This educational video describes the current political climate in the USA and how it has been corrupted to the core by special interests, rather than by the people as it was intended to be.  Despite overwhelming support for many causes, politicians are loathe to do anything that doesn't benefit their own back scratching buddies on K Street in Washington and other lobbying locales. 


This video from Represent.Us covers the convoluted relationship between gigantic corporations and the government of the US.  It does seem that whatever we learned as children about society and the government are completely false.  The way america actually works is totally different.   The government doesn't actually reflect the way the people in the society would like things to be.  This is due to the nature of Big Business and special interests which have taken the reigns of the world's most bloated government. 

The preferences of the average american has little or no impact on the likelihood that the congress will make it law.   If you have ever felt like your opinion doesn't matter in terms of government, you are right.

The US taxpayers are nearly broken in their ability to continue supporting this leviathon.  Due to the revolving back door and legal bribery scheme that exists between Congress and the Special Interests, we are not likely to see change anytime soon. 

The key is to inform yourself so you are not fooled by the mainstream narrative, the real 'fake news'.  All that is needed is the motivation to make corruption illegal from the citizens itself.  The movement to #EndCorruption is starting now, and is being pushed by many groups including Represent.Us . They have a plan to end the madness:


The American Anti Corruption Act (full text is the best written piece of legislation in a long time.  Using the ballot initiative process Americans can pass over 22,000 local corruption initiatives.  

State and local laws begin the process of holding the Congress accountable and changes the system with honest representatives that will in due time be a critical mass that will pass this on the national level.  Bringing the Conservatives and progressives together will leverage enough sentiment to battle the entrenched corporate lobbyists.

Sign up with Represent.Us and help save the Republic!