A great unbiased piece of video that discusses some of the information that is being revealed by disclosure.

Some important quotes from the video,

"Fallen angels can appear as angels of light if they so choose."

"There is some sort of a war between these beings, an unseen war that is happening in other dimensions all around us that we can't see"

Following a discussion on the nature of the Grey Alien beings, and what they may be sourced from.  How the giants and nephilim may be real, though often considered mythical.

Notable researchers in this video include, J. Allen Hynek, Jaques Valle,Lynn Marzulli, Dave Hunt, Gary Bates, Chuck Missler, and Dr. Steven Greer of the movie Sirius, and many others.

It also goes through the Icke Theory in detail discussing the Revolutionary mindset and how that lines up with many of modern day events and story lines in the modern media.  It may line up a little too closely with the " V " Television series originally aired in the late eighties, for most people's comfort.  Although this was fictional, the reptilian storyline goes far back into our human history beyond the story of the satanic snake in the bible.

Clip from the movie 'V', Paramount Pictures
The aliens are lizards, wtf.

The legends of reptilian influence on the earth and it's people is something we are re-discovering everyday.  All the way from China to meso-america, the symbolism and legends involving reptiles, commonly dragons, snakes and the origins of mankind are being put together to understand an overview of consciousness and awareness, and that we are all at heart multi-dimensional beings - capable of anything.  The realization and exploration of these themes and concepts is to pop the illusion that we are alone in the universe, that we evolved here independently and that we are some how threatened by the other worldly beings.  It is only when we cower in fear that we are powerless, education and knowledge is the best form of defense.


David Icke is revealing the NWO

David Icke, is famous for advancing the reptilian alien theory, and is often ridiculed for this theory concerning the spiritual dimension of the alien presence. His continuation of this theme has been shown to have some form of insight concerning these matters, again and again.  Here he elucidates on the Alien Presence, and it's implications for the earth's human inhabitants.



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Noam Chomsky - Tellin' it like it is for years

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Science fiction often becomes science fact.  Many people are belittled along the way or derided as complete nut jobs for talking as if the leading military technologies are not being deployed as we speak in a global manner to alter the future.  It is only a matter of time before the knowledge of the source energy is well known proliferated and [possibly simulated} used for humanistic edeavors.  Find out more about unknown science beyond the ordinary.  Meta physics is 'the physics that causes physics to happen.'