A Time Machine has been invented, improved and used to alter the experience of billions of sentient beings here on planet earth and surrounding matrix.

Although it is different from my device, The Univorgan, the chronovisor was an early form of a visual time periscope.  The ability to mirror back the light waves through specific frequencies was improved and updated as inventors and businessmen got hold of the plans.

Was the Superstorm a Result of Weather Modification Programs?


We all saw the largest storm ever materialize across the eastern seaboard this week just before Halloween 2012.  A humongous storm measuring over 900 miles across effected 50 million people or more in the most densely populated area of the country.

This country is going through a bit of a tough time right now with an economic parasite in the form of international corporations and their financiers.  These mega-corps have coalesced into a political machine that is wringing the lifeblood out of the working class in order to break the back of these independent, individualized heathens.  It has always been a fringe characteristic, to be supportive of the people, la gente, the masses-to be populist as a politician.  The populist will appeal to the masses, and tell them that everything is going to be alright, make sure that it appears as if he can solve all the problems including ones you don't even know exist.  Meanwhile, the politician is usually making a backroom deal at that very moment in order to grasp, clutch and seize more money, power, or influence.

For the people, whom are experiencing a massive disruption to their everyday lives, are willing to believe much of this rhetoric.  They want to feel safe.  To feel secure in the future, that everything will go on and get better, especially after such great destruction.

The media has seized this moment to expound upon the virtues of government, of aid, and of rebuilding, while crying from the roof tops about how much has been lost from the storm, and how much it could effect the overall economy.  While this is such a huge distraction from the election of 2012, it has provided a much needed relief from the madness of over 6 billion dollars in spending from each of the major candidates and their Super-Pacs that are vying to control the US for their donors, for the next four years.

This is a just a ploy, a rouse, a game of course, for a much more important, and sinister goal.  That would be the de-population of the earth and eventual eternal utopia for the ruling elite and their descendants.  Yes, it fits together nicely, for a certain class.

How does such a massive storm form so late in the season?  It must be climate change.  We don't have that many years of historical data but it has to be something other than a normal storm cycle because it was so god-awful huge.  So, let's think of this as a systems analyst would.  How does a storm develop and track?  It would follow temperature variations, building with heat and collapsing with cold, traveling along a path between the two variables according to their energy levels and differences.  This means that cities can effect the build up or strength of storms because of their ability to retain heat and dissipate it over time.  We saw this with the Super-storm Sandy, when it did make landfall over mostly urban areas it became downgraded to a tropical, then a subtropical storm mostly because it lost its engine in the form of temperature differences, the city having less difference, causing less movement, although for those involved it must have surely been the most they have ever seen.


Now imagine if we could control this build up, and movement of storms by changing the temperatures of the pressure waves that involve the weather and its motion.  Not a totally new concept here, we know it as weather modification, and it has been practiced in many ways, and by many governments since the 1940's.

As a matter of fact, the US Air Force among other agencies, has many different weather mod programs that it experiments with on a daily basis and has even published information about creating the very disturbances we saw in New York and elsewhere this past week.


Controlling the Weather - by 2025
Controlling the Weather - by 2025

Please take a look at :  http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf


Disclaimer :2025 is a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense school environment of academic freedom and in the interest of advancing concepts related to national defense. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government.

This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios. Any similarities to real people or events, other than those specifically cited, are unintentional and are for purposes of illustration only. This publication has been reviewed by security and policy review authorities, is unclassified, and is cleared for public release.

 *********END of FROM THE 1ST PAGE DISCLAIMER  *****


This is a little tome called "Owning the Weather by 2025" put out by the USAF for training or some other purpose, disinformation possibly among them. I say dis-info because it speaks as if we don't "Own the Weather" already.  Yes, the capabilities have only come quicker since HAARP came online and the rogue government has begun projecting microwaves into the atmosphere.

It is an astonishing read, that calls on forces to use the weather--including hurricanes, fog, and wind to disable enemies and how using the right predictions can make or break any mission.  It was published in 1997 but has its roots in highly classified programs that stem from the precursors to the High-Altitude Atmospheric Research Project.  Even back into the time of Willhelm Reich and the beginnings of weather modification theories like Orgone energy and of course, the Anti-orgone.

Because of this varied history, i believe that this  is, by far, not the first time that we have seen a huge storm projected by the criminal government and the inter-nat corps.  Katrina was a massive electrical disturbance that had been brewing for weeks to be dragged across the bible belt.  It was no coincidence that the name Katrina was given to that storm as it was the secret socialist influence that led it into our atmosphere and into our cultural fabric.

This socialist influence is propped up by the most ancient of lineages, a class unto themselves, members of the golden book if you will.  IT was heralded as the answer in times of old during the wars, and emboldened by the banksters, abetted by the corporatists, it has continued to this day and may constitute a fourth reich of the nazi philosophy, a much dreaded and mechanistic control that the masters seek to thrive and ultimately rule upon this planet.

Recent Tempest's likely 'result of man made actions' leaks NSF

According to reports leaked from the NSF many top level government scientists are calling the recent storms on New Year's throughout North America, 'highly unusual' and likely 'the result of man made actions'. This comes as still as yet unknown, apparently powerful, organizations are beginning the New Year with a wave of attacks across the country on major electrical installations and natural gas lines.

A major explosion in east Texas, the San Bruno fire, recent heavy rains in California, and now tornadoes across the nations midsection while New York recovers from record snow falls and below freezing temperatures that have been nearly unprecedented.  These extreme weather patterns have been blamed on everything from La Nina to the coming planet X, but several top aides to the president have reportedly advised him on certain 'rogue groups' for hire that complete clandestine missions for huge ransoms in a kind of high tech piracy to the highest bidder.  For example, several middle management executives at Syndustries Inc. have tried to whistleblow on what they say are 'Apocalyptic Practices' of 'destroying markets for monetary gain through hidden high tech weapons'.

