The energy wars have overtaken nearly every part of the globe.  Although there are many ways to alleviate the need for oil and poverty and war, there seems to be too many people profiting from it at the moment for it to stop.  Not everyone is so greedy.  Simon Pegg, a British actor, recently put out a call to stop the bombing in Yemen and to end the global arms trade to the Saudi Coalition partners.


Since the late 80's, the British and Saudi Royal families have had a secret agreement called Al Yamadah, which was essentially an oil for arms bargain that has allowed covert actions and terror to spread across the globe, while they benefit.  The disorder and chaos are only capitalized upon by these ruthless clans, the crimes commited to ensure their dominion over the earth.  It surely will not last.

If these royal families could see in their hearts, the pain and suffering that is being waged in their names, and truly understand the deep dishonor it is bringing upon their presence and family names at this time in history, then maybe things would change.  For now, it is up to the strong and brave people of the world to speak up and out concerning the matters of importance.   There are no MSM voices speaking up, in order to protect the war machine.  In order to continue the control and lies.  The real terrorists are the armed forces waging wars in foreign lands for corporate gain, and the multi-headed dragon will be slain eventually.

For now, schools hospitals and food supplies have all been bombed, and 1.5 million children are being malnourished in Yemen.  By allowing these bombs to fall we are complicit in this crime against humanity.

If you are able to share this message and awareness of this severe issue we can collectively change the outcome.  If you choose to be silent, you are silently allowing this heinous tragedy to occur.