Police use a massive internet database to overview your
Police use a massive internet database to overview your "threat to society"

Feeling Radical? Well it used to be a good thing but nowadays, being radical is something waaaaay different than freeing your mind and finding a new ways of being in the world.  It turns out those ideas are suspect too, hell, all ideas are suspect which is why we have the latest tool in the law enforcement toolbelt, A Threat Score.  

Yes that's right, now you have a credit score, a threat score, a driving score, hell score it all up to one more police state diagnostic, there's nothing to see here.  Actually, it has been used to help de-escalate a dispute, and there is no indication how much weight each variable carries.  It establishes names, criminal histories, 

This is nothing compared to the data that is being collected by the Alphabet Agencies. The largest such project is the FBI’s $1 billion Next Generation Identification project, which is creating a trove of fingerprints, iris scans, data from facial recognition software and other sources that aid local departments in identifying suspects.

Turns out George Orwell wasn't too far off.