, and the Spiritual Cosmos are all of ours to explore, discover and share.  


Mind Walk - based on Turning point by Fritof Capra
Mind Walk - based on Turning point by Fritof Capra


Based on the groundbreaking work of Fritof Capra, the 1970's classic 'The Turning Point'- we begin to see the world as controlled by two points of view.  One of these ways of looking at the world is additive, noting the inter-connectedness of the world, a holistic worldview.  The other way of perceiving life is based on a mechanistic worldview of dividing the parts of the natural world in order to evaluate and comprehend it.

This reductionist philosophy has many limitations to it in everyday life because it neglects the synthesis of all the components it tends to label, and in the process forgets about a property called synergy.  Synergy is the fact that organisms themselves display a property of being more than just the sum of the parts of our bodies.  An example of this is the mind.  Our Minds are incredibly complex, amazing pieces of quantum machinery that are not physically there.   The mind is a synergistic effect of the parts of the body working together to create something more than just the added up parts that make it.  The synergistic effect of our bodies and brains working together creates the senses, the bodily processes and the process of generating thought and new ideas.  Reductionist thinking is inherently flawed from this point of view and it is no wonder that reductionists have trouble coming up with solutions to today's pressing issues.  There are many more amazing things to be discovered by this paradigm changing book and video.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Bruce Lipton - Explains the new evolution

We can change and alter our biology.  Medical science is based on observation, producing a theory of genes control life, and gene alteration occurs randomly. This is patently false.  From this point of view evolution and life itself is just an accident.  Sadly, most people have fallen into this trap of thinking.  Allow Dr. Bruce Lipton to guide your understanding on this topic that is so important for transformation.

According to Dr. Lipton, we are in search of another theory of evolution.  'I believe that evolution and creationism are simultaneous events.' says Dr. Lipton.  In addition, we are made in the image of our environment, and our actions have jeopardized our continuance on this terra.

Dr. Lipton explains that genetic determinism is a mistake for complete belief that genes control our lives.  Dr. Lipton's research shows that the 'ills through genes' is a misconception and that life is actually controlled by perception.  This perception begins at birth and can completely change the course of cells and life and those can be altered by intention.

Enjoy this lengthy talk that explains some of the new understanding of nature and genes in relation to actual experience, creating an epi-genetic phenomena that propels the genome forward in time and function.


Creatives Unite to Change the World
Cultural Creatives can change the world

This message was given at the end of the 2012 galactic cycle that we experienced as a planet a few years back.  The thoughts still resonate clearly and are now more important than ever if we are going to make this world a better place for all of us not just the 1%

Sit back and take a listen to one of the original innovators of hip hop and the Conscious Rap movement, KRS-One.  He waxes poetic on a main topic of consideration today, the global elite, or specifically, the Illuminati.

KRS-One Discusses the truth about Secret Society
KRS-One Discusses the truth about Secret Society

 The big question that everyone must ask themselves is; are the "Illuminati" a force for good, or a force for darkness in this world? 


Some notable moments of the lecture to students in NYC include KRS talking about the true nature of government, presidential security and our physical bodies.

"They got so big that they began to finance governments, funding wars and such." - KRS One

"Anytime you the President and you need to be protected by security, you ain't the President" - KRS One

"If you could somehow sidestep the negative charges in the chair, it wouldn't hold you, this is called alchemy" - KRS One