This video from intelhub is one that every Merry Hipster must view.  To begin to understand what's going on in the world today and it's seeming 'State' of chaos, you have to look at the symbols and stories of the old ways, and how they reverberate today.  This video with Mark Passio brought to us from Intelhub is a wealth of information concerning the hidden meanings and purpose of all of the biggest events in history, and how we can change course through this awareness.


If you are truly seeking some answers as to why the world is in upheaval and how to change it, take an hour out of the next few days and whaTch this video, over the course of this lecture you will start to see a big picture, a larger worldview that will change they way you see the power structure and it's true purpose. 

Mark Passio is a Astro-Mythologist, and Astro-Theologist that has written several books and does lectures at various forward thinking seminars across the US.  His website is a treasure of information about the Dark Occult activities that have overtaken the globe through the suppression of the sacred feminine and False Flag violence that has left the world in a state of terror shock.

If you are doubtful of the explanation, it is certainly welcome.  I would not want to believe the deeply wrong consequences of this point of view and what it means for the planet. Systematically subconsciously suppressing the creators of the next generation is sociopathy at it's highest level.  The implications are truly Transhuman. In light of the deep space program and it's implications and symbolism as a male protrusion into space, the suppression of the feminine aspect is a logical progression.  

Suppress the feminine on Gaia, to Extend the male aspect into space. 

Not that I agree with this reasoning or method, but it is evident that's whats happening when you look at the symbolism in all of the ritual deaths we have seen over the 'post-modern' era.

Many people look at the world very scientifically, dualistically, and they do not understand the subtle energy of the mind and how the occult works with the subconscious.

So that’s how we see the recurring patterns of the death of goddess symbols throughout the culture and media.  That is what is driving the suppression of the feminine.

Was the Tsunami in Japan a man made ritual death event?

Technology could be used for weather modification, quite easily, with non hertzian and scalar wave technology.  Now that it has blown out a nuclear reactor it may turn into a catastrophic event with Fukushima Radiation spewing across the planet.

The point is that this dark group can still effect the outcome of the events due to a more cohersive effect, or alternatively, a stronger signal.   These dark occult masters have a developed will to act on these beliefs and that is the danger.  Due to the fact that they are at heart, dark entities, they have no feelings of guilt about what they act out on.  They claim to be working on the higher order level, but the state of affairs and outcomes of acion on the physical plane scream otherwise.

To continue to deny this type of behavior among the politicians and the banksters that put them there, is the biggest mistake one can make. Becoming aware of the fear based thoughts that are generated by the cultural conditioning they represent is the first step to breaking the chains.