Here are some interesting facts about Electra Weaver!


    • he was born over 100 years ago but no one is exactly sure when.
        • born in Cary, Ill. his mother lays in rest in the Cary Cemetary today

        • stayed at the Denver Orphange in his later youth

        • studied at Stanford in California during the beginning of the 20th century

    • He developed a 'time machine' he calls the Univorgan that he uses to 'Tune Time'.
        • has confiscated key equipment during high level black-op experiments that threatened the fabric of space-time

        • has altered the timewave to prevent destruction in several major events .

    • Has jumped into and out of the time dimension over 4,000 times


    • has exceeded the speed of light through magnet field resonant vibration


    • his mission is to stop Project:Timejump from becoming operational and to 'Alter the Time-wave'


Although most of this has not been confirmed by the authorities as it is mostly top secret material, the stories seem to be based on solid evidence, it is hard to corroborate every one. Lets just say that this man, our source, has burned the candle at both ends and lived three times longer than most people of his time through his inventions and the deep desire to solve puzzles and systems.

This inquisitive and stubborn streak combined with a fierce independence allowed him to take the latest technologies into his lab for days on end with little sleep or rest until the projects was finished.  The combination of sound and light in his machines, when they were tuned right, resulted in an increased vigor and health that kept him in a completely healthy non-aging state.  That's a little to much too fast though so let's start at the beginning:

Electra Weaver grew up the son of a printer. He was born in 1899 at the turn of the 20th century. He was an inquisitive, almost nerdy boy who has a penchant for machine technology and a fascination and talent with music, any keyboard like the piano, but also the pipe organ. After having been expelled from elementary school for fighting in defense, he begins to go to work with his dad at the print shop. While there, he watches and learns from his dad who has the patience to answer his questions about the press and printing. Jonathon Weaver, who is an excellent piano player, has a night job at Muggsy’s pub a few blocks from the house they share with his sister, Electra’s aunt Evelyn. Electra stays up all night one night to show his dad a toy puzzle he has finally completed, but is awoken by a knock on the door. The cop who awaits at the door is the school bully’s dad and he proceeds to tell Electra about the death of his dad after an argument with a thug outside the pub. After he learns that his dad has died, he is scolded by his Aunt Evelyn who wants to send him to boarding school to become a proper gentlemen like her son Marcus. He overhears her plans while she’s talking to her only friend, and runs away from her home thinking he could live at the print shop for awhile until he figures something else out. On the way there, he runs across Timmy Roberts, the bully from school. He is with his cohort Barley, looking at the blood in the snow where his dad was killed. He provokes them and is chased away until he jumps on a train he thinks will bring him around the southern edge of town but actually sends him west. He figures this out as he spends a long night in the cold on the train...




He becomes entranced by the rhythm of the train and falls into a deep rest. After what he thinks is a short time he awakes and thinks he could go to Lincoln, Nebraska to stay with his cousin but, in his rest has bypassed it and is headed toward Denver. He doesn’t realize this and in the middle of the plains near Omaha he jumps the train before it stops to avoid any yardbulls. He lands on a pump cart and breaks his collar bone. He hurries away so as not to get caught and ends up passing out in a corn field through lack of food, cold, pain, and exhaustion. He is found by a group of nomadic Indians and nursed back to health. During the two springs he spends with them he begins to understand the cycles of the moon, how to make fabric with old looms, and about living with the earth and how to use it to his benefit.


The nomads were of the Lakota Sioux tribes of North American Natives and were peaceful and wise and he learned a lot from them as he traveled with them for little more than two years until the group is ambushed by some frontier ranchers who say they were taking cattle, on land the Lakota Sioux use and the cowboys have settled on. After the cowboys discover him living and learning the natural ways from his new friends, they try to 'free him' and he ends up at an orphanage in Denver where after a warming up period he begins to make friends, and ends up running the presses for their daily newspaper which is sold on the street corners to earn money for the orphanage. Meanwhile he learns to play the piano and is fascinated by the giant organ in the church where the boys are required to sing every week for mass. He befriends the maintenance guys of the facilities as he spends his days making prints and eventually tinkering like any inquisitive mind would.


