Data has changed our lives in the Age of Information.  Clif High of uses Predictive Linguistics based on what he data mines off of the internet.  According to Clif, the year 2017 is a very data rich year with many of important things happening in finance, politics, and the deep state.

First, Mr. High is predicting a mid-February 'spat' in the Palestine/Israel area.  There is no data that says there is a rapid curtailment in the emotional atmosphere that we see presently.  Mr. High compiles all this information and composes graphs to measure certain aspects of our human reality.


For the markets, at all time highs, there is a certain leveling off and decline in the emotional state of the 'USA Pop' - the population of the USA.  He uses theses parameters to gauge the build up or release of tension in the environment of finance.  For the first part of the year we are building up what is termed emotional tension, with a subsequent release of that tension in the latter part of the year.

He is saying that we are pretty much doomed in the markets, that there is already a crash and depression happening.  The euphoria from the Trump victory will last just about to the end of February or March, when the markets will turn further, possibly in equities.

Mr. High has already nailed the Bitcoin surge in early 2017 and problems with the yuan falling precipitously.  He comments on the Banks releasing a lot of foreclosures and the credit crunch that will happen near the end of year.

Great Quotes from the clip:

"Will there be a crash? There already is a crash, the media does not acknowledge this.  The reason you can get all the people in W. Virginia to suck down all these synthetic opiates is because they are back to 1930's level depression era and nobody is acknowledging it"

"We are in a depression now unless you are stuck on the Federal reserves tit."


Gerald Celente talks to Greg Hunter

Another video from we have another major prediction forecaster, with history before it happens, from Gerald Celente and the Trends Journal who actually predicted the rise of Donald Trump in the political battle for the white house.  The idea of people power has been discounted by the PTW in favor of the forces of Globalism.  

According to Gerald there were alot of losers in this campaign for control other than Hillary Clinton.  Not only did they lose the house and senate as democrats, the credibility of many major names in Hollywood and mainstream news outlets were completely disgraced by their choice of political candidates.  "nasty arrogant people with vile language" were brought out of the woodwork to endorse the Clinton Campaign, according to Gerald, in reference to the many Pop Culture figures that tried in vain to influence their fans, to no avail.

This is bigger than a populist movement, it is a new world order.  We are not only going to see a reshaping in politics, it is also going to effect music and entertainment and with all the major establishment media being affected by their lack of credibility and crass behavior.

The layoffs have already started in the Gannett News service and New York Times.  Wall Street Journal and News Corp had profits decline of 21% in the last quarter.  Celente attributes this to the 'The Trump Card'.  "This is much worse than anyone could even imagine" says Greg Hunter.  When he asks Mr. Celente why they(MSM) are doubling down on the anti-trump rhetoric, the response is because they are 'Press-titutes'.

No one wants to see the same stupid people selling the same stupid lines.  It is much bigger than the election according to Celente, it is the hypocrisy of these 'coward nothing ' liberals. As an example he cites the nation "Mourn resist and organize" headline which purports to begin a mobilization of the liberals and losers that won't speak up about drone strikes, war, or the multitude of wars that have proliferated under the last administrations.

Gerald is on a roll here, citing Hillary's lack of morals in accepting defeat, her likely flail of nerves and the lack of credibility that the mainstream press has become.

Going back to the trends for 2017, the legacy media is TOAST, according to Mr. Celente.  The current editor of the Trends Journal came over from Gannett News Service, so the information is ripe, is releasing a trend that Newspapers are at a loss and will cease to exist is some ways.  Possibly by not issuing any papers during the week.  Because they are falling out of profitability, they will not be able to continue.

The bad part is that there will be less real reporting and it will become hard to find the correct, non propaganda information.  It will be more and more incumbent on the gig media feeding us stories when mainstream media is gone.   "They are worthless, they are useless. they are gone." says Celente.  "Buy and sell China" says Gerald.  "The business of America is bombs, the business of China is Business." He is big on China because it is good for business, suggesting there is going to be 

mediation between China and the Us.

Marijuana is also huge in Celente's mind.  The question is whether it is medical or not.  They love the tax money, and the same thing that happened with other vices but much bigger.  The booms and the busts are big in 2017.  "It's a whole new digital world" says Gerald Celente. 

In regards to the advertisers, he is commenting on Facebook and others as faking their metrics and reworking the models of advertising and the outliers.  The economy is still looking jittery according to Celente.  "The Trump card was the wild card" he comments.  The stock market has been volatile, closely riding the Clinton wave.  Futures went down and reversed immediately after into a 'Trump Wave' of euphoria.  Now that Trump has shown very little direction economically, the markets are tanking quickly.

With an almost guaranteed rise in interest rates happening in this next year, the cheap dollars are going to be paid back with worthless currencies that will cost more to service the debt on.  Emerging markets are going to devalue and default, according to Celente.  With the recent developments in India, gold is obviously being manipulated to stay low.  The mayhem over there is not being spoke of, with commodities being heavily manipulated.  The fear is that it will be harder to buy gold in India, because of controls from the Prime Minister Narenda Modi.  

Overall, Gerald Celente has a record of success, and a unique view on the future.  It would be wise to pay attention to the information he is sharing, it could change your outcome for the better. 

The central bank ponzi scheme is coming to a close.  The Founding Fathers of the US knew this principle well, and several warned through various means, what it meant to have a central bank and it's interest schemes.  Hamilton was the last to throw off the usurpers, securing his fate and historic reputation. 

The bank panic of 1907 spurned by J.P. Morgan led to the creation of the Federal Reserve Act and two days before Christmas with most out of Washinton for the holiday, the law was passed.   The collapses and consolidations have come on cue, and since then, on every mark.  Conveniently, the next one will be right around the corner.  Learn more in the video, educate yourself to not be fooled by the created demise we see around us.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace - Sri Chinmoy Ghose

"The old appeals to racial sexual and religious chauvinism, to rabid nationalistic fervor , are starting not to work.  A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism, and recognizes that an organism a war with itself is doomed." - Carl Sagan

This is really all just a choice between fear and love.

This educational video describes the current political climate in the USA and how it has been corrupted to the core by special interests, rather than by the people as it was intended to be.  Despite overwhelming support for many causes, politicians are loathe to do anything that doesn't benefit their own back scratching buddies on K Street in Washington and other lobbying locales. 


This video from Represent.Us covers the convoluted relationship between gigantic corporations and the government of the US.  It does seem that whatever we learned as children about society and the government are completely false.  The way america actually works is totally different.   The government doesn't actually reflect the way the people in the society would like things to be.  This is due to the nature of Big Business and special interests which have taken the reigns of the world's most bloated government. 

The preferences of the average american has little or no impact on the likelihood that the congress will make it law.   If you have ever felt like your opinion doesn't matter in terms of government, you are right.

The US taxpayers are nearly broken in their ability to continue supporting this leviathon.  Due to the revolving back door and legal bribery scheme that exists between Congress and the Special Interests, we are not likely to see change anytime soon. 

The key is to inform yourself so you are not fooled by the mainstream narrative, the real 'fake news'.  All that is needed is the motivation to make corruption illegal from the citizens itself.  The movement to #EndCorruption is starting now, and is being pushed by many groups including Represent.Us . They have a plan to end the madness:


The American Anti Corruption Act (full text is the best written piece of legislation in a long time.  Using the ballot initiative process Americans can pass over 22,000 local corruption initiatives.  

State and local laws begin the process of holding the Congress accountable and changes the system with honest representatives that will in due time be a critical mass that will pass this on the national level.  Bringing the Conservatives and progressives together will leverage enough sentiment to battle the entrenched corporate lobbyists.

Sign up with Represent.Us and help save the Republic!

Recent revelations regarding the Hillary Clinton email controversy have taken on a new twist, mostly in the form of blame for 'who dun it'.  The Presidential candidates final debate featured a section where the candidates discussed who was behind the email hack and what that meant for the country and by extension the world.   During that exchange, Donald Trump proclaimed that 'no one really knows' while Madam Clinton declared that there are 17 different intelligence agencies (!?!) that have uncovered the culprits.  What was not discussed though, was something Hillary knows all to well, which is, 'What Difference Does it Make?'.  

The difference that it makes is huge to everyone in the USA and across the world.  So many lives have been lost in the collusion between what is essentially a corporate government partnership for control of oil fields, the crude and natural gas and routes for shipping this black death fuel across the globe.

Hillary has been a special friend to all of these relationships across the economy worldwide.  Her Clinton Global Initiative has granted special favors to many corrupt and criminal regimes when looked at in the true light of the international laws and justice.  Consider these main points about her culpability for crimes.

Now consider that the whole time the election process has been selectively rigged toward one candidate and we begin to see a larger picture that implicates the whole Clinton Campaign apparatus and the Democratic National Commitee.

Aquaponics combines fish farming (aquaculture) with the practice of raising plants in water (hydroponics). It's organic by definition: instead of using chemical fertilizers, plants are fertilized by the fish waste. The plants don't need dirt, aquaponics allows gardeners to produce more food in less space. And in addition to the vegetables they can harvest, most aquaponics gardeners cultivate edible fish as well.

Chemical pesticides and herbicides can't be introduced to kill pests because they could harm the fish.  

A person can aquire income with this system as exemplified by Turnkey Aquaponics:

Tomatoes, Bush Beans, Lettuce, Kale, Chard, Arugula, and more can be grown year round.  300- 500 pounds per month can be harvested depending on what is grown and which season.  Celery, Red leaf lettuce, Chives and other types of sustenance are available in systems like this as well. 

Aquaponics is the most intensive, sustainable type of farming available, giving more produce per square foot than any other method.  With a planet population of almost 8 billion, we are sure to see more aquaponic farming in our cities and towns.

Science fiction often becomes science fact.  Many people are belittled along the way or derided as complete nut jobs for talking as if the leading military technologies are not being deployed as we speak in a global manner to alter the future.  It is only a matter of time before the knowledge of the source energy is well known proliferated and [possibly simulated} used for humanistic edeavors.  Find out more about unknown science beyond the ordinary.  Meta physics is 'the physics that causes physics to happen.'