Many people understand that the internet was created for a centralization purpose, and that it was made to disrupt all forms of commerce and the foundations of our way of life.  The changes that have encompassed the globe since the internet was released to the public in the Mid 1990's have nearly changed our whole lives, as the rise of smartphones and their subsequent social problems have become ubiquitous.

David Icke gives a glimpse into the war on humans that is progressing despite the citizens waking up to the madness surrounding them.   Consider this video a wake up call to the major moves being played out by the Deep State, their sponsors and the people at the top of the Financial Pyramid that control the puppets in office and TV.

To truly understand the threat that has arisen to Natural Citizens between the surveillance state that has been implemented and the overwhelming amount of microwave frequencies and radiation that have become the norm we have to look to the deep thinkers and predictors of the malaise that we see today.   The control of perception is the way to control masses of populations and how they act and react to the news of the day.  Symbolic Imagery and False Flag attacks along with Censorship and Big Tech consolidation are the psychological tools that are being used to wage a war on you and your friends and family.

Between credit card tracking by Google, supposedly for ad purposes, or the EU drive to censor so called extremists, to Yahoo scanning user emails to 'offer a service' to advertisers, although most of the advertisers are covers for Surveillance Companies and Private Investigators who are compiling the data about you as we speak, and have been doing a 'la the NSA for over 15 years at this point in 2018.

From interest profiles, to Flight Service tracking and Auto Loan tracking, information about you has been weaponized along with the internet itself, which like any double edged sword is collecting data about you while you collect data about your world.  The 'Orwellian Era' is uopn us and few have recognized this threat yet, and those whom have are often derided and ridiculed for their foresight. 

Break the chains of oppression before its too late by beginning to understand the deeper threat that global forces pose to ordinary people on earth today, and how we can overcome the madness while there is still the chance to do so.

Most recent Censorship by Social Media Companies including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter targeting free speech, and Anti Vaccine advocates, Second Amendment Supporters and Liberty Activists has shown that the internet can be used as a giant bait and switch that has been perpetuated by the Main Stream Media and the Corporate Governement that has tightened its Hydra grip on the human mind.

Seeing that the censors are targeting anyone with a voice that plays against the controllers wishes, and targeting them with anything from Conspiracy Theorist to Liberal to Progressive to Alt Right or any other label is just a ploy to divide and conquer the awakened masses for more control and censorship.

In short,


If there was any doubt in your mind after watching the David Icke video, then the following from William Binney ought to convince you of what is happening in this most deliberate of information wars.  

Mr. Binney, formerly of the NSA, goes over the various ways that information is gathered, people are subverted and creativity is thwarted in order to maintain the staus quo that only benefits the few, a situation that is about to change dramatically.  This lengthy interview by Richard Grove of Tragedy and Hope is about as in depth as you will get, short of the Snowden Revelations, about what our collective wealth has been transferred to and how it is used against us for world dominance and ultimately total control.  Don't say I didn't warn you.