Electra's fascination for the press and the organ/player piano brings him to the creation of a press-strument which combines the piano and printing press to create patterns on paper to the sounds of what is being played. The patterns start out as seismographic sketches on rolls of paper and progress into other patterns and shapes. The playing of the press-strument and study of the patterns and colors gives him further insight into the relationship of color to sound and of sound to frequency. It has become a sort of pipe organ that prints sound patterns with different effects. The Press-strument, like a press, has many wheels and levers that move in rhythm and create industrial sounds and reverberence along with the sound of the organ. The movement and numbers of rotations on the wheels of the press-strument begin to inspire his interest in flashes of different colored light electrodes. He combines lights into the machine with flashes of light at every completion of a turn of the many cogs and wheels. His creations start out as machines, player pianos and presses with levers turning wheels and creating their own sounds and rhythms through the movements and augmentations like bells, whistles and xylophones. The incorporation of lights into the movement of the rollers starts the machines on an electronic angle and he begins to study light phenomena and electricity. His creations give him further insights and the immersion in harmonic light and sound wavelengths keep him from visibly aging. Some of the insights come in the form of interesting visual puzzles and visual journeys connecting images and icons in unique ways. Other insights relate to physics and the nature of matter.

Eventually as he develops different versions and as time goes by, the machines are composed of parts and pieces of modern electronic junk including used motors, magnets, LED lights, wire coils and synth keyboards, that are put together for various uses and develop along the lines of Psycho-electronic (or psy-tronic)and robotic machines. These various offshoots lead to his main creation, The Holograph, which creates a kind of time warp phenomena where Electra 'jumps' time and, after some experimentation, learns of and attempts to reconfigure time loop malignancies with his sound and light machine from the control pit of this implement which has become a Univorgan-a universal organ to play and tune time. The adventures through time, battling aliens, overlords, and henchmen create series of stories that are told through an animated series....




Throughout his life, Electra experiments with different parts and pieces of machines and electronic junk that over time begin to lead into electrical experiments and magnet research.The incorporation of lights into his presses began his study of wave phenomena and vibration and he begins to transcend the limits of machines by incorporating electronics and eventually nanotech in the form of 3-d holographic images. The sounds generate a 3-d visual effect image with a cymatic influence.Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena and the shapes associated with the different sounds, timbres and tones.This is the major influence in the images correlated to color harmonics.Picture a pool surface that morphs into standing waves, and shapes and colored by lights and images from a projector, but still a translucent body with a back ground wave reflection as if it were the bottom of the pool. Basically a holographic tuning instrument.

Through the invention of this and other tools he discovers some of the great truths in physics and uncovers the Unified Field Theory in the shape of an ever unfolding torus. Around this time is when the more wizardly aspects of his persona express themselves and he discovers and develops methods of mind control through the sounds and images and the incarnations of many psy-tronic machines which in the wrong hands could be deadly. The rhythms and frequencies of the machines which have become to include more circuitry, induce a trance like hypnosis, and he immediately recognizes how many of his inventions and others of his time (Tesla) could impact life on the planet. The greater scientific world is kept from the knowledge of these machines because of their power but he has many enemies watching him and trying to extract the information he has obtained namely among them is Ms. Information, a double agent for the Industrialists who is trying to seduce him for his many inventions and secrets.

Ms. Information is a sultry, singing waitress at a local night club but secretly works for a private industrial company that has patents and plans for mind control technologies and operates at the heart of clandestine military experiments. Simcomm, and its sister company Syn-con operate as covers for a group of elite whose plan is to control mankind through mental influence. These companies, through the direction of its malignant Board of Directors and its  primary shareholder Aston Hudson, have operated as business partners in the electronic and intelligence fields since their inception in 1937 and have reverse engineered E.T. craft that have been captured through the use of radar and other primitive wave beams that caused the discs to malfunction and crash. The companies, and the elites who own and run them, have suppressed the knowledge of the E. T.’s in order to maintain order and control while they figure out how to defend against the ‘alien invaders’ who are not really invaders at all.


