The internet age has seen a tremendous uplift of people from a disconnected, game of 'Telephone' like existence, to one where groups are constantly coalescing and forming into new organ-ismic like awareness, in new ways everyday.  One of the lynchpins of this new awareness is the computer software used to operate all of this infrastucture keeping us connected.
Many are aware of how completely Linux, the brainchild of Linus TOrvald, has revolutionized the world to become the kernal of choice for giants as big as Google and their super success, Android, all the way down to the RasberryPi digital programming chip.  What has morphed off of that though is the new term KarmaWare
KarmaWare is basically freeware with atwist.  If the end user has the means and wherewithall to contribute monetarily, they do through a convenient payment option located on the creators website or distribution channel.  This is creating even more opportunity for the Designer to get distributed, and for the end user to have their needs met in the digi-sphere, a win-win for everbody indeed.
Consider this from a Karmaware developer Jon Kostura:

Karmaware - 

'The intent of Karmaware is to generate and foster good karma for all of us. ' - Jon Kostura

Karmaware is a relatively new term to describe a software or component that 'requires no payment to fully use the program.'

An amazing revelation for those who are aware or karma aware, as the name implies, this re-stucture of the software component payway is set to revolutionize the cloud s we know it.  While most programs out there made by developers are offered as \'Shareware\' the programs could be evaluated for a few days and then required a payment for continued use. A majority of less important programs have been simply released as Freeware. 

To quote the instigator of this change Jon Kostura from his website: 

'Karma-ware is a bridge between Freeware and Shareware. It gives both the program user and me the ability to generate good karma. I can freely distribute the programs to the end user with no expectation of money as with Shareware. The end user, if able and willing, may decide to make a donation to support our programming efforts and web site operation. 
The end user should feel absolutely no obligation to make any payment for the use of the program. The end user should however feel an obligation to use the program for their own personal benefit and the benefit of others. 

To me it is all about being in this endeavor together. I am simply providing a tool to enable the end user on their journey and the people they help. That is really what Karmaware is to me. \'

Take care,
John Kostura
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The amount of change and innovation that we see worldwide will completely revolutionize what we know as life today and in the future.  With the advent of A.I. and computers that can perceive choose and act independently, the implications of karmaWare on a sentient net are astounding.  Will these 'programs' become truly karmic as we venture into sentient machines awareness? Meaning more bluntly, will we see a Robot survival of the fittest race to A. I. Supremecy?  only the robot gods really know....


The accusations against those who used the 9/11 attacks for illegal and aggressive wars and set loose international terrorism, led by Tony Blair the former Prime Minister of Great Britian, and George Bush then President of the U.S., is rising to a fever pitch.

On a day when the new President of the Philippines called out Blair and the United States as THE sources of terrorism, and U.S. Congressmen called for a move to force out the evidence on the Saudis and British, and their Al-Yamadah agreement, Mr. Blair also faced a growing chorus to collect damages by families of the British military members killed and hurt in the illegal Iraq War and the prospect of prosecution for War Crimes under the Nuremburg Convention.


Tony Blair and George Bush - First Class War Criminals

The London Telegraph reported it had been told by legal sources that the Chilcot Commission Report provided grounds for legal suits for damages, against Blair, by wounded veterans of Iraq and families of soldiers who died there. It said that 29 families of soldiers that passed away from the Iraq War, have asked the law firm McCue & Partners to pursue a claim against Tony Blair "for every penny," with many others expected to join the suit. The firm expects to bring a civil case of "misfeasance in public office," showing Blair had "acted in excess of his powers and that in doing so harm has been caused, and that the harm could have been predicted."

Misfeasance in office allows potentially unlimited damages.  

Sir John Chilcot's investigation found  that Mr. Blair was negligent in his duty to review whether or not to go to war, as a war of aggresion is illegal under international law.

Accordingly, The Telegraph observes that:

"Mr Blair should have seen the problems that resulted from the invasion in 2003, and came as he could to suggesting the military action was illegal."

It also notes that Blair came away nicely from the whole deal with a princely sum.  Reportedly Mr. Blair

"has made a fortune estimated at 60 million pounds.... Reg Keys, whose son Tom was one of six Royal Military Police killed at Majar al-Kabir in 2003, said: 'Tony Blair has made a lot of money from public office which I believe he misused.'"

 "Roger Bacon, whose son Matt Bacon, a major in the Intelligence Corps, was killed in a roadside bomb in 2005, said: 'The misfeasance case allows us to sue him for unlimited damages. I would like those damages to be out into a fund for the rebuilding of Iraq. It would go some small way to make recompense for what happened there.'"

 Separately, the BBC published an expert legal analysis of the question, "Could Tony Blair face legal action over the Iraq War?" Its legal correspondent Clive Coleman reports that "war of aggression," the gravest war crime, would be the most apparent criminal charge against Blair. But, says Coleman, the 1998 Rome Treaty forming of the International Criminal Court took aggressive war prosecutions away from nations, but put off agreement for the ICC to do so until at least 2017!

