The Science and Non Duality conference is well documented on Youtube.  The innate need to seek and understand our experience and our thoughts and feelings in our environment is meant to be fed and prosper, to thrive in a 'new body' that is built for the great beyond, something that we must deeply understand to continue our awareness after passing.

To heal and continue the journey we have to understand the multi dimensional aspects of our soul and it's journey of experience, a microcosm in the macrocosm of our complete existence.  

Traumatic energy that is in our unconscious can emerge at any time that can re traumatize us, and overwhelm the senses and the body.  It is important to work carefully with this knowing and forgive yourself for the emotions that come up.  

Deeply consider this aspect of the journey and healing that needs to occur for our planet to cooperate and thrive in the new future of interstellar communication and opening awareness.

It Didn't Start With You, but You CAN end the Generational Trauma

There are unexplained symptoms and excessive thoughts that we inherit from our generational predecessors, feelings and ideas that we often think are ours, or started with us.  Turns out this is not the case.

After the century of war that was the 20th Century, we have come to recognize that we have all been traumatized and abused in certain ways that have altered our connection to the natural world and animal kingdoms that co-exist with us.   

When you have overcome the end of worry, fear, and doubt you will begin to see the root of the thoughts and feelings that exist within your code, your genetics, your specific frequency of time and space.   The terror and anxiety of being broken from love and traumatized by those we are closest to, build into our experience of life and our experience of love.

Science has caught up to the molecular combination of our connected human experience.  The latest epigenetic research tells us that when a trauma happens a chemical change will happen in our DNA that can change the way genes operate for decades and generationally.   We can inherit a stress response to trauma that happened to our parents and our grandparents.

Mark Wolynn has developed a way to help undo the effects of generational trauma to live a more complete and whole experience. Mark Wolynn is the director of The Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco, is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. This video describes the current understanding of our DNA and epigenetic effects on our experience.   Understanding this connection can help us to overcome patterns that we have inherited and to change the way we inhabit the world.

In addition to his insightful lectures on the Science and NonDuality Conference Youtube channel, you will want to read Mark Wolynn's book IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle published by Viking/Penguin in April 2016.

Global Society is coming, driven by information that was never meant to be OURS.  Terence hinted Bigly when he said that.  The information war is real, in 2018, it has become too late to stop it.  As we have seen the technocrats take over, using long planned entrapment methods in small electronic devices, they are plying the work of the banksters and playing toward both sides of the Power Brokers and Fascist Governments.

Mr. McKenna's call for revolution are not really the best answer to social breakdown.  The better options are to strengthen your neighborhood and community to become closer connected in times of crisis.  Regularly growing veggies and sharing them with elderly neighbors is a favorite thing for me to do.  Helping jump a car or push an RV are just in a day of being in the 'hood.   That's why neighbor do, and there's really a revolution in turning back toward our own interests and goals and VALUES.  Things that have been shown to not be harmful like growing Cannabis and other Medicinal plants are absolutely harmless and that bother absolutely nobody but the local government tries to come and take your house and call you a nuisance when on the streets of Denver, Co there are thousands of homeless people and hundreds of crack heads on every corner of the main drag, Colfax Ave.

These people just try to flaunt their power using backward thinking and horrible professional ethics standards to create ways of screwing people out of their homes.  The local crack motels have plenty of people to round up, and plenty of people going missing and if you haven't understood the message yet, the war is using terror not really about getting terrorists.  Its about losing your Constitutional Rights through administrative husslers.  They are a parasitic class of humans, and that is where the revolution is, in defeating the arcane laws of government, who has nothing better to do than to persecute their own citizens. Its pathetic.

The revolution is in thinking and processing how society operates.  Those who constantly call for revolution have a violence agenda and there is no revolution there because we have been there for millennia.  The upturn to the stars and efficient living conditions and common wealth use in wise manners with an increase in energy flux density and local production methods for food and staples.  There is revolution in bringing about social change when everything that is happening on the Mainstream media is crumbling around you.  MAKE Revolution, Make Social Change.

The blockchain may just be the revolution we need to overcome the hallows of the social dysfuction.   Also the 3D printing and AI revolutions are just beginning.  We have not even seen the rise of the robots yet.  These things are going to change the whole world for people and how they operate.  In cities and suburbs at least, maybe not way out in the sticks.  Either way the only way to revolve is to evolve, so continue asking questions and the path will clear before you.


