A century ago, the PTB on earth decided that they could continue the plunder they had started and more rapidly organize a corporate body of government throughout the whole of Europe and eventually the world.  The charters of countries are essentially a contract for an incorporated body, a legal term that describes its ability to enter into contracts.


The legalese surrounding this is murky, what was once granted only by the king became a legal premise.  Sure, you can be your own country, no problem, just sign here and here and we will grant you those 'rights' you speak so highly of.  The problem is, once a country has become sovereign, it needs to finance itself and here’s where the modern kings- the kings of industry, come in.



Modern programs like the IMF and World Bank are just the wolves in sheep’s clothing that we have all heard of.  Setting unattainable goals for growth, or imposing austerity from half a world away, the loan sharks and vultures have had roaring success over the last one hundred years or so.


Basically along the way all value has become lost in the creation of a worthless monetary system.  The lesser countries in the order of the world see a chance to break free and they are going for it with a huge sum of cash.

Yes, the BRICS have been thrown through the window and there’s no turning back.


Brazil Russia India and China have invited the World to Create a new Platform


Brazil, Russia, India and China have begun an organized effort to destroy the petrodollar.  They have pledged over 100 billion to begin their own international settlement bank (IBS).  This of course is unacceptable to the masters of the universe and they will obfuscate and fight to the death any effort to oppose them.  What this means for humanity on earth is a bit daunting for sure.


The LArouchePAC is really informative




Look, the planet is a multi-dimensional existence, so it's a very powerful time. With the year 2014 having two major lunar eclipses, and also two supermoons, occurring within a month, the escalation of conflict has begun because the timing is ripe for these developments, if they are begun prudently.  The grand schemes of ruling dynasties have never had it so good.


 It is well known that ‘all wars are bankers wars’, and the media is owned by just a few very influential corporate ‘persons’.  Therefore it is no surprise that we will be pushed into a major conflict of epic proportions in order to consolidate control.

 ALL WARS are Bankers Wars!

 It is a simple divide and conquer strategy that has existed since the second brother.  “Sew distrust and reap record rewards!” is the battle cry of the boardroom.


The fact that these corporate ‘persons’ have a limited liability or ability to pay restitution is not often mentioned, nor is the ever growing list of corporate crimes and cover-ups.  This lends credence to the idea that we will not be heard in our attempts to bring some light to the situation, but that will not be a deterrence to speak up and show the errors of the past so that we may correct the future.




From time to time, someone will come along and say something in a way everyone can easily understand.   This video is an example of that.  The folks at Thrive are speaking plainly about the Energy Wars and how they have come to pass in the Ukraine this spring of 2014.   The fact that this is a fomented situation that was created by the power mongers of the west has not been lost on this third generation businessman and his spouse.  

What to do about such problems in the world?  The real focus is on you.  The change happens with you and inside of you everyday with every choice.  Choose to eat your food from local sources.  Choose to walk to the store, cut back on driving or even just change a light bulb.  You can do it.   The time for change is now and it starts with simple practical acts, whenever you decide the time is right.


bee the change
bee the change


How do we do this ? Besides the obvious call to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we have to Renew as well.  That means that we have to confirm our commitment to each other and to healing the planet and take the initiative to become better people in the world we live in.  Making any sort of conscious effort will make a difference, if not in the broader world, at least in the lives of those around you, and what more can you really ask for?

  While the mainstream Media continues to push the narrative that islamic terrorists at the heart of the mayhem we have seen in the middle east and Syria, it is another story altogether if you get your news from anywhere else.  Consider this from Ben Swann

There are many that would say RT isn't a trusted news source, but because I know better, and I have a certain level of study in said subjects of Cognitive Dissonance and the techniques of manipulators, I would say those many would be wise to reconsider.

For quite some time there has been a growing demand to declassify a 28 page report that reveals the full scope of the who financed the tragedy of 9/11.  The relatives of the family members of the victims of 9/11 have begun to get a fundamental level of support to uncover the truth behind what happened that fateful day.

A group of Senators led by Sen Paul from Kentucky, recently held a press conference with the families of the victims of 9/11 to announce a bi -partisan effort to de-classify the 28 page report that outlines who actually financed the 9/11 operation and the complex web of deceit that allowed neo-con warmongers to stage the biggest show of conniving on earth.

Senators call for immediate release of 28 pages

The Eisenhower labeled Military Industrial Complex, or MIC has completely taken over the US government through buying up politicians and deceiving voters with major media campaigns and PR spin doctors. To their credit US Senators Linsdey Graham, Ron Paul, and Stephen Lynch among others, have begun the process of unraveling the tightly wound lies and half truths that brought the US into Iraq and Afghanistan at enormous costs, and even brought the beacon of freedom to \'torture some folks\'.

President Eisenhower warned against his frankenstein MIC

The US claims global leadership but actually exports more weapons than anybody in the name of \'Peace\'.  This of course, is unsustainable which is why people like me  call it out for what it is. Not because i hate the US or its way of life, residents or people, because I care that much, that I want them to be better off in the future and the world to be a better place in general with a competent moral global leader.  The fact that there are state secrets is fine, no one wants to jeopardize our people, troops or homeland, it's that the government makes secret deals that destroy its own ability to complete its established mission: to fight terror and protect people's right to pursue happiness.   The creation of ISIS is a prime example of that mission becoming more and more vague, brought out by more and more secret deals.  The politicians will do anything for more control, hence the covert funding of ISIS which it was recently revealed is a creation of the US NatSec interests.  Who better to sell more weapons to than a group of ragtag fighters that could overthrow your other adversary and in the meantime create a global scare? It's just a tragedy that people try to engineer destruction for profit, but how else will they fund the greatest secret project of all time?

9/11 inquiry, Senator Lindsey Graham, Stephen Lynch, Classified 28 pages, Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Rand Paul, Saudi Arabia, Al yamadhi, Monarchy, Electraweaver, Electra Weaver, Aston Hudson, Portal to Mars, Project Timejump','The families of 9/11 deserve justice, and the right to know the truth about who financed 9/11 -or there is no hope for america


After a damning report from the US government itself, the true roots of the creation of ISIS has been revealed.  The importance of the information is paramount to understanding the situation that has unfolded in Iraq and now Syria and why it matters.