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Our bodies are multi-dimensional.  We are literally light beings, tied to a cross, like INRI of fire.  It is not an easy understanding to approach, but is there none the less, when you begin to see.  Our world-ly media promotes a culture that would cloud this ability to see our spiritual nature.  It would have us be blind to our third eye and all the knowledge that can come with it.  This underlying psychic-sphere is closer to source than we would be led to believe and many are brainwashed enough to think it would be occult or magic and not a part of their very selves.  To begin to awaken to this awareness, you must activate your third eye.

All misunderstanding aside, it is a war for this awareness that is slowly killing the planet.  You can mistake the spelling but the message is clear, the underlying spiritual reality cannot be artificially created, we are mini-quantum agents, capable of bending space time, and this is what alters the outcome of every move of suppression. 

Your multi-dimensional body is magnetic
Your multi-dimensional body is magnetic

If you are down to learn more about your abilities and your inner awareness watch this video, check out the playlists, and explore the ideas more online. Astral Travel, your 3rd eye, The Tree of Life, and the Spiritual Cosmos are all of ours to explore, discover and share.