Recent revelations regarding the Hillary Clinton email controversy have taken on a new twist, mostly in the form of blame for 'who dun it'.  The Presidential candidates final debate featured a section where the candidates discussed who was behind the email hack and what that meant for the country and by extension the world.   During that exchange, Donald Trump proclaimed that 'no one really knows' while Madam Clinton declared that there are 17 different intelligence agencies (!?!) that have uncovered the culprits.  What was not discussed though, was something Hillary knows all to well, which is, 'What Difference Does it Make?'.  

The difference that it makes is huge to everyone in the USA and across the world.  So many lives have been lost in the collusion between what is essentially a corporate government partnership for control of oil fields, the crude and natural gas and routes for shipping this black death fuel across the globe.

Hillary has been a special friend to all of these relationships across the economy worldwide.  Her Clinton Global Initiative has granted special favors to many corrupt and criminal regimes when looked at in the true light of the international laws and justice.  Consider these main points about her culpability for crimes.

Now consider that the whole time the election process has been selectively rigged toward one candidate and we begin to see a larger picture that implicates the whole Clinton Campaign apparatus and the Democratic National Commitee.