Integraton is a magical place that can transform your life.  Sound healing has been around for centuries, and is now being recognized by the mainstream culture because of it's non invasive nature and it's amazing healing properties.  In addition, this dome is built on an intricate Vortex of magnetism that has been documented by scientists and is as yet unexplained.  

Built by George Van Tassel , it was promoted by the somewhat famous spiritual guru Yogananda and has been an occasional pop culture spot over the years. Now,it is open to the public for sound healing retreats and meditations.  This intimate interview reveals what the structure means and some of the history of who built it.


This 'rejuvenation machine' was called a tabernacle, an anti-gravity device and an anti-aging machine by it's creator Mr. George Van Tassel.  It is an amazing space that can alter the way you view the elements and nature's wisdom, and even the universal cosmic design.

Van Tassel took 8 years to build the structure and it is made from materials, noted in ancient scriptures, as having healing and sacred meaning and qualities. 

This place is very rare and special, and is visited by neuro-scientists and physicists:

"Its like being inside of a giant cello" 

"I know that sound is the most original way for humans to move beyond their human experience.  It is the experience of the all one field." 

This transcendant awareness calls us all, its called having access, whether its to a greater part of ourselves, or to a greater awareness of the universal wonder, and awareness that lives and thrives and is contained the expression of the mind field.  

"its when you are looking in between the frames, seeing in between the frames" is how it was described in this short, informational piece.  Be sure to watch this video and others describing the new awareness that sound has healing and health amplication effects.