More likely in Blair's future, then, according to Coleman, is a prosecution for "misconduct in office," for which the Chilcot Commission report provides the grounds. The criminal charge is serious, and bears obvious resemblance to the "misfeasance in office" for which the families intend to sue "for every penny."

At, we look to the voices of reason on any matter, the ones' not spewing cognitive dissonance.  In this case, Premier American Statesman Lyndon Larouche has weighed in, stating that "Blair has been found so corrupt, and so discredited, by the Iraq War report that he can hardly escape prosecution." Although LaRouche noted, it may not happen quickly because of the sheer chaos now spread across the British politcal and financial worlds.

All of this is leading up to the grand understanding of the sheer corruption at the top of the US Empire brought out by the 28 pages, and the inevitable destruction of either the US as we know it or the toppling of the Corrupt Regime at the top.  Although President Obama had stated years ago that he would declassify the '28 pages' for the families and the victims, it took until the end of his 2nd Term to do what is right in this case.  This happened after the supreme court decided that there would be justice for the families with the JASTA Act, much to the annoyance of the Saudis.

If, as stated there is nothing new in the report, why would it have been kept secret for so long?  When did it get determined that there was nothing new to add?  All this does is bring up more questions of 'Cover-up and Collusion' which is why there are new calls for a completely new investigation and is also impeachable and punishable under the law as well.

Speaking of one step closer, check out this video of George Bush at the recent funeral for Dallas police officers. 

SOMETHING tells me the Body Language Analysts at the CIA are having a little hissy at HQ right now, George is a little too nervous for his britches.

I, Electraweaver, am a dancing man, by ALL MEANS, but I could hardly stand to watch the man embarrass himself at a funeral, for goodness sake.

Much of his anxiety could be attributed to the complete ruse he and Dick Cheney and Tony Blair have pulled on the World with the Iraq War, but let us not forget what brought us into this mess.  The 'Shot heard round the World' was the 9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy.  Evidence contained within the 28 pages will prove how complicit everyone at the state department and the Project for a New American Century have really been in this whole fiasco.  

Bush and Saudi King Abdullah, have a special relationship

One thing is certain, the Bush Crime Family has a giant Problem on it's hands.  The American People are waking up to the New Age of Imperialism being pushed by ruling family 'Elite' and are ready to try and put a stop to it.  The facts have become clear that there are many High Crimes and Misdeamenors that these gentlemen and the 'enhanced interrogation' lawyers that surround them, could go down for in the very near future unless 'some plan' is enacted.

All of this is a giant plot to takeover the money system by the 'Elite' and their multi level corporate shell companies.  The Western Banking system is in near free fall, and the drive for war is pushed by the fact that the curtain is falling on the charade.  In the final act, we see the actors more as they are, and less as they were, in the light of history, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Dalls, Texas, July 2016.  The western finacial system is in complete disarray.  The establishment is seeing major pushback on it's quest for a global Hegemony from the financial capitals of the world.  Just 2 blocks from where it all began, the blitzkrieg has begun in a firestorm of controversy and c

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***This article originally appeared on in the Summer of 2015. Subsequent website issues, attributed to the CMS and updating conflicts caused the migration of this article to the new site, where we catch up with the narrative and the coming of the 'Terror-Bots'.  Note that it was the legal AUTHORITIES that performed this 'procedure' as predicted in the last paragraph.***

" Rebels' " newest weapon points to eventual 'Terror-Bots'


Terror Drones a scene from terminator


 photo credit mgm/universal hollywood whoever 

While this seems like a scene straight from Star Wars, 'Attack of the Clones', reality has been altered recently when it was announced and demonstrated by the Syrian Rebels a new type of weapon.  A tank, remotely controlled over the internet, with PlayStation controllers, was recently shown to have considerable capability in aiding the fighting force while minimizing collateral damages.  This is a trend that is sure to continue as the electronics become more widely available and hackers join forces with the rebel forces that fight with terror. 

While it will be widely believed that a renewed Terror network is bloomed and blossomed from the ashes of civilizations' rough edges, it will more likely be a force capable of extending their own network and maintaining the power stations for that network to broadcast separately from the civilian internet.

As usual, this will be no rag-tag force for sure.  Propped-up by the billionaires, this is a private military force masquerading as rebels, training local fighters, and funding local weapons caches.  A privately funded run on a central bank, or a loyal, rebel populace.


 Robots don't give aF*CK

Those who cannot abide by 'the rules' will fall by the same hand.  Sadly, this game has been played too long by an old boys' network of families that have played bridge all to well with each other and now, after a centuries long game where some have bought out and others sold out, it has come to this.  A robot army, a killer bot, controlled through a network, possibly with viral strength, infecting machines and overcoming network defenses until it takes over.

