From time to time the world is riveted by a headline from the African Continent, most recently during the ongoing Ebola Crisis.   It is often a story of suffering and sometimes one of terror, but it is always one of regular people being taken advantage of.  The centuries of deception these proud people have enduredhave come at the hands of ruthless men hell bent on control and now that power play has been brought to the board room.   Years of internal conflict has been stoked by outside interests and Africa is home to the only so called country in the world that has no actual government, in Somalia.  This is no coincidence as we will see from this graphic, the push to tap Africa\'s oil, is what guides the headlines in the international news.

Details of Africa's oil reserves- Future Headlines of Terror
Where's the oil? under the headlines

This picture is taken from an investment site named EnergyCapital, its awesome. They are always way ahead of the game and if you want to get in on new markets these are the guys to follow. I have been keeping up with the pulse of the markets because that's where the headlines really are.  This graphic details the push into east Africa.  We see headlines come from these parts all the time.  There\'s a cry, what about the children? Of course, we hear about these poor schoolgirls, whose hearts we long to free from there oppressive captors. Most would say go free the girls, the two hundred, innocent women abducted in Nigeria, the biggest of oil producers.  Others, know this is just another ruse for oil. Consider this video from a man in Nigeria.



While the media continues to portray this as an Islamic Threat, the public is getting tired of the constant rhetoric concerning the portrayal of certain religious types.  It is about time to cut the crap and just admit that we are hell bent on ruling the world here from the US War Machine.   

Some may remember the viral sensation centered around Joseph Kony, an evil African Warlord that has been responsible for many child soldier training and death camps.  There was an international movement stated on the internet that proposed to go find him, and troops from US Africomm were sent to take him out.  It was short lived however and the world soon forgot about it's child soldier problem and the Kony issue altogether.


Why are these people holding signs that say no girls?
Are they telling truth or no?

Ordinary people from all over the world are creating a communication network of knowledge in real time to let the World Body know, the truth of the matter.  To overcome the difficulties of entrenched power systems, uniting across the world in Truth Media will be the key to a peaceful world future.  Expect that to be severely effected soon by net neutrality or a planned EMP outage at some point to re-align the internet info chain. Save your files.  Namaste!