This World is powered by Energy. The over 6 Billion people and their way of life--their very lives--depend on a clean and dependable source for cooking, utility, and lighting.  Meanwhile, the ground is being eaten alive for its rich mineral content on more and more continents, deeper and deeper into the earth.  Who can fault a living society that must consume in order to thrive, throw away in order to keep the Economic Machine grinding?\r\n

Do you know where the marble is? Who\'s marble it is?


The program on which this hysteria is based has to do with an ancient shell game.  Do you know where the marble is? Who\'s marble it is?  This question runs deep into the origins of life on this planet and in this star system.  It is the center of the conflict on this earth.  It is at the core of the struggle to keep this planet free.   The ancient ones will not leave from this earth until they have used it up and what better way to use it up than to get your slaves to help!  Well, help is relative since the slaves do all the work!


This \'programming\' is set to run and there is only one worm can stop it.

The twist of this \'informational DNA\' is enough that it changes the spiral of progress into a positive feedback loop born of self preservation. Ahhh! self preservation, what a beautiful thing! The question is, will we reach the critical mass of enough self awareness to inspire self preservation.   Eventually,  the desire to end suffering and live peacefully becomes too great.

Technologies ooze out from under workbenches and begin to change people\'s lives.  Despite the best efforts of the monetary elite, the grip on energy production is shifting away from current methods, toward that of renewable and sustainable resources.  The trend toward photovoltaic and wind is an easing of the hold but it is nothing compared to the cleanest sources.  Magnetic Electromagnetic Generators provide a continual trickle of energy as long as the brushes are good on your alternator.  Battery power is key here for the change to happen.  This constant flow comes at no charge to the user and only needs a battery array to store the current.  It just so happens we live on the largest battery around these parts.  The earth is not only a giant magnet but also an amazing battery.  MEG generators can be made at home in garages with parts salvaged from junkyards and bought from radio shack. Don\'t believe me? Check the link and try it yourself.  Yes, all these wars are for NOTHING, except population control.


Misinformation is the norm

The war comes at us in images.  Through the commercials, newscasts and commentaries we see everyday on mainstream media.  The proliferation of information is the weapon.  Info can be used in precarious ways to influence people and generations.  This influence can distract from meaningful experience and create an atmosphere of less than positive thinking which contributes to the emotional pollution that surrounds us.

This war is for your mind.

Keep looking at this, at that, no here, wait -there.  While the Bank-sters cash in and the gold disappears, a truly precious metal to the ones in charge.  In charge, charged, powered, empowered.  Who is empowered by this? Our seven generations will suffer greatly with every passing day of carelessness.  The energy wars will come when the masses finally question the rights of elitists to make more laws, collect more revenue, and ruin more land until this \'test\' is done.  They will increase the rolling blackouts, infrastructure will fail, scalar weapons will quietly torch and soak at the will of the masters who\'s real mission is obscure.


This is a war on nature.


The right to control every aspect of life. We have seen it in the suppression of nature based philosophies and cultures and the continued slaughter of innocents everyday at the hands of the dark force which has control of the system right now. We have seen it in the patenting of genes for crops by the giant mega-corps that have introduced the genes into the wild creating unknown effects to the food chains.   The genetic pollution is now being documented by countless studies and is well evidenced in the movie \'Seeds of Death\' a ripping expose into the GMO Lience(sic) that has been plaguing balanced health for fifty years.

It is a war on life by those at the top reaching for eternal life for themselves while engineering destruction in their wake to the red planet.  This over-reliance on man made systems helps to create the massive upheavals that we see plague the populations, putting us all at risk.  The population crisis propaganda like Limits to Growth put out by the Club of Rome are so completely short sighted, they cut their nose to spite their face.  It would be a greater use of market potential to integrate all of the third world populations into the fold rather than creating systems of poverty. You would think the rich, of all people, could figure that out. The reality that these systems of debt pay interests to the debt masters has been lost in the false history, but that is changing with each anniversary milestone.