cymatics, the study of sound vibration in matter


Photo Credit/Alexander Lauterwasser


The study of how sound influences matter is called Cymatics  and was coined by Hans Jenny.  This word stems from the greek Kymatica and relates to the form that matter takes on in response to wave influence.   Mr Jenny conducted many influential experiments that showed the way particles would be directed and moved by the sound wave pressure.   One amazing experiment put sand on a plate that was placed on a speaker, when brought through the range of sound on an oscilliscope, the sand created increasingly complex designs and shapes. He would tonate the different sounds on the oscilloscope and produce different patterns in the sand on the plates, forming complex patterns and re-discovering an ancient knowledge.


The power of sound waves to alter the physical world has been lost to us until recent years.  It is possible that the powers of sound and resonance were harnessed to create buildings and move stones but this has been widely debated.  It has been said that the monks of Tibet used sacred horns and drums to levitate the stones and rocks they used to build the temples with.  Recently studies into acoustic levitation have proven that what was legendary is at least possible.  What is known is that the elders of the natural world from the ancient times have built their temples in order to hold certain sound shapes, and those shapes relate back to the ancient original language.

The famed Roslyn chapel in Edinburgh Scotland is well known in meta-physical lore for it\'s supposed housing of the bloodline of Christ, as presented in the Davinci Code. While the ornate walls and ceiling tell a tall tale in the figures, shapes and heraldry of the decorations, there is also a lesser known resonance to the chapel itself.   Studies into the ambiance and acoustic reverberations have shown that Roslyn holds a sound shape in tune with a mystic symbol.


Today many people are interested in using sound to better the quality of their lives.   For many years, researchers like Nicole LaVoie of Sound Wave Energy has provided Cd\'s and tapes that contain frequencies designed for healthier living and a better environment.   Use of the sounds has been noted to harmonize life for those around them and have made a difference in the lives of the people that use them as evidenced by the testimonials she has received and her own personal transformation story.  More and more, we are seeing the growing use and recognition of Binaural beats and alternatively, Solfeggio Tones to bring peace, and a sense of calm to the adherents. Electraweaver is a proud reseller of Isobeats products, among others to leading you toward the future of brainwave entrainment.


It has been noted that places with loud noises and noise pollution have a dilapidated and rundown appearance and condition. Along the highways of the US in the inner city, along the train tracks of industrial america, the vitality of places that are subject to loud, dissonant noises is certainly lacking.


Sounds do influence matter and people are matter.  What we have known collectively as 'Harmony' has changed in the previous centuries into something quite altered from natural harmony.  The waves of matter compressed and pulled around you, inform your internal self of safety, however subtle this may be to the unaware mind.  Cultivating the sense of 'subtle energy' helps to become more in tune with the natural world and to appreciate the wonder of the world for what it is, uninterrupted. Sound pollution has an effect on lives by keeping dissonance as the norm, keeping an agitated, uneasy foundation as the normal routine, and may alter the connection a person can have with their most perfect self.  
Over time and history, the use of music for communication and connection was deep and ritualistic, with many distinct meanings to the music that is often lost in today's media age and it's conflicting wavelengths.  The continued use of mantra, chanting, drumming, dancing, singing, and humming can change your mood, your outlook and your life, and was practice our ancestors and forefathers knew quite well.
Many people have been introduced to music through the church, or choir.  Singing has always been associated with an intense feeling or emotion and has been called a spiritual experience.  Let's not forget what at least one book says about creation, and that is 'In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God'  This is stating directly that God is a sound, or vibration, if you will, and that this is creation at it's core.
The power of sound to create and destroy.  This is the knowledge that was re released by Dr. Jenny in his study of cymatics, and today we are seeing the truth of this unfold across our awareness like an old tune, still fresh in our memories.

This video, which appears on youtube, is part one of a 6 part series that reveals the science behind some of the worlds most amazing structures.  It is not narrated, you have to read it, which is interesting because the power of the information calls to people whom can pay attention for longer than a few minutes and that are not easily distracted.  That being said, it is worth the time to those who are trying to understand some of life\'s mysteries.  It reveals the clues surrounding coral castle in Florida and the correlating clues in Norman Hall at the Grand Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia, and how they relate to antigravity.\r\n


Several of the secrets revealed in this segment show the basis for magnetism being involved in the symbolism of both structures by using examples of shapes derived from currents.  This most interesting correlation begins a series of corresponding similarities and begins to prove the idea that the masons have knowledge of megalith building techniques which may have been handed down from the ages.