This continues on, according to one source, who must remain nameless due to the very sensitive nature of the topic.  Executives of the company have been said to have been 'christened' by the owner of the largest private equity holders in the world, Aston Hudson.  This ceremony, although highly secret has been said to contain an oath of honesty punishable by death, animal sacrifice and bodies in effigy, although no formal inquires have been made.  The speculation on the weather patterns and recent market changing disasters at refineries and on infrastructures drew laughter from members of the board of directors one of whom joked that 'no they were not more powerful than god ...yet'.

The threat is apparently real, though not much has been said of the means to accomplish such disaster: scalar weapons.  Relatively unknown, these weapons are the destructive tools of the future in Cyber and Energy warfare.

Consisting of complex electrical arrays, they utilize the earth's own ionosphere as a mirror to bounce highly charged particle beams at targets including cities, regions and even at certain geolocs- a geological location precise to the decimeter, which means conceivably, people as well.


The reality around you is more than it seems

Imagine life in a pool.  Swirling, flowing matter rushes all around you. It eddies here and flows away there cut by immense forces beyond your control and barely noticeable except for when you are guided by them.

Now realize that you live in this everyday in the form of fields of magnetism generated by the friction within and around the planet.  These forces show themselves in the aurora, lightning, and even static in our broadcasts.  All of the universe are vast fields of energy.

Electromagnetic and Magneto-electric

Energy is commonly thought of as AC and DC current and our regular power supply.  But just as electromagnetism exists, so does magneto-electrism.  Matter and anti-matter.  Gravity and Anti-gravity.  Our current common electromagnetic theory is one half of what we think of as 'Energy.'

two energies create our experience sprectrum
two energies create our experience sprectrum

Many great scientists have toiled long and hard to create more efficient means of harnessing fuels and creating power for machines work and civilization.  Great innovators have designed engines that use fuels that offset the carbon they output but those fuels don\'t necessarily feed global forces.  Dominant growth economies can't be created with them.  They only feed farmers and families-not provide for the takeover of small countries.  Other technologies use no fuel at all by using magnets to generate movement and electric output. These don\'t include monthly payment plans and regular network outages lowering investors bottom-lines and economic outlook

Energy has become essential to the lives of modern humans and must be included when contemplating basic human needs.  Food, water, shelter, energy, and information are all basic rights of every person on the planet. It is the bottom line of civilized life on earth.  An earth which is becoming more crowded, polluted, and consumed by the day.  The energy producers are fixed on getting their product in destructive ways with control of the output according to market forces.  The very market that will crash when the product runs out, leading us down a very slippery road.

Time is of the essence in this Transformation of our energy economy, the very ecology that sustains life is hanging in the balance.  Yet everywhere around us people are changing their habits, decreasing their impact, slowly but surely.  The resources and knowledge are available for the scales to be turned in the favor of Ecology, not Economy for the ages, when we overcome our limitations.

This site is designed to link you directly to the latest information and connections to the Alternative Energy and Consciousness Communities.  Join our hero Electra as he fights The Company and their dangerous experiment Project Timejump, and helps to hasten the Energy Transformation taking over the planet Earth!



Bose-Einstein Vector Equilibrium alignment

The enigmatic Buckminster Fuller was proven correct yet again by scientists studying the changes between ordinary matter and quantum particles.   They slowed down the vibration of atoms to near absolute zero in order to study the nature of matter at the level between ordinary matter and the quantum level of movement, what they found proved a more than 75 year old theory about matter known as the Vector Equilibrium as spot on! First postulated by R. Buckminster Fuller the inventor of the BuckyBall and structures like the Epcot Center in Florida, the Vector Equilibrium(VE) is the fundamental balance point of matter in our known universe.

 Buckminster Fuller - Visionary Pioneer

The legendary architect and visonary thinker is best known for his geodesic dome design and his insights into the ways of advancing society through solving everyday problems with design thinking.  He also developed an amazing philosophy centered around changing the war mentality paradigm of the current era, and was most likely kept out of the spotlight for this \'peacenik\' attitude.  It is well known the FBI had a file on Mr. Fuller, despite his lack of militaristic goals.



Space Mountain - Hiding Deep knowledge in plain sight

space mountain at night- Disney World, FL



The VE is a theoretical shape known as the primary geometric energy array in the cosmos according to Cosmometry.net. All the sides, known as vectors, are of equal length, including the outside edges.  It is the same shape as the cuboctehedron and was first discovered to modern science by Buckminster Fuller in 1917, although he didn't name it until 1940. It's origins are much older by far due to it's fundamental to the forces nature. It is significant because in essence it is the yin/Yang symbol of the cosmos, a state of perfect balance between outside forces and inside forces. It is the 'Zero Phase' from which all other states emerge.  It represents the perfect potential from which all things emerge and some researchers such as Nasseim Haramein of the Resonance Project, have come to look at it as the symbol of the Unified Field between the forces of gravity and thermodynamics.


 See how they intersect in this gif:


Dymaxion Condesate - Bose Einstein and Vector Equilibrium align


As you can see the condesate cloud in this atomic structure is aligning itself along the same vortices as the vector equilibrium.  This \'cloud structure\' is said to be in the line between regular matter on the the EM scale and quantum matter, vibrating particles.  The study is to understand further the threshold of these distinct states of matter and to engineer breakthroughs in understanding how to access and harness that quantum material state.  Knowing that the Secret Government is at least thirty to fifty years ahead of regular everyday headline science, we can see that the possibilities for usage of the quantum matrix including interplanetary travel is quite within the reach of this now known dynamic.


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