We have seen war after war, and rumors of war, for the entire existence of the USA, and in nearly every area of the world, throughout history.  What drives the world to conflict? What has created the conditions we see around us that cause national fervor and uprisings and eventual clashes of civilizations?  The quest for greed and power is one reason that is sure, but when the war is over, the spoils divvied, what is it that the victor gains?

Of course, it's natural resources, the commonwealth get plundered everytime and today it's OIL. The big money is in oil, the oil market, and infrastructure contracts.   Nearly anyone paying attention knows that.   It is not clear why it has persisted for so long in the face of alternative energy solutions, the entrenchment is deep and investments love stability, stability comes with protection, and that's where we see the grey area.

The recent upsurge in provocations and conflicts, and terror is over some very vital areas around shipping this precious cargo, as it often has been for centuries.  Back then it was water and trade routes, now it's oil and shipping routes, trade routes and pipelines.  

The picture is bleak for the energy monopoly because they are so entrenched in the derivatives market and inflation bubbles that they never got to diversify.  With the recent flare up of conflict it's important to remember where our energy future is, and put out the unnecessary fires that are springing up in oil and gas energy rich areas across the globe.

Oil and Gas Map - compare to world conflict zones
Compare this map to the world's conflict zones

The sustainable energy economy is ready to be built and deployed and is slowly becoming the offset to the war economy.  The number of countries that have gone completely renewable is growing daily.  Many are coming to the point of near 100% renewable energy.  We may not even need the gas and oil very soon, if peaceful people get their way.


The untapped billions and possibly trillions of dollars is going to pumped up and people will be displaced as usual until something is done to stop the madness. Consider this graphic of oil extraction in Africa, and the increase in in conflict in Egypy, Libya, Sudan has had flare ups after a thirty year civil war, and Somalia, and Nigeria.  The displacement we see and the conflicts and uprisings are powered by this quest for fuel, that is tied to the land, which helps to create the power structure that causes needless suffering and disenfranchisement.  

There are many solutions to this cultural crisis, many of which are being created by the people of these areas.  This is the only way to create the change that is necessary for these people to truly be free from the economic oppression they endure.