These technologies must have been so powerful that the common person would not be able to use them properly but must be trained in a way that will reveal their character and inner spirit.  This is a technique of the occult and has its origins in the ancient religions.


Coral Castle holds the secrets along with Norman Hall


Now, with the advent of fiat money, most everyone is involved in this occult act, which, in god we trust, has the value we perceive and we act out our inner desires and possess ourselves of our comfort even while those around would suffer for it.   It seems as though \'the right\' has been earned through the favor of the gods and is to be shown as a social approval.  And rewarded with more rewards.  An ancient pawn game, for those in the know.  Of course, all pawns must fail and this house of cards would go down except for the fact of self preservation.  This will overcome the mentality of lack that persists and is the true meaning of the words of the prophets in all the great religions.  That we shall overcome is an eternal truth because not only does nobody willingly suffer, they can hardly stand to see others suffer as well and with the heightened communication and distribution techniques no one will. now that is an ancient knowledge we can live with today.



The fire was intentionally set, then this happened...



 During a time when Monsanto was seeing major losses due to their contaminated seed crop, this fertilizer plant was reportedly talking about ditching the companies' products altogether, until this happened.

Many people have wondered what the firey object from the left is just before the biggest explosion in the US in decades, that violently shook us out of our collective slumber.  The tide has turned against Monsanto, and recently, the Sheriff of that small hamlet released some big findings regarding the original fire that occurred at the West, Texas fertilizer plant.

Residents of this small town are stunned, 15 people were killed and 300 were injured.  Many say it will never be the same for this community and that they can't imagine who would have done such a thing.

“I think we’re on the right path; that’s why we’re coming today to announce our ruling and ask for the public’s help,” said Robert Elder, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms(ATF) declared.  

Following up such a nasty disaster is tough enough, but will we ever get an answer about what came barreling into that fire, causing it to erupt in an absolute inferno? 

If this small town Texas sheriff has anything to say about it, we can bet the earth shaking news that major powers were behind this 'incident', won't be swept under the rug.

But why?

Revenue, Psy-ops, even tit for tat symbolic destruction is sometimes the motive.  In this case though, the implication is that a top level operation to help stop a major movement against the world's largest seed company was enacted and there's nothing that can be done about it.  This does come as some coincidence that a small town fertilizer plant which is proposing to go against monsanto, and a small time upstart eatery named Chipotle, also against monsanto for it's incessant GMO products, both have business disruptions that cause major problems.  This is not a smoking gun, but concievably, a radar flight path was recorded for whatever screamed into that fertilizer plant, and someone at the top knows what really went down.  Will a FOIA request get to the bottom of the missile theory regarding West, Texas and it's devastating blaze? Someday, dear wonderer, perhaps someday....


The world is run by drug dealers, they just don't admit it.

As CBS recently aired a 60 minutes episode featuring Sean Penn, the famous actor, for his role in the interview process of the world's most famous drug lord for an article in Rolling Stone, Mr. Penn explained his motives were to heighten the conversation about the drug war, and the horrible amount of suffering and lives lost due to an obviously failed policy, but he explained, it fell on deaf ears.  

El Chapo and Sean Penn meet
El Chapo and Sean Penn meet and greet

The media frenzy and focus of the story is that this cartel kingpin, twice escaped from prison is now once again in custody.  The world is safe from this horrible person.  Sadly, this is a complete farce.  As El Chapo points out, it takes more than one person to traffic drugs, and since that is all there is to do in the place where he is from 'to put food on the table', drug trafficking is a natural consequence since it will make you some pesos.

In the fascinating interview with 'El Chapo' the world's most wanted man, they discussed the very important information about the cost of incarceration to the American public and taxpayers and the feeling that jailing one person will have no effect on the actual flow of drugs.  It is obvious that Mr. Guzman is an incredibly smart individual that has made a fortune off of this illicit trade, but he indicated something much deeper.

His subtle point that the world's real drug dealers are still at large and always will be, points to a psychological dichotomy in the US and the world in general.  The world's hypothetical drug pusher wants drugs to be illegal, because it is more profitable that way.  When you see the devastation and social disorder that is created,  when abused by successive generations, and how it becomes a tool of oppression to be used as a leverage against a common person's desires to escape their own doldrums, you realize who is at the heart of this insidious scheme. The doldrums are created and  exacerbated by the very economic condition which has caused these people to want to 'escape their realities', and use or abuse drugs. This is only further confounded with the increased likelihood of incarceration despite the fact that the people are facing a substance abuse mental health crisis in many cases.  