Einstein showed us a famous equation when he presented his General Theory of Relativity and his subsequent scientific career.   Albert Einstein was famous for his genius equation and way of looking at the world, but many people do not know that Einstein was committed to the development of the mind of the human species.  He exemplified this in many ways, and stood up for that principle through many fields.

Einstein represents the shift in thinking that is necessary to change the current problems we face
Einstein represents the shift in thinking that is necessary to change the current problems we face

The idea that the mind of man should be able to understand the way that god put the universe together was Einstein's driving principle.   He was very musically inclined, and used Mozart and Bach to help discern discovery, often playing late at night to uncover answers to some of his mathematical riddles.  Interestingly, he did maintain standards in regards to music, preferring Bach and Mozart rather than less refined Wagner and Strauss.

Albert Einstein was thoroughly against war, and the idea of Rascism, Militarism, and the use of Nuclear Weapons.  When Einstein arrived in the US in 1933 he never left, except for a short immigration trip, until his passing in 1955.  He spoke against McCarthyism and said it was akin to the Nazi politik he observed while living in Germany.

This created a certain angnst among the Powers that Be.  The FBI had a massive file on him.

Einstein was asked once about his views on religion, which he replied,

"Yes you can call it that, try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that behind the discernable laws and connections there remains something subtle,  intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything we can comprehend is my religion. In that sense, i am in fact religious. "

 When asked , do you believe in god?

"I'm not an atheist.  The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds.  We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books of many languages, the child knows someone must have written those books, the child does not know how, the child does not understand the languages in which they were written in. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books, but doesn't know what this is.  That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward god. We see the universe marvelously arranged obeying certain laws, but only dimly understand these laws."

His fight for the cause never ended as any great man would know, as he stated eloquently:

 "A large part of history is ... replete with the struggle for ... human rights, an eternal struggle in which a final victory can never be won. But to tire in that struggle would mean the ruin of society." —Albert Einstein

This awareness and type of thinking is needed now more than ever.

‘The force’ made popular by the re-kindled Star Wars franchise and it’s huge fan-base has become something of a cliché in recent years with ‘the May the 4th be with you’ celebrations and costume gatherings that have come to be an annual part of the festivities, but the idea of ‘the force’ is based on an ancient truth.\r\n

 Science is confirming that we are all buzzing around at a certain base frequency of brain waves that resonates between the Delta Wave range of 4-8 Hz and the Alpha Range of 9-14 Hz.  Our brains cells are vibrating and resonating with each other on this level of vibration, literally creating a field of electromagnetic potential that a person can tap into by expanding their awareness.



The force is with all of us


This expansive awareness can be brought on by the utilizing the ancient techniques of yoga and meditation to calm your mind and to begin to notice the subtle feelings involved in such a finely tuned field of awareness.  These ancient techniques, as well as in some of the mystical practices of the worlds mystery religions like the wiccans and pagans to name just two, are used to help bring a focus to the feeling senses that help to connect you to ‘the force’.


If you have a mind (assumed because you are reading this) you are already connected to ‘the force’, you just may not always recognize it.  Whenever you know who it is calling you, or have the shivers from a touching moment, or think of someone and run in to them unexpectedly, you are experiencing 'the force' in action. Meanwhile, ‘The force’ is literally being recognized by science at the height of modern physiology right now.  Consider this quote from the book ‘The healing power of Neurofeedback’ by Dr. Stephen Larson;


All living creatures have electro-magnetic components that play a part in governing their structure and physiology.  Electricity and magnetism are intimately involved in the sensing and communicating systems of living organisms.  The idea of a global interacting electromagnetic field within organisms is based on a new biophysical view of life.  This view calls us to look at the human body as an electromagnetic organism that contains informational systems or structures.  The atomic structure as having an electrical nature has, in fact, been proposed to establish the energetic basis for life itself. –Evelyn Soehner, M.A


 from the book ‘The healing power of Neurofeedback’ -Dr. Stephen Larson


Modern science is catching up to the ancient mystics and becoming aware of the pervading field of existence that allows the body to heal and grow and thrive in a killer world, and how we are all within this pool of brain waves, interconnected, whether we like it or not.   


the brainwave frequencies


While neuroscience has recently made it\'s gains and the Brain Control Interface (BCI)is slowly taking shape to bring us a digitally connected, ultra-awareness through constant wireless communication known as Augmented Reality, the empirical evidence for a subtle mind-field is supported by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Aruyvedic Medicine brought to us by ancient scholars and the founders of health and preventative care.  


