The Tenth Amendment calls for nullification of unjust law
The Tenth Amendment calls for nullification of unjust law


The tenth Amendment was set up to maintain a healthy balance between the Federal Government and those of the Individual States.  Recent years have seen an encroachment of that principle as defined in the constitution prompting the rise of a call to limit what's seen as an overreach by the feds. 

According to the Tenth Amendment Center:

But in order to actually turn things around, a few sacred cows need to be dealt with. Here are TEN STEPS you should take right now to set the stage for a dramatic Constitutional recovery.

  1. Recognize that massive change will only come through a revolution in thought. John Adams forcefully asserted that the American Revolution was not, in fact, the war for independence. The “real American Revolution,” Adams wrote, was a “radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people.”
  1. Take an honest and fearless inventory of the current situation. It’s not just Obamacare that violates the Constitution. It’s almost everything these people do, from telling you what size toilet you can have, to what kind of light bulb you can buy or what kind of plant you can grow and consume in your own backyard. It’s their federal reserve, their wars, their executive orders, their regulations, their “national security,” and everything in between. Entire agencies – ATF, DEA, TSA, and many others – shouldn’t even exist, much less do what they do. Even programs you like, or feel entitled to because they’ve forced you to pay for them for years, are constitutional violations.
  1. Understand that the federal courts are part of the federal government. If a company was suing you, would you hire one of that company’s lawyers to represent you? If you and I had a dispute, would you want my girlfriend Sarah to decide who’s right and who’s wrong? No, federal judges absolutely cannot be impartial when it comes to federal power. Think “rubber stamp.”
  1. Accept that our problems started well before the president took office. Massive violations of the Constitution have been happening under every president in modern times. Replacing one president with another has happened every 4-8 years for a long enough time to know that the next president is going to be really bad too. Guaranteed. And if that guarantee fails, the one after will be awful. Putting your constitutional eggs into one person’s basket only ensures that the Constitution will end up totally smashed.
  1. View both major political parties as an enemy of liberty. No one in their right mind would see Lucky Luciano as a savior to the evils of Al Capone, or vice versa. Maybe you could convince one of your friends to do all the dirty work needed to rise up the ladder of the organization, so one day they would be in a place to reduce the harm it does to you personally. Maybe, but very unlikely. And even if you could, at the end of the day, a mob boss would still run the organization and would have you killed if needed.
  1. Humbly admit that you’ve never cast a vote for federal office that has reduced the power of the federal government. When you “vote the bums out,” you just get new bums. No further explanation necessary.
  1. Admit that the feds will never stop the feds. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both recognized that if the federal government ever became the sole and exclusive arbiter of the extent of its own power, that power would always grow, regardless of protests, lawsuits, or elections. They were right.
  1. Be ready for the long haul. Liberty is not a spectator sport. It takes action, sustained and persistent. It’s time we all get out of our comfort zone, even if that means we risk something. It’s for the future, and it’s worth it. We all need to be ready to do far more than what we are doing today. That includes committing to doing so incessantly until the job is done.
  1. One step at a time. Without being fully on board with these first nine steps, the tenth will almost certainly end in failure. You might find yourself distracted by the same old tricks they’ve played on all of us for decades (think Bush vs Clinton).
  2. Be entirely ready to take a new approach to stopping the federal government. You are facing a federal government that lies to you, spies on you, and claims the power to lock you up “indefinitely” (that means forever) without any due process. They rip you off at every turn and give your money to the politically connected. They make up the rules as they go, and change them on a whim. They have absolutely no respect for the constitution or your liberty.


Watching the mass overreach happening in every facet of our lives, we have to wonder whether or not this can ever end.    Can you continue to arm the world at your own expense from blowback and limit the reach of firearms and your own country while statistics show that gun homicides are down in steady decline since 1993? This is just another example of hypocrisy that were are seeing as we lose our rights to maintain dollar reserves status on the world stage.

Can we end the madness? Yes. Why? Because nullification works.