'El Chapo' had to tape his response to the questions posed to him by these actor turned journalists.  In his video reply he makes an indication of the cycle of addiction, and how it becomes something a person wants to try , 'in a way' and builds to an addiction.  He seems to not have remorse for facilitating supply, simple Econ 101 for any other commodity.  We do the same type of 'traffic' with weapons all the time from the US, sending more than anybody to the highest bidder, doesn't seem to bother anybody. Nobody in Satan Department or Blight House is going down for war crimes, it is what it is. But don't bet El Chapo hasn't noticed a few dirty, shady people along the way.  The interview is great, found here, at . This is why many would villanize 'El Chapo' as a ruthless individual that should pay for his crimes, because it is easy to blame others while the real culprits get away.

 The fact is, it is The State that runs most of the drugs anyway.

The sheer amount of opioid prescriptions given for pain relief has created the subsequent heroin addiction that is sweeping the entire US of A. Almost the entirety of the heroin which is killing American youth and disenfranchised adults in growing numbers across the United States comes from south of the border, from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia and from a place the US military has been occupying for a decade, Afghanistan.

Now more recently from London came the threat that the government of Guatemala intends to allow the cultivation of opium poppy, by legalizing, regulating, and profiting off the opium poppy plantations stretching across its northern border with Mexico.

The project to legalize opium production in the Americas, starting in Guatemala, is planned, directed, and financed from London.

The Guatemalan government dope plan was drafted for it by Lady Neidpath, Countess of Weysmuss and March (a.k.a. Amanda Feilding), whose Beckley Foundation promotes the legalization of every psychedelic or narcotic ever known, from the House of Lords itself, and funded and supported by none other than George Soros. (1)

Then when you take into account the deep history of drug running by covert agencies in the USA, it begins to become a clear picture of what is going on in the world today.  While so-called criminals get thrown in jail and paraded around, the real criminals are in the corporate government offices, orchestrating these activities.

For more information about how the imperial system has devised this method of divide and conquer, read Dope, Inc. -Britian's Opium War against the World. If you don't want to read it, check out an honest review of the book here.

No one ever, ever, talks about Freeway Rick Ross and the the LA crack scene that flourished from his CIA handlers to the whole country.(2)  Not many people know that he had some very deep connections that were running drugs and freeing hostages, all the while poisoning LA and the nation.  Guess who was in the White House at the time? None other than Granddaddy Bush, as the VP. The man that was there for the beginning of the cult information agency itself. The mofo who may have been involved in killing JFK, perping countless plots against his own country, and whose own daddy should have been convicted of high treason due to his funding of the Nazis.

Bush Family Funded dem Nazi's - still do smh
Bush Family Funded dem Nazi's - still do smh

This Grandaddy Bush has been at the height of the high crimes and misdemeanor club for years, instead of his sworn oath to the constitution or to the principles of dignity and freedom. Now they want us to vote for his son Jebya. Pretty sad state of affairs, ahh f - it let's get high.

But, seriously.

No, it is definitely not 'El Chapo' Guzman that is the problem when it comes to drug running and the drug war victims, and the cost of The Drug War.  So called 'free markets' have never been able to outlaw anything and eradicate it successfully, it is a law of economics, not a legal system.

It's like a spelling error on a math test -DOES NOT COMPUTE.

As a matter of fact many of the major banks have recently payed hefty fines for having helped some of the world's largest drug dealers launder their money. (5)(6) El Chapo himself even notes that some major corporations of Mexico and the world have laundered his money, one major reason they probably nabbed him when they did- he was starting to talk.(4)

In fact there are quite a few cases of major International Banks being convicted of money laundering in recent history.  From the Queen's own HSBC to Wachovia and Bank of America and JPMorgan-Chase they have all done it, all the while snubbing legal cannabis business. For more info, here is an article from detailing the ten most notorious cases of money laundering. Most of the banks went down for drug money laundering, though a few were just regular mafia work.  If you get to the end you will notice that few of the cases were corrupt leadership.  This is not surprising when we consider that these people can write their own laws, just like the US Congress does when considering it's healthcare, salary, right to trade on inside information, retirement, and a host of other benefits.  

The people of the US Senate and the US Congress might make this revised list when the walls finally come tumbling down. Why do I say this? Well, seeing as the largest producer of poppy heroin is Afghanistan, and the US has been occupying Afghanistan for over 10 years now, one must ask themselves how does all this poppy make it's way to the US in an increased surveillance state? Occam's Razor(simplest, is most probable) suggests one answer.  Anyone that has seen American Gangster would know the story.

