This short clip asks the question; What would you do to stay in power, if you were King? It examines the current social awareness transformation, and discusses the divide and conquer mentality that the power structure uses to maintain the 'order' they desire.


For centuries the 'rulers' have had a quick wit to divide the species, make them subjugate themselves to money and stay culturally silo-ed into warring tribes.  The information age is changing the global power structure and the PTW are in the last of their power struggles before we face a massive power shift.  This will come crashing down when the Federal Reserve horribly engineers the next latest fiasco in the economy while skimming interest from our hard working citizens and swiping social security while no ones looking.

Controlled Opposition - Works Every Time

Why Do we Let this drag out - Photo - the

The creation of wealth will change, from one very centralized to a more equalized value proposition, whether digital or barter based, it will happen overnight if necessary when markets turn fickle and the regular people are left behind with no food and jobs. 

The Global Power Monger status of the US comes from the fact we need to keep that oil a flowin' and tradin' to feed our hungry hippos, and we need everyone else to buy their oil in dollar bills, or it's not so good for our bottom line.  This is purely a Military industrial Complex proposition brought out by the Globalists in the monetary agreements made at the end of WW2.  This status of World Reserve Currency is starting to unravel.  The need for citizens of the US to begin anew and strive to provide for themselves and their families is greater than ever.

The love your brother as yourself principle is at the core of the new awareness.  Looking at the systemic issues we face, we will ask ourselves, are we too entrenched in the system to allow for this transformation to happen.



Stop Complying - Start Supporting

Almost everyone is aware that by definition the U.S. is an Oligarchy, rather than the democracy we thought we had.  Not only that but the Electoral College would be totally unneeded in a proper republic, and is a disgrace to the popular voice, showing us we need a whole new system entirely, based on co-operation and win-win initiatives. Something like the BRICS and NEW Silk Road and World Land Bridge would work quite nicely for highly advanced globally integrated infrastructure projects.  Unfortunately we will probably watch the global power mongers come on board with all sorts of 'new toll roads' and tax fiascos to fund them.

Meanwhile alternative modes of exchange are happening across the globe and country.  Many places are creating local exchange based notes that give discounts a retailers or incentives to shop local.  The type of world most want to see is really upon us, and this next great recession will dampen that unless we get clear on our goals as a human family and live our hearts out daily to make it happen.

The greatest resource there is today is our own ingenuity

What world do you want to live in?