George Orwell Prophet or Project Guide?
George Orwell Prophet or Project Manager?

The Global Economic elite are panicking as the seas have shifted and the winds become heavy in the direction of massive social changes occurring in the hearts and minds of the regular people throughout the world.  The contest has now taken on a new context with the public shaming of websites that have given the masses any kernal of truth involving major developments among politicians and the global hierarchy.  

The ruling families and Oligarchs of the United States and it's allies have enjoyed massive amounts of wealth and luxury throughout it's war torn lifetime, often at the expense of indigenous populations, and certainly the poorer people of any particular region being invaded.  The fact that real people suffer when the US decides to invade somewhere, or create another military base in some far off country, is usually lost to most middle and lower economic class Americans that are mentally depleted by fluoride, fake food, and propaganda.  The sheep are starting to awaken and the global worldview many are stretch yawning at is not a pretty picture at the moment.

This Oligarchical group has now become the voice of the majority through the massive money fraud that is the rigged stock and bond markets at this time in collusion with the media.  The wealthy, being socio-pathic by nature, simply don't care that this type of situation never ends well.  The motive is to profit from chaos, so chaos ensues.  There are exceptions to any generalization but by actions ye be judged, and this is the case for most situations.

Now, I'm talking the wealthy, not just rich, cause there is a difference.  The wealthy usually look to be quite generous, this foundation that charity, etc. but the reality is much different when it comes to what those charities do for people, and for themselves.  The rich have usually worked long and hard and organized large businesses that have generated wealth for themselves and their communities or provided essential services to those need for example.  After a certain amount of value has been gained, be it a mom and pop coffee house or any main street business, then the financiers come, the big money types with the scale-able ideas to internationalize this commodity...and those are the vultures I am speaking of as sociopaths.  Just to clarify and all.

These are often big money types with large investment portfolios that can 'help you' succeed.  And in the process, co-opt your business model or somehow strategically swindle you from yours and your family and whoever else you know to boot. " Wouldn't you like to have the money from the minerals on your land?" they ask, checks in hand.  Then if you politely decline they do it anyway.  The rich get theirs one way or another because they know how to grease the skids to work the system and they ain't to proud to cough up the cash when they know it'll work for them.  The real problem is when the peasants sell themselves out to make a buck and turn on each other.  It's easy to make that happen with sabotage and provocateurs though, and it'll happen time and again until Corporations(which are not people) are separated from Government, and the ruling class no longer has control of wealth creation.

As the World's Reserve Currency has begun to shift to a more balanced and fair distribution, the West's increased push for confrontation and control has deepened while their dominance has begun to deflate on the international playing field.  The success of the New Silk Road and One Belt One Road Initiative have changed the strategic implications of the game entirely, and if the incoming US administration does not change it's international agenda, there will be many hard times ahead for ordinary folks world wide which will quicken the change needed for peace to occur.  The amount of awakening we are seeing among people is directly proportionate to the amount of treachery and betrayal that we are being subjected to.  This will continue for many years in what is being called a 'fourth turning' by many independent researchers and scholars.  These forward thinkers have seen the analogy of Roman times and have discerned a pattern of downfall that is common to all empires.  Along the way many of the cherished values are lost, and with them comes the collapse.  So it is also for what was to be known as 'Truth.'

Truth is known as the first victim of war.

History is written by the victors, the controllers, the overlords.  The history that common folk learn in a public educational system, is not focused on real learning, only the deference to social order, lacking critical thinking and over emphasizing technology to think for the children.  It is lost on most 'educators' that hands on learning and activities actually wires the brain together for further stages of learning and growth as a human being.  The modern educational system in the US is creating a class of non- thinkers, with a spoiled brat mentality we would call entitlement, and no real work ethic.  This is profoundly saddening, as many are being led astray by corporate media and their financiers that have co-opted the narrative with treachery.

What is missing is the long story of the arc of history, though many are challenging the US Government and the Ministry of Truth that was created in Dec. 2016 by Barack Obama.   Spurned on by the accusations of US intelligence agencies that 'Russia Hacked our Elections' and that they were going to take down the power grid, and that they ruined Hillary Clinton's reputation by leaking information to alternative websites that have formed a new type of 'Fake News', we have a new government agency.  

Sadly similar to the 1984, shall we call it parable, by George Orwell the US author penned in 1948, The ministry of truth will establish the Government Propaganda machine that will eventually attempt to squash the little guy's truth, with the massive boot stompin' truth of FORCE.  Because might makes right, doesn't it? Yea didn't think so, once again, it's not the logic we are after but the truth.  The facts will fit the truth.  Sounds perfectly reasonable.  If you can't understand that, you must be an unstable person, will be the accusation.  The potential for this 'Ministry of Truth' idea to get out of hand is significant in the minds of many who have been watching the totalitarian state continue it's tightening of the noose.



George Orwell - Prophecy or Project Manager
George Orwell - Prophet or Project Manager?

Donald Rumsfeld has been known to be quite the obtuse character, with his 'known unknown' melodrama and his smug reply to almost any serious question.  The fact is, the day before 9/11 he was there telling the press and public that there was a whole lot missing from the Pentagon's slimy hands.  The recent headlines of the Pentagon waste totaling over 125 billion in 2015, the sum noted in the video is more than ten times that amount.

