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Senator Richard Black describes the situation in Aleppo
Senator Richard Black describes the situation in Aleppo


Sen. Richard Black, one the most well informed people on the situation in Syria is interviewed describing a 'willful act of sabotage', a second provocation that is clearly not an accident despite the propaganda we see and hear in the west regarding Aleppo, Syria


In this video, Senator Black admits that the same people who did 9/11 are now being funded by the US government.  The claim of 250,000 civilians being trapped is probably over-exaggerated, according to the Senator.  That's right the US not only created the ISIS terrorist problem, they are also funding those 'rebels' as we speak.


The lack of media coverage with any depth or insight creates alot of confusion among the citizens in the US who are blindly going along with this provocation.  If you need a deeper insight into the conflict in Syria and why it is occurring and persisting despite the world'd best militaries and paramilitaries being on the case, check out THIS video.

The ally's of the Syrian Rebels, are the greatest perpetrators of atrocities across the world and the middle east.  They are being propped up by the world's largest enterprises, in order to save the western financial system.  That will end in utter failure unless we call a tune change immediately.