Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Bruce Lipton - Explains the new evolution

We can change and alter our biology.  Medical science is based on observation, producing a theory of genes control life, and gene alteration occurs randomly. This is patently false.  From this point of view evolution and life itself is just an accident.  Sadly, most people have fallen into this trap of thinking.  Allow Dr. Bruce Lipton to guide your understanding on this topic that is so important for transformation.

According to Dr. Lipton, we are in search of another theory of evolution.  'I believe that evolution and creationism are simultaneous events.' says Dr. Lipton.  In addition, we are made in the image of our environment, and our actions have jeopardized our continuance on this terra.

Dr. Lipton explains that genetic determinism is a mistake for complete belief that genes control our lives.  Dr. Lipton's research shows that the 'ills through genes' is a misconception and that life is actually controlled by perception.  This perception begins at birth and can completely change the course of cells and life and those can be altered by intention.

Enjoy this lengthy talk that explains some of the new understanding of nature and genes in relation to actual experience, creating an epi-genetic phenomena that propels the genome forward in time and function.