The E.T.’s are actually observing the humans, as they have been since they created them. The human legends about creation were not a far stretch from what actually happened if you look at it from the E. T. perspective. The humans always get caught up in translation, something that has kept them from discovering their ancient common past. The question, for the E.T’s is, will the humans overcome their adversities and join the galactic community that exists around them. The rules of disengagement state that they must not interfere unless there is a direct threat to the greater galactic community or the fabric of time space. Some of those threats are known and some are unknown. Certainly the secret experiments with anti gravity and wormhole magnetic fields are known and have been a direct threat that they have tried to suppress. Their main focus is to keep The Board from perfecting the anti gravity propulsion drive that Mr. Hudson salvaged from the wreckage of several craft. This focus stems from the need to have only peaceful civilizations in space. In the wrong hands anti gravity could create a power vacuum in that world and would create a weaponized airspace surrounding that sun. From there it is a simple game of chess for the malignant culture to take over nearby star systems if it doesn’t kill itself out from internal power struggles. Electra discovers the complex truth of alien origins through the development and use of his sound and light machine, the Univorgan, within which he moves through time as if within a glowing seed. This time loop resonator is a gyroscopic device with an entrenched Wurlitzer type organ that pops and flashes into harmonic life and begins to glow with full resonance. In High Tune he can float and move at incredible speeds and has been reported to authorities as a UFO on more than one occasion. This ‘sound seed’ brings him to be at certain important places in time/space during key experiments being done by top military covert psy-ops during and at the end of World War 2. Electra Weaver was present for the Philadelphia experiment and was responsible for taking the equipment out before it came back from the non-time dimension which is accessible with the Univorgan.

The Company, which is how they are known by Electra, had thought they were developing an invisibility field but had gotten set off track after dumping Tesla as the head scientist. Tesla, whom Electra had met in a pub out in Colorado Springs, and who taught him everything he knew about electricity had tipped him off in a personal correspondence letter saying those guys had their ‘heads up their blackholes’, which Electra, through his light sound research with the Univorgan, knew instantly meant they were dimension hopping. He also ‘time dipped’ in on the experiments in Montauk and at several covert U.S. bases including Area 51 or Groom Lake as he knew it and called it back then.  He has more recently been seen in and around the underwater bases in Puerto Rico that have been the site of recent wormhole experiments being done by Syncon with some of the high level defense department ministers overseeing the funding.  This wormhole is created by the experiments at CERN and needs to be accessed through the tunnels that naturally exist and have been augmented by the Defense contractors and Syncon. The Company is trying to set up a wormhole to mars in order to create a new military base there and has talked the U.S. government into sharing the cost of the deal as a matter of National Security. They figure in light of the information that they are withholding, (aliens, alien technology) it is necessary to begin to establish a defense perimeter and this is the most viable option for them to do it. They also perceive the aliens to be a threat because of several sabotaged anti gravity experiments. Syncon, and its owner Aston Hudson in particular, have made a fortune out of reverse engineered technologies and by making friends with the State Department early after his founding of this subsidiary company. Mr. Hudson, or just ‘Aston’ as he likes to be referred to by the yellow journalists, plans to change the future of the world through his little known device. The power of the knowledge he possesses is elusive in the sense that the military medical industrial complex which controls the Government, will only let him put a few things into production starting with resistors and crude power circuits.  His several patents are 'Top Secret' as they have come from reverse engineered technologies but are reported to include free energy, cell healing, super-weaponry and anti gravity engines the latter of which he infamously secured through nefarious means.


Mr. Hudson started out in the military as a specialist. He was involved in some of the earliest Navy research of acoustics which led them to the variety of wave frequency research projects to come from that during the period between the wars. Mr. Hudson has overseen many experiments in his artificially induced youthfulness, but none of them were ever as exciting as the ‘timehole’ as he liked to call it. Many animals and people have perished in Hudson’s attempts to become the first person to step into a wormhole and come back alive.


He has learned through trial and error and at tremendous cost to humanity and the taxpayer (it’s not my money why should I care? He is often heard saying.) The experiment needs to be done on a special date in order to correspond with immaterial alignment forces that will commence on December 21, 2016 and end when the Earth moves into 5-D physicality during the period between now and 2020. It is because of the favorable conditions that are created by the planetary alignment that is occurring with a galactic alignment at the same time that this needs to occur. This is coupled with the fact that planetary mental energy will be lowered, which could normally help inhibit the process because of whole field resonances.

