Sit back and take a listen to one of the original innovators of hip hop and the Conscious Rap movement, KRS-One.  He waxes poetic on a main topic of consideration today, the global elite, or specifically, the Illuminati.

KRS-One Discusses the truth about Secret Society
KRS-One Discusses the truth about Secret Society

 The big question that everyone must ask themselves is; are the "Illuminati" a force for good, or a force for darkness in this world? 


Some notable moments of the lecture to students in NYC include KRS talking about the true nature of government, presidential security and our physical bodies.

"They got so big that they began to finance governments, funding wars and such." - KRS One

"Anytime you the President and you need to be protected by security, you ain't the President" - KRS One

"If you could somehow sidestep the negative charges in the chair, it wouldn't hold you, this is called alchemy" - KRS One