Mainstream media has been slacking for far too long now.  Most of us are starting to wake up to the fact that it is all just a giant scam by the Military Industrial Complex to keep shoving consumerism down our throats in the quest to keep us dumbed down in order to control the world.  With that in mind we review the Top 5 stories you didn't hear on the Mainstream Media channels from 2015 according to

Top Censored Stories of 2015 according to
Top Censored Stories of 2015 according to

5. Hedge Funds soak up water rights - Goldman Sachs and others have bought up all sorts of water rights all over the planet

4. Drone Strikes - The intercept reported on the weekly 'Terror Tuesdays' that they conduct over at the white house to decide who lives or dies.

3. Cispa was passed - The Us Senate went ahead and stripped all our 4th Amendment rights, as they continue the assault on the people of their own country, whom will become the enemy in due time.

2. Witnesses state that US funds ISIS in Syria - well documented proof that the War on Terror, is not what it seems.

1. Safest year yet globally - Murder, Violent crime, firearm homicides, all the majors factors of death are going down.