He smiled an evil, hate filled grin when he realized the guard would be lowered on that day. ‘I will either get what I want, or not from this planet, it’s all in’ he thought as he laughed an evil, hideous laugh. The experiment has the potential to rip a 'hole' in space that could merge the forces of the two planets into one mass. With perfect conditions like these, a sudden tear into another time/space near the center of a planet opens up a vortex into the opposite world. The mutual ‘spillout,’ as it is called, balances the mass of the two bodies and could bring the planets out of orbit, into a delicate dance, and eventually into a severe collision. It is a mini-quasar, streaming radiation into the physical time-space and obliterating all life in the solar system eventually burning out the sun.


Electra has one chance to tune out the generators but he needs a whole planet resonance level of 8.8hertz in order to charge the capacitors on the Univorgan. The whole planet resonance level is directly related to the mental energies field and will be affected by the alignments that will occur.  The only way to get the resonance level needed to defeat the experiment is to use the earth as an amplifier and switch the polarity until the machine they are using blows up.


The energy for the giant appliance comes from the ground and is amplified then pumped back into the ground to collect more charge.The planet normally resonates at a level of 7.6-7.7hertz and has been undergoing a series of tests by Syncon intended to bring down the resonant frequency in order for the wormhole to work.Their plan is to start up the frequency generators and then tune down the earth to the frequency of mars which allows for easier transference on the special day.The only chance Electra has is to figure out a way to raise the resonance of the planet after disabling the giant tuners they will use.  If he shuts them down but leaves them functional, they could still be taken back and used, so he needs to disable them and get away.


His best idea to effect the planetary resonance is based on his time in the orphanage.  When he first got to the orphanage he just stood in the corner and didn’t want to participate.  The school masters, whom were really kind souls of a Franciscan order, tried to incorporate him into the ‘fun’.  One of the friars had travelled to India as a young scholar and would sing a song he remembered from his time there.“Namaste’, namaste’, each and every day, the Buddha in me greets the Buddha in you, In each and every way, Namaste, Namaste, each and every day…” He would constantly chant while clapping in time. The song would go on for a while like that and then would suddenly change, “Because a stitch in time will save you nine, yes a stitch in time will suit you fine.”  It would repeat for a few measures. Then begin again. It was the song that ‘broke’ him so to speak from his shell, and he had wondered why for a few years until he figured it out one day while on a time jump.

The roots of the word Namaste are sacred sounds from the ancient language of the earth.  It is the tongue of the world wide civilization that existed in Atlantis and Lemuria over 25,000 years before his lifetime began. The sounds are basic phenomes that make up modern words but the ancient language, created by the high priests and made in sacred circles after days of fasting and meditation, was used only in ceremony and was so powerful when amplified in the giant crystal circuits of the time that it brought the waves over the earth and washed the land clean in most places.  This was the ancient flood of the bible, and after the collapse of the world civilization the ceremonial language was scrambled and lost.  Electra discovers this and many other mysteries during his time jumps and has studied the sacred language in earnest for its vibrational secrets. The power of the sounds has a subconscious effect on the mind.  Similar to an ear worm but without the meaningless drivel.  The phenomes, when combined in this order, are powerful resonance builders that stick to the mind.  He thinks that a planted sound seed like this will raise the frequency levels just enough to overcome the experiment and knock it out of phase conjugation.  

The only way to do this is go back in time, and add this to the popular culture in ways that insert it in to the permanent record in the fabric of time.  He has to jump to the different decades of the last century when the world was becoming conscious of itself as a whole again.  He travels back and inserts the sheet music into places where it gets used.  Sheet music for the song gets found in archives where researchers and scholars didn’t see it before.  Player pianos turn up with the song on the rolls. Old radio and phonograph recordings from all the different genres from all the cutting edge studios of the different times turn up in old record bins and studio tape shelves.  Big band, Jazz, ragtime, bluegrass, and others create a base for the synthetic memory of the song in the mass consciousness.  He then releases a current version of the song in the current style of the time which he calls Electra-Grass - Dubgrass is born.  It is electronic sounds and rhythms, heavy Dub bass and bluegrass instruments which are amplified and modulated with effects.  

The song gets a following and stuck into the minds of the people that hear it.  This manifests itself in an inner peace and calm often accompanied by a humming or quiet singing of the tune.  Just enough people hear the song, combined with the background memory, to tip the balance of the planet’s resonance, thereby anchoring the planet through the time frame and thwarting the plan of the Board and it’s evil chairman.

"To preserve the Earth for the seven generations" he fondly remembered pap-pap would say.  "So that all may live and remain in peace"