Rarely, if ever, do you see a politician speak in a universal term when it comes to their religion or spirituality and personal belief system.  To hear this explanation from Bernie Sanders D-Vt, when it comes to his belief system, is truly a relief, because it means that not only am I not alone in this belief, but more importantly, that someone could say it on the national platform and possibly make a transformed world from this level.

It is now time to have a national conversation in the US and abroad about the meaning of security, and what a humanitarian effort really means when it comes to bringing democracy and equality to the world.  The slide into fascism has been another generation coming, it was foretold of in old days that when it was forgotten, we would see it's ugly head rise again.  NOW is the time to spread this message of universal empathy, to heal the past and bring hope to the future.

We are truly all in this together.