Saudi Arabia is committing War Crimes in Yemen against a group of the population known as the Houthis.  The intense Civil War between the Houthis and the Government of Yemen is being supported by Saudi Arabia and by extension the US.  As a matter of fact, the former Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton helped to authorize an increase in the amount of weapons that were sold to Saudi Arabia during her tenure.  Weapons that are now being unleashed on women and children and farms for starving out the regular people of Yemen.


Most of the world outrage has dispelled since the horrific bombing of the school bus in Yemen, and the US made bomb fragments that were found at the scene.  The fact that the world is drowning in US weapons and that so many covert operations have smuggled weapons to support different totalitarian governments is no real coincidence.   As Frank Zappa said best, Politicians are just the entertainment division of the Military Industrial Complex." 


No truer words have been spoken about the state of the world as it exists today.  The current situation only benefits those at the top, whom use violence and well funded covert operators and mercenaries to get their way.  These operations, like 9/11, are usually false flags actually allowed to happen or sometimes even orchestrated by the powers that be in order to consolidae control.  Even though the American People voted for a President that said he would stop the foreign wars and spending that has yet to happen and in fact, the US politicans are aiding and abetting War Crimes, not that the UN or any other Organization can do anything about it.


A ten thousand person death toll and massive humanitarian crisis is being fueled by Iran and their Houthi Rebels, and the former Yemeni Government, led by Saudi Arabia and the US and 9 other countries.  The Houthis are sunni, and got weapons from Iran and they startedwhat they call a "Fight to be treated fairly. "  In the region , most see it as a shadow war between Saudi Arabia and Iran for control of the larger region.   In March of 2015 the fighting began in earnest, targeting civilian centers from Saudi Arabian forces that have ranged from markets to hospitals and school and even funeral procession under the guise of fighting the rebel forces.  The latest move in August of 2018 the Saudis targeted a maain port that took in aid shipments to increase the starvation effects in this stark country.  

The main benefactor of this war is the US.  The amount of weapons we sell to them would effect our bottomline.  In a country facing stiff economic headwinds, this is no time to stop selling the Saudis weapons, according to the POTUS as announced in October 2018.  

Trump defended his royal partner, saying Saudi Arabia was "spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs, and other benefits for this country."

Senator Richard Black describes the situation in Aleppo
Senator Richard Black describes the situation in Aleppo


Sen. Richard Black, one the most well informed people on the situation in Syria is interviewed describing a 'willful act of sabotage', a second provocation that is clearly not an accident despite the propaganda we see and hear in the west regarding Aleppo, Syria


In this video, Senator Black admits that the same people who did 9/11 are now being funded by the US government.  The claim of 250,000 civilians being trapped is probably over-exaggerated, according to the Senator.  That's right the US not only created the ISIS terrorist problem, they are also funding those 'rebels' as we speak.


The lack of media coverage with any depth or insight creates alot of confusion among the citizens in the US who are blindly going along with this provocation.  If you need a deeper insight into the conflict in Syria and why it is occurring and persisting despite the world'd best militaries and paramilitaries being on the case, check out THIS video.

The ally's of the Syrian Rebels, are the greatest perpetrators of atrocities across the world and the middle east.  They are being propped up by the world's largest enterprises, in order to save the western financial system.  That will end in utter failure unless we call a tune change immediately.

From time to time the world is riveted by a headline from the African Continent, most recently during the ongoing Ebola Crisis.   It is often a story of suffering and sometimes one of terror, but it is always one of regular people being taken advantage of.  The centuries of deception these proud people have enduredhave come at the hands of ruthless men hell bent on control and now that power play has been brought to the board room.   Years of internal conflict has been stoked by outside interests and Africa is home to the only so called country in the world that has no actual government, in Somalia.  This is no coincidence as we will see from this graphic, the push to tap Africa\'s oil, is what guides the headlines in the international news.

Details of Africa's oil reserves- Future Headlines of Terror
Where's the oil? under the headlines

This picture is taken from an investment site named EnergyCapital, its awesome. They are always way ahead of the game and if you want to get in on new markets these are the guys to follow. I have been keeping up with the pulse of the markets because that's where the headlines really are.  This graphic details the push into east Africa.  We see headlines come from these parts all the time.  There\'s a cry, what about the children? Of course, we hear about these poor schoolgirls, whose hearts we long to free from there oppressive captors. Most would say go free the girls, the two hundred, innocent women abducted in Nigeria, the biggest of oil producers.  Others, know this is just another ruse for oil. Consider this video from a man in Nigeria.



While the media continues to portray this as an Islamic Threat, the public is getting tired of the constant rhetoric concerning the portrayal of certain religious types.  It is about time to cut the crap and just admit that we are hell bent on ruling the world here from the US War Machine.   

Some may remember the viral sensation centered around Joseph Kony, an evil African Warlord that has been responsible for many child soldier training and death camps.  There was an international movement stated on the internet that proposed to go find him, and troops from US Africomm were sent to take him out.  It was short lived however and the world soon forgot about it's child soldier problem and the Kony issue altogether.


Why are these people holding signs that say no girls?
Are they telling truth or no?

Ordinary people from all over the world are creating a communication network of knowledge in real time to let the World Body know, the truth of the matter.  To overcome the difficulties of entrenched power systems, uniting across the world in Truth Media will be the key to a peaceful world future.  Expect that to be severely effected soon by net neutrality or a planned EMP outage at some point to re-align the internet info chain. Save your files.  Namaste!