The fact that it takes more than one person and that everyone wants the money, is what will keep this going indefinitely, a fact El Chapo knows all too well.

 This phenomena of supply and demand and the 'Real Drug War' is nothing new and will only continue into the foreseeable future with the coming collapse and bank bail-in that is now law in the US and Europe.  The oil slide and derivative crisis, combined with the rise in military activity, should kill off most of us if, the planners were to have their way(uh, they won't).  Combined with the ever flowing drugs and increased heroin epidemic despite the ever pervasive surveillance state, there is little wonder how it all goes down.

Consider what this man,  Lanny Bruer - Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division in the Obama administration Justice Department, had to say about the matter...

 "If we were to prosecute these banks, it would threaten the integrity of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system."

Lanny Breuer is pretty spot-on for a revolving door government worker
Lanny Breuer is pretty spot-on for a revolving door government worker


Which suggests, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this entire Trans-Atlantic financial system is founded on criminality and fraud. 

Not that it matters much.  The good people of the world have turned their collective back on these bankster frauds, and are coalescing into a movement the likes of which the world has never seen.  The rise of Credit Unions is just one example.  The fact that 23 states and the people of the nation's capital have legalized Medical Cannabis is another. People are turning toward natural cures faster than you can say 'Monsanto'.  It is the rise of the information age to completely overcome the limits of the elite, information cannot be contained only thwarted.

What's great is that no one 'owns' the information either.  All this knowledge is free to fill your brain and mine and the next person's and there's nothing that can be done to stop the knowing that Fascism still exists and there are ways to stop it.  The more the fascists destroy and kill, the more ordinary people wake up to the insanity and reach out to connect with people in their communities and abroad.  Ironically, in the 'tai chi' of life, the aggressor always loses in the long run, every time.

It's that simple.  

There's no ending the quest for corporate control of all markets, what is Fascism is a natural consequence of business, but there is no stopping the opposite either, the free will of man to decide what's right for them.  

"When allowed to run its course Capitalism becomes Fascism." - Benito Mussolini

Evil exists but good is stronger, and it is this dance that we must perform, or you wouldn't be alive to prove it.

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Large Hadron Collider is a controversial project to say the least, with many people calling it a black hole generator and a possible destroyer of worlds. How surprised will they be to see this video.  

This clip from youtube, taken in Geneva this summer shows what appears to be a UFO entering a portal over the Large Hadron Collider. Notice as the clouds start to swirl together and then something rises from the ground into the portal and disappears.   All indications are that this video is real and that something is really happening beyond this world at the LHC in Geneva.

For years, yours truly has been discussing Project:timejump and what may really be happening in Geneva. All of this could be a plot to move the civilization to Mars before it's too late.  The world's elite have devised a plan to save the best of humanity ina cyborg civilzation that will begin on Mars.  Is this more evidence? You decide.

UFO flies into LHC portal - TimeJump in Action
UFO flies into LHC portal - Project:TimeJump in Action?

The reality of power of natural forces is evident all around us in myriad ways.  Although for centuries the Economic power structure has created and benefited from a capitalist system that suppresses the renewable aspects of power generation, the time has come for the masses to have their own sources of energy and power generation.   The Free energy devices we see in the world are to one day come to the masses in new and exciting ways.  Promoted by the Free Energy Party, among others, the new awareness that energy is everywhere will change our way of life. is Future Focused News that you won't find anywhere else! With the New Awareness that we are a world body, resonating in a quantum field of global sub conscious awareness, global power structures are beginning to crumble into a decentralized form of truly democratic design.  

While the mainstream media would like to keep us in the material presence for consumeristic gain there are many turning to new avenues, a feeling awareness that something is dis-ingenuine, and an inner knowing that there is a way out of the madness.  Having an Eyes Wide Open view toward what is happening in the news is key to maintaining a sense of the relative, and to stay grounded.  We are bridging the spiritual divide to give you an insight like you have never imagined into the underlying unified field and how the secret government does not want you to know what power you can tap into with your will!

Collectively we face a daunting future that is most certainly designed to keep the masses trembling in fear of their projected 'enemies', keep mindlessly consuming the media, mayham and money with nary a look up from the trough, but the rumble has become a stammer.  The people of the world are demanding real change and justice as never before.  The drive to peace, and to end suffering of all people's, environments, and living systems will only become stronger as we move into a new time of inner listening and striving for truth, beauty, and justice for every person on the planet.

Join me, Electra Weaver, as I report from the overground, on the transitions and changes that are shaping the future of life on this planet and in the cosmos, as we transition into a new age of spiritual harmony.