In TCM, the flowing of \'Chi\' is vital to health and could be directed by intention and cultivating will as well as by using the five elements to balance the harmony of forces.  The old tales of long-life, superhuman strength, telekinesis, and extraordinary leaping abilities can all be attributed to 'the force' of 'Chi' and the control of mind over matter.


TCM meridians and chakras


image credit wikipedia


In Ayurvedic medicine, the chakras are a well known example of how the energetic body interfaces with the mind field and a person\'s overall awareness.  This is a breakdown of your overall \'Prana\' the sanskrit term for life-force energy.  The Chakras, or energy centers, are impacted by what you eat, how you take care of yourself, and who you choose to hang out with. Everyone knows that person who is an \'energy drain\' or \'vampire\' that you feel tired after being around and this is also related to the mind-field and chakras, or \'the force\' that people may not truly recognize.  Some of these people have what is referred to as the \'Jedi mind trick\' and can convince you to do stuff you really don\'t want to like waste your time and efforts.  This is also a chakra power imbalance and if you consciously bring your attention to your energy centers, you can balance out this feeling of imbalance in your energy field, and often times the imbalance will work itself out.  Consider what the chakras can represent and how you are connected to others in these aspects, what your roles are with their 'energy centers' compared to yours.




There are many other cultures and belief systems that believe in something like 'the force', and that includes Christianity and the 'holy spirit'.  The mystical idea of the 'holy spirit' lives in all things and moves all things and could be compared to an ultra-awareness or potential in the universe.  The holy spirit is brought on by prayer to a high power, a conduit to miracles, a call to great spirit to intervene, a force by another name is still, a force.


peace be upon you, everyone


Of course organized religion has been described by the mechanists as the opiate of the masses, but the point of all religions of any flavor is to ignite the inner awareness spawned within your third eye, which connects you to source and spirit.  To begin to become aware of this mind-field potential, there are many practices one can do cultivate the inner knowing that it takes.  For those that are interested, the following is a short exercise to perform with a partner that will help you to become aware of the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and connects you to the universe.  This field allows you to know, heal and grow and maintain awareness and has  been studied and verified by science.


1. make sure you are well hydrated and nourished, with no distractions in the room excepting soft music.  Remove your shoes, and sit comfortably with a partner cross legged on the carpet or a yoga mat.


2. After slowing and deepening your breathing, gently rub the palms of your hands together to stimulate the nerve endings and to create static electricity in your fingertips, then place your hands softly upon your knees with the palms facing up.


3. After a minute of deep breathing with your palms facing upward and your eyes closed while breathing slowly and deeply, both participants shall slowly and intently bring their hands toward their heart as if they were holding a softball of light.  Gently squeeze and massage this glowing ball of white and golden, glittering light.


4. After generating and visualizing a ball of light in the center of your hands in front of your heart, have one of the participants, place their hands just 2-3 inches above the hands of the other participant whom has placed their hands back upon their knees palms up, without touching them, while the hands up participant keeps their eyes closed.  The first person, feels into their hands and maintains that image of a bright ball of glowing energy in their palm, and when each hand has this glowing marble that is well envisioned and glowing brightly in the minds eye, the visual imagery becomes a burst of a flash of light, every few seconds, to \'reach out\' in the light body into the other persons awareness.  This bursting out in the light body is to be visualized as a pure heart light burst toward the other with a positive intention of reaching out to the other person\'s soul-body.  After several minutes of this visualization exercise, have the person\'s switch their roles in the exercise, repeating from step 3.


Discuss any feelings and thoughts or sensations you experienced with your partner after the exercise to see how the perceptions coincide and differ.


Using your intuition and cultivating your awareness are a part of opening up to the 5th dimensional reality we are evolving into.  This transition and new wave of coherence is related to the inner growth of man and his universal awareness, now that the outer growth of dominion has been mostly completed.  This is the new awareness that can help stop suffering on this planet and is to be regarded as sacred, please use your light body awareness cautiously as you grow into your full flowered self.


Who knows, maybe now that science has validated it, someone can use the force to build some new monolithic structures, like the pyramids, since we haven’t figured that out using our ‘modern’ methods …..yet.