The Science and Non Duality conference is well documented on Youtube.  The innate need to seek and understand our experience and our thoughts and feelings in our environment is meant to be fed and prosper, to thrive in a 'new body' that is built for the great beyond, something that we must deeply understand to continue our awareness after passing.

To heal and continue the journey we have to understand the multi dimensional aspects of our soul and it's journey of experience, a microcosm in the macrocosm of our complete existence.  

Traumatic energy that is in our unconscious can emerge at any time that can re traumatize us, and overwhelm the senses and the body.  It is important to work carefully with this knowing and forgive yourself for the emotions that come up.  

Deeply consider this aspect of the journey and healing that needs to occur for our planet to cooperate and thrive in the new future of interstellar communication and opening awareness.