Large Hadron Collider is a controversial project to say the least, with many people calling it a black hole generator and a possible destroyer of worlds. How surprised will they be to see this video.  

This clip from youtube, taken in Geneva this summer shows what appears to be a UFO entering a portal over the Large Hadron Collider. Notice as the clouds start to swirl together and then something rises from the ground into the portal and disappears.   All indications are that this video is real and that something is really happening beyond this world at the LHC in Geneva.

For years, yours truly has been discussing Project:timejump and what may really be happening in Geneva. All of this could be a plot to move the civilization to Mars before it's too late.  The world's elite have devised a plan to save the best of humanity ina cyborg civilzation that will begin on Mars.  Is this more evidence? You decide.

UFO flies into LHC portal - TimeJump in Action
UFO flies into LHC portal - Project:TimeJump in Action?