As it stands now, with off of the shelf parts and a phone app, people could control any type of bot, or drone, that could complete nearly any programmable task.  While prominent scientists have said that a machine cannot be programmed to harm humans, that remains to be seen.  It would seem that the actions of a drone bot would be dependent on the intention of the maker and operator at any given time.  It is likely a police force could use these unstoppable drone bots in a ground swell to maximize effect and minimize losses.  Given the rise of unrest, the level of sophistication against the Company, and the organization of hackers, it is anything goes out there in the wild west of cyberspace and a proliferation of robots, or machine to machine networks could cause real problems for people that get hacked by the new terror networks.  in the near future, given that data is sold, people will be mined for their info then they pay to get it back into safe hands.

 Although the age of Drone-bots has come upon us we are told that it will be a grand convenience, as usual with the new technology and culture that is only half the story, this is only one aspect of the coming re-education.  When the grand idea of a mechanical do-it-all was first thought out the quick reminder that it could kill was followed by  a scientific consensus on what to do and how to frame the coming mechanical revolution.  It was quickly decided among the leading thinkers that robots should not kill.  The idea that a robot could not take out life as we know it is a false one.  Robots have no feelings, they cannot think, empathize or understand, they can only compute.  The variables are put in by the designers and the designers have an agenda.  Given that the current robots, known as drones, still operate upon an analog computing capacity, i.e. a human brain, the motivations, reactions and capabilities are subject to human thoughts, perceptions, and actions, regardless of the A.I. functionality built into the technology.

Those designers happen to want to rule the world, judging by their actions in the onslaught of wars we are now facing around the globe.  It has been known for sometime that the Bank-sters have been funding the revolutionary wars for every major battle, in every major war for over two hundred years, and that the corporate charter was granted by those whom believe they have a divine right to rule.  This alone makes all of history suspect and the future alot less certain.  

What to do with this information?  Become empowered.  Know that the headlines you read are not the whole truth, know that rushing to judgment about what is percieved to be happening in the world is a quick way to be played.

Take into account this analysis from an intel agent named Scott Rickards that was recently posted on the web.

Listen close to what the man says, the various alphabet agencies have been starting color revolutions for the last fifty years or more.  The fact that the False Narrative starts in the U.S. and has extended to other countries through Fraud, Corruption and Manipulation, is lost on most people.  

It is time to turn back to the natural ways of organizing, instead of nations fighting nations, let's begin with communities of people helping each other and together , with Truth, Beauty and Justice, we can begin shunning this despotic New World Order.

There are many leaps forward that need to happen in order for the Trans-humns to thrive.  One of those is the full functionality of the human brain and a its machine body counterparts.  Scientists have been working on this for more than 50 years and now we see that they have made some progress.

This TED talk explores the gap between the natural world and machines, and where we are headed in the very near future.

An unbelievable twist in time has happened in the world with the announcement of Synthetic DNA and the subsequent harvesting of said product to nearly anybody interested.  Being billed as the next big breakthrough in biology, this unforeseen development could cause huge alterations in the time code.


Life as we know it, augmented.


The medical community has been a buzz with the next big thing for years.  We are hardly aware of the problems that are created by some of the so-called medicines that we have created in the last 50 years.  Using radio active isotopes to kill a cell is like using a canon to kill garden slugs, a little misguided at best.   Yet now, we have an even greater threat to health.


Gene Synthesis is the next revolution is medicine, and is so far, responsible for creating a DNA vaccine against AIDS and is revolutionizing the world.   You thought you could make a cool APP?  Well, try this on for size.   Let\'s create a new form of life.   Gremlins be damned, we have experimental DNA to work with here that could in theory, create anything from a seed of chemicals.


from the website:


Fast Simple Alternative to Traditional Cloning

A significant amount of time could be saved by cutting out the unnecessary steps from traditional cloning and moving into gene synthesis. Gene synthesis has become a cost effective, time- and resource-saving method for obtaining nearly any desired DNA construct with 100% accuracy. It outperforms conventional molecular biology techniques in terms of time and cost, while providing equivalent or better expression performance, and construct stability and quality. GeneArt® gene synthesis tools go beyond traditional synthesis and enable expression optimization and maximum performance.

Here is a glimpse into the transhumanist future of medicine:


It is a pdf you can click the link to find out what the future of eugenics will look like with a slick marketing campaign

When BASF, a long term chemical company with roots in the corporate fascist past, has advertisements like this, one can begin to worry.

BASF makes Chemistry

That's the problem, whether we like it or not, we will see how they create chemistry.


Now in the middle of the second decade of the twenty first century, we will see the synthetic biology we were promised.  The only thing is will this be a bio-ethical nightmare that we cannot close the lid on?

Science fiction often becomes science fact.  Many people are belittled along the way or derided as complete nut jobs for talking as if the leading military technologies are not being deployed as we speak in a global manner to alter the future.  It is only a matter of time before the knowledge of the source energy is well known proliferated and [possibly simulated} used for humanistic edeavors.  Find out more about unknown science beyond the ordinary.  Meta physics is 'the physics that causes physics to happen.'