The master Dave Cahill is back with another revolutionary hit titled Future Shock, you have to check out this track.  Reminding us of what is to come, or what may be here already, this cut is bringing you a glimpse of what is happening at the core of the grand deception.

It is prescient. Talking about A. I. what has been termed the singularity design, ancient bloodlines, and how we are going to be just walking robots pretty soon.

Here's a little background from a live set he performed at Bilderberg 2012.  This guy just crushes a love/live set outside the gates of the 'con' - ference.  This song dumb dust, explores the chemical fascist corporate monopoly that is spraying chemicals causing us to become mutant slaves while the so called elite rich bloodlines are looking to inherit the planet.  Watch him roast the masters and scorch some eardrums at the end with a sonic blast and pedal infused solo, not to be missed for the renegade minded