Throughout history, we have been led toward increasing control and top down structures of social engineering.   This is a direct cause of suffering and malaise throughout the world.  The curtain  is being pulled back on the Wizard of Oz as we speak and many people are going to be shocked, *SHOCKED* I tell you, into a rude awakening about what the world has been and would be had the train not been derailed as it has.   Do not be one of the lost masses waking up to the horror at the last minute.  Get your education about the criminal class that has created the conflicts that fuel their continued deception and that attempt to take us all down the road to the Devil's layer.  


While the world shifts to a new paradigm, where all are valued for their contributions and not silenced by critical compulsiveness, stay confident and aware of the wicked system, how it operates against our higher calling and how we are meant to be joyous on this earth.