We are star dust, we are golden, and we got to get ourselves back to the garden - Joni Mitchell


Over the years, through deep exploration into the realms of the mind, I have begun to see a pattern of existence that is hard to verify scientifically, but that exists nonetheless most probably based on models of scale and function.  The idea had been simmering in my head for ages, I can recall telling a close friend one night as we gazed up into the stars as a young psychonaut.   We were contemplating the vastness, and you know, WHY? are we here, the little things lol.  It stuck with me though, and having always been one to chase after a shooting star, I searched for meaning and answers along the way.  When I came up with a name, I searched it, many interesting ideas came up. try it.

The following is what I originally labeled the Mysterium Theorem:  

There is a space where the vastness of emptiness has been isolated and that unlimited nothingness, that untapped potentiality, with all of it's non realized energy, inherits the qualities of its opposite condition and projects into form, into a body, a vehicle to operate within a space, that space is your universe.  The fabric of space-time is mental and physical, as we are both here and not here, within micro-seconds of time.  Within this time between, we project infinitely out into non physical space.  The part of you that has awareness, helps you heal and grow, maintains your bodily processes, is a field of magnetism, with cosmic potential.  It is your bio-magnetic field, a summation of vibrational processes that has formed from the movement of the universe, to crash into form as the body you find yourself within.  You are a universe in your own right, as we all are.  We are projected forms, put into a finite, with an infinite potential.  That potential exists within our minds.  Our individuated minds are the connection to the infinite expanse that exists within the space of the all that is.  Within, the image,  the expanse of the universe.


We start out as different beings in the chain of life.  We have come to a level of awareness that has given us great powers in the natural world, we can build or destroy a paradise.  It is within the capabilities of mankind to do all manner of works to change the environment around us as a support network of working knowledge, or as a source of disruption to the natural flow.  When we are connected to our spiritual awareness, we see and understand the connection between us all in the vast spirit field of life that we can call source.   There have been  several authors and projects that have been dedicated to the Source Field and this is even supported by Einstein's Equation for the Theory of Relativity.


In this view, what we are doing here is, theoretically at least, learning to nurture and grow our awareness to support more and more of the vital life around us, and learning to become a radiant being.  When we are calm and at peace with our environments and tuned into our spiritual centers, we can see a great expanse of connection that is now becoming a growing awareness among many inhabitants of the planet.   This global consciousness and new awareness are taking over the old paradigms, the old powers and replacing them with the love based reality of a centered mind.  We truly do create a world body on the outside.  On the inside we are our own range of emotions and processes, of thoughts and desires and needs.  Tuned into the higher awareness of the deeply felt and centered states of consciousness, we calm the inner oceans, and tap into a vast universe, that exists between flashes of light.  That time between the light is short, but packs a universal punch and can be a great source of power to those that can center between the now and the wow.  As our consciousness grows we are invited into the inner realms of support, we become a shining sun body, in another life, although all the 'lives' exist at once.  Our bodies are simultaneous, glowing breathing in the expanse and centered here in our awareness on the earth.  In that chain is our galactic and universal bodies, the inner initiate has resonated his magnetic body so far and wide it has begun to build into its truest machine, the great expansive universal machine.  The one.

My quest to uncover the knowledge of the one, the great pattern of existence built into all that is, is something I have endeavored despite the social conditioning we find ourselves within today.  In a spiritual sense, you must trust what is within you, and bring it forth for the inner transformation to become fully manifest outwardly.   In the physical, we must work for the positive possibilities that are displayed all around us.  This website is a place to find information to assist you in your quest for knowledge, as we discover ourselves in the cosmos.