The world's energy paradigm is shifting, creating a power vacuum, so to speak, that will change the face of the planet.  Our personal energy devices are on the horizon as the war mongers lumber in the distance, now is the time to heed the call and implement the future.  Although people have decried the possibility of Free Energy, others like the great Nikola Tesla, have shown that there is way more to the story than we have been led to believe. Now even new political parties are being forged that will help to shape the new political paradigm of what government is meant to accomplish and how it operates for it's citizens and natural resources.



Recent developments have quickened the overall pace of the atmosphere, but only when you tune into the fear.   The new energy paradigm is a sure one, and how it is developed is what really matters. 

 While the entrenched energy companies have proposed sorry solutions like a hydrogen based economy, there are many ways that could come about to undo the power monopoly that we see in the world today, and the myriad problems it creates.  The complete monoculture of fuel will change to a more diversified range of fuels for different needs.


There are so many ways that we can generate energy, it is only limited by the laws of nature.  There is no doubt that the wind, the tides, gravity batteries, magnetic dynamos even, can change the energy flux density of the earth's population and stop offsetting so much methane, which is the real source of harm to the planet's ecosystem.  The media would have you believe that it is carbon rich future that will kill us off, change the face of the planet, and ruin the Earth.  That is a bold-faced propagandists lie.  Why would I say that? Read more here from Executive Intelligence Review.  

While the old money countries of the world have brought the world to the brink of all out war over oil, and pipelines, what they see as the lifeblood of their way of life, it is time to stop the vampire like charge into oblivion, and turn to sensible solutions.  How does a person, the individual, overcome this type of destructive 'grab all' that threatens their way of life? Well why not go back to the drawing board so to speak...


I bring you....

The Magnetic Energy Generator

What? It doesn't look like much you say?  Time to use some design thinking....

Magnetic Energy Generator - rotate an alternator
Magnetic Energy Generator - rotate an alternator to charge a battery

The premise is that the magnetic field will attract and dissipate, attract and dissipate, at the appropriate rates to overcome gravity and preserve inertia.  Not much more to it.  When placed in a series around a cylinder, it can create enough push to turn an alternator, typically used on a car, and charge a battery.   This is a simple dynamo, now known as the Magnetic Motion Device or M.M.D.

Magnetic Motion Device - M. M. D.
Magnetic Motion Device is a personal power tool


Magnetic Motion Device - M. M. D.
scale the magnets to size applications or make them alternating electrical magnets circuits, and we're off!

 There are many examples of this type of generator over the last century.  Most notable is Nikola Tesla and his poly-phase induction coil, which will provide limitless energy in the future, among other of his less well known inventions.  The offsetting magnetic current has been drawn upon for years, and now with better battery storage, and 3-D printing models that allow for magnet placement and size variance innovations, there is no stopping the personalized new energy future from happening on some level.  The future of the world may just depend on it.


 It is when we really apply scale to it that we can create some power for our homes and cars.  Here, an engi-preneur has applied the idea to a washing machine.  

There is no telling what is next if people are allowed to bring these to market. The tide is turning in favor of Free Energy.  The understanding of the principles involved in magnetics is changing rapidly, as evidenced by this article from 2009 in GizMag.

"The device created by University of Miami Physicist Stewart E. Barnes, of the College of Arts and Sciences and his collaborators proved that it is theoretically possible to store energy in magnets rather than through chemical reactions. “The device is potentially better than anything found so far,” said Barnes. "We had anticipated the effect, but the device produced a voltage over a hundred times too big and for tens of minutes, rather than for milliseconds as we had expected," Barnes said. "That this was counterintuitive is what lead to our theoretical understanding of what was really going on." (emphasis added)


Granted these were nano-magnets, but the understanding is growing and the ability to scale is there.  Actually there are so many applications of this type of energy production that I could go on for days.  All the links are provided here for you to continue understanding that this is the 'wave' of the future and it's up to you to decide how to apply this in your life.

Find out more of the theory behind it here.  It encompasses what is known as a Halbach Array, and has to do with the way magnetic fields can boost and negate each others polarities. 

Halbach Array. Free Energy basically
Free Energy has been around, they won't let us use it cause we would ruin the planet

Fact is, energy is everywhere, all around us, in myriad ways.  There are people harnessing geo-thermal earth, wind, solar, water, magnets, old plastic bottles, you name it, people are finding ways to get more power for less money in sustainable ways.  There's nothing the PTB could do about it.  It is time to look pass the old world model of energy extracted from the earth, because of quality of life issues as we grow in population.  Our future depends on it, try out some magnet experiments, or build from some plans and try free energy today, it just might save the world.

Youtube - Look